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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Beach Art Upcycle and Revised Linky List of Awesome Parties

***This is an updated list***
If you like to see what's creative in blogville be sure to grab a cup of coffee and a snack because there are tons of great ideas listed at these parties!

These poor lucky frames have been made over so many times.  And I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome.  No matter how many times I remake them they are always done on a minimum budget, which is my favorite way to do things.  With the new wall colors it was time for new art work. 

You can't really tell how much darker the walls were in the next photo but they really were.  They were a sort of dark khaki gold color.  The frames were originally white.  I painted them black and added some pages out of an old wallpaper book.  Ta-da, instant art work.  And during Halloween last year all I did was turn the picture over in the same frame where I had added silhouettes of a witches hat, broom and cat.  Too easy and so cute.  You can see more on those posts here.

The  frame makeovers were really simple and came out better than I even hoped.
Here are the simple steps it took to make my new are work:
  • I painted the black frames with my FREE sample of Glidden Interior Paint Interior Paint.  I can't remember the name of the color but it's turquoise in an eggshell.  I love facebook and Glidden for the chance to get free paint.
  • After the paint dried I  took one of my old candles and rubbed a few spots.  Rub the candle where you would normally have more wear for a natural shabby worn look.
  • Now it's time to add your second color.  I used my new dining room paint which is a green or blue depending on the light.  I dry brushed it with a disposable sponge brush, hitting it a little more or here.
  • Once that dries I used a fine grit sand paper and lightly sanded the frames.  Sanding more or less where the wax is to get the look you want.
  • I didn't seal mine with a clear coat but it would be a good idea if you want to keep your shabby chic pristine, but really what's the point in that.
  • For the art work, I painstakingly drew and colored world atlas pages, yeah - right.  I found an old atlas book at the thrift store and picked 3 pages I liked.  Notice one is Florida - Home Sweet Home.
  • Spray Adhesive to a piece of cardboard (mine was and old priority box) and add the atlas page.
  • Center a starfish and you're done!
Now I have 3 new pieces of art work on my foyer wall and best of all it makes me smile!
2nd best was the price.  All 3 pieces cost less then $6.50.
  • 3 Starfish - $3.99
  • Atlas Book - $2.50 ( and I have a whole book of pages left)
  • Frames - $0.00 - Already had, and used plenty
  • Glidden Paint - $0.00 - FREE
  • 2nd paint - $0.00 - Just a dab left from kitchen
  • Candle Wax - $0 - Leftover pieces I Already had

That's Jacksonville, were we live, right below the V in the bottom of the starfish.

I'm linking up to the parties below this week.  Check out all the awesome inspiration.

Be Blessed Today.
Hugs...Tracy :)


  1. Fabulous, Tracy! They're great. Thanks for sharing the technique and the idea. Gotta love those starfish!

  2. Those are just lovely! What a transformation! You're so clever and creative!

  3. Very nice, love upcycling things and your frames turned out so well. Thanks for linking to Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.

  4. Thanks for linking up at the Authentic Style party at WhisperWood Cottage. Would love for you to include the party button or link in your post! :) This project is as cute as your blog name! Love the starfish, frame color, and the maps. Great mix of materials!

  5. Stopping by from WhisperWood Cottage's Authentic Style party. I love the frames, such a great idea with the maps.

  6. Omg, love this, I've been looking for an old map or two to do something similar. I will have to search for an Atlas. Thank you for sharing.