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Sunday, September 11, 2011

911 - What Was Taken - What was Given

This is the date Americans will never forget. 
This is that anniversary of the day the terrorist strengthened our love for our country. 
This is the date that we remember in many ways. 

When I think of that day, I don't first think of the terrorist but of the renewed sense of love and respect we found for our country.  I look at all the coverage that was made of that horrible day and even though we shed tears we found purpose.  We stopped taking our freedom for granted.  We saw with renewed vision, all that we as Americans have to be grateful for. 

We stood side by side first in shock, then in determination to not cower to the Godless.

There is so much that could be said.  I won't lend words to those who deserve not a moment of this day.  

The true hero's of  9/11 are countless.  We remember those lost.  We pray for those who are here to miss them.  We remain ever grateful to those who serve and defend our country both at home and abroad.  Those who now serve or did serve in the military.  Those civilians who protect our land and citizens.

I am grateful that out of this tragedy came a renewed sense of faith.  A reminder of just how much we look to God at a time like this.  A reminder to be thankful for all we have.  To praise his name and to count our country blessed.

In a very simplistic view, it reminds me of Dr. Suess' "How the Grinch stole Christmas".
The terrorist stole what they could in a few short hours.  Lives were taken.  Other lives were changed for ever.  But in the end, looking at the bigger picture, they accomplished something they never expected.  They gave Americans a new sense of pride in our country.  A renewed sense of strength and of fellowship.  A renewed sense of faith in God.  They reminded us of just how much our country has been blessed by God and how much we need God.

I can't help but cry over the images I watch.  I also can't help but feel pride in the greatest country on earth.



  1. amen tracey! great post. theres a lot of them today. we live in a great country.

  2. Tracy, thank you for this tribute and for your thoughts. You are right on the mark. I know we will go with our lives but we should never forget.
    My daughter and I will be in NYC in October. It took some finagling but we have two passes to visit the memorial. I am more pleased about that anything else we are doing.