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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Authentic Style Series Blog Linky Party

What is the Authentic Style Series?

It's the opportunity to...
  • Meet featured bloggers who have an authentic and unique style.
  • Learn how those inspiring bloggers describe their own style.
  • Reflect on how they inspire the style at WhisperWood Cottage.
  • Share your own authentic spin on the featured blogger's style by linking up.
And Amy and Ron offer you all of this at Whisperwood Cottage.  I've been a follower (mostly silent, I know you can hardly believe that.) for a long time now.  You really have to go by and check out all the DIY projects they've done to their home.  It's really awe inspiring.  There blog has really grown and it's obvious why.  I know you'll enjoy Whisperwood Cottage as much as I do.

Make this weekend a great one.
OX's...Tracy :)

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