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Friday, September 23, 2011

Things I Love - It's As Simple As a New Papercraft Inspirations Magazine

I found this magazine at Joann's fabric store last time I was there. I couldn't resist and had to buy it.
I've always had a love of magazines.  They give you the greatest inspiration.  I wish I could put all the wonderful blog parties in a magazine so I would take it to bed or my private reading place and enjoy.  There's just something wonderful about sitting back and relaxing with a magazine.  I get worn out on the computer after awhile, where as it's just pure relaxation to kick back with a book.  In my early years it was all about fashion with Cosmo and even GQ.  I loved opening a brand new glossy magazine that no one had touched the pages but me. 
Now it's all about decorating and crafting.  And I never even knew about all the great magazines outside our own country.  Like this one from the UK called Papercraft Inspirations from Future Media With Passion.  Wow, it's so colorful and full of fun designs. Just look at all the cool stuff they publish.
There were other UK magazines there too.  Probably from the same publisher.  But I could only get one that day and the choice was hard.  This one was $9.99.  But that's really not a bad price when you consider that it came with a free gift.   Yep, these 9 clear stamps "Build a Country Scene" were included.  Actually they even had a few pages of scrapbook paper inside that you could tear out and use or copy so you have more.  You can even go to their website and download free papers.  How cool is that!  The other magazine had a package of free paper with it.  See what I mean?  It was hard to decide which to buy.
I love these cute cards with the basic instructions for you to make one too.
There's great articles and even a bloggers section. You have to love a company that realizes the importance of us bloggers.
I don't even have time to make cards lately but I dream of it a lot.  More things to add to my list.  I just wanted to share this with you because I liked it so much.  No sponsor here, just me.

Hope you have a perfect autumn weekend.  
Hugs...Tracy :)


  1. Oh, I do like those stamps - such a cute little cottage! I'll have to check to see if the mag's still available. I think I've had it once before. I, too, love magazines, but I'm trying to go through all my old ones to pare down.
    Enjoy this day - sunshine so far :)

  2. Such neat magazines. The papercraft industry has something for everyone.
    I have never made cards but some I have seen are just amazing. Ideas abound in these magazines and the freebies are extra icing on the cake.
    Thanks for opening my eyes. LOL, I just thought how funny that sounds. You should see the thickness of my eyeglasses.
    Make it a wonderful weekend, Hugs, Ginger