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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Where are my Dashboard Pic's?

Is anyone else having trouble with their post picture showing up on dashboard? I've tried to fix it but can't figure it out.  Can anyone help me out there in blogland.  I would sure appreciate it. 


  1. I dont know Tracy! Im pretty computer iliterate! maybe you can look through the blogger help site. I've had to do that for other reasons before. I hate doing it though.. it makes me very frustrated!
    good luck girlfriend!

  2. I'm not so savvy bout these things either,but I know someone that might,go to:http://debbie-debbiedoos.blogspot.com/

    Debbie will know and if she don't she will find out for you.

  3. Hi Tracy I made it over. I am already following your blog LOL...I hit google friend connect and my little pic popped up that I am. I remember seeing your blog before now. Hope your problem works out.

  4. With a little luck, maybe they are working on the sites....I had major problems with signing in Friday, I had to use IE to blog. I am now fixed, but it works a bit different sometimes. Oh how we love to hate this magic box. Hope its fixed. Oh I am also your newest follower, and thank you for your kind words.