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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Android Tablet #Giveaway Ending Soon

Time is ticking....

I know how you all love giveaways and just in case you've been hiding under a rock and haven't heard Nicole Vosburgh is generously giving away an Android Screen Quad Core Tablet to one lucky Cotton Pickin Cute winner.

I'd hate for you to miss your chance to win this awesome tablet.

You can read all about the great features and enter here on my post: Android Screen Quad Core Tablet Giveaway.

Don't wait.  It ends tomorrow night, 10/29 at 11:59pm EST.

I recently reviewed Nicole, the super winning sweeper, in 2 segments.  You can read the reviews, see the fabulous prizes she's won, and read her tips here and here.

If you love sweeps/giveaways, I'd like to invite you to join me on facebook at Tracy's Sweeps.  You'll find new giveaways every day. You can share yours there too.

Good luck y'all...

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Android Screen Quad Core Tablet #Giveaway

If you've been reading my post this week, you are probably all pumped up and ready to get busy entering sweeps and winning prizes. That's what today's post is all about.  It's giveaway time!!!!  Que the Rocky theme.

If you have been hiding under a rock, or rocking a trip you won and missed those post, you can read my interview with super sweeper Nicole Vosburgh here: Part I and Part II.  You really want to read them, because they are jammed packed with photos of her exciting wins and tips on how to be a sweepstakes winner.  And we're not even finished.  I have a least one more post about Nikki coming up.

Nikki asked if I would like to post a giveaway for a Android Tablet.  What a generous soul she is.  So now YOU have the chance to win this awesome prize for yourself.

Let me tell you a little about what you'll be winning.  First off, I have to tell you I'm a little jealous, I don't even have a tablet.  My grandkids do, but me no.  So I wish I could win, but alas I cannot.  That being said I can only give you a description of the Lattie iMuz Q9 Android Tablet, and not a review.

From the Manufacturer

This powerful yet still beautiful 9.7" retina display tablet is equipped with an industry leading quad core processor, a quad core graphic processor, bluetooth 4.0 and dual cameras (2M front and 5M rear). Android 4.2.2 will bring you to a next level of Android experience. Built in 2GB RAM as well as large 16GB built in memory will let you have enough room to store many complex applications and all of your personal files such as movies, music, pictures without compromising speed. Its stunning bright and clear screen provides one of the highest resolution in the market (2049 X 1536, 264 PPI Comparable to iPad). Experience a new level of Android tablet at an affordable price. See it, Touch it and Believe it.

Product Description

This powerful yet still beautiful 9.7" retina display tablet is equipped with an industry leading quad core processor, a quad core graphic processor, Bluetooth 4.0 and dual cameras (2M front and 5M auto focus rear). Android 4.2.2 will bring you to a next level of Android experience. Built in 2GB RAM as well as large 16GB built in memory will let you have enough room to store many complex applications and all of your personal files such as movies, music, pictures without compromising speed. Its stunning bright and clear screen provides one of the highest resolution in the market (2049 X 1536, 264 PPI Comparable to iPad). Experience a new level of Android tablet at an affordable price. See it, Touch it and Believe it.

Technical Details

Size: 9.7 - Inch 
Color: White
Processor: 1.6 GHz-A-Series Quad - Core A10-4655M
Memory Slots: 1
Size: 16 GB
Speed: 6000 rpm
LCD Native Resolution: 2048x1536
Speakers: External Speaker
USB 2.0 Ports: 1
Size (LWH): 9.47 inches, 7.33 inches, 0.38 inches
Weight: 1.28 pounds
Battery Type: Lithium ion
Rated Charge (normal use): 8 hours
Wireless Type: 802.11bgn

I'm so excited to be able to offer this giveaway to all my old Cotton Pickin Cute readers and even the new ones too. 

Thank you to Nikki for sponsoring this giveaway and for all the time she has taken to answer questions and share her expertise with us.  If you're not already following Nicole Vosburgh on Facebook, I highly recommend that you do.  She'll keep you up to date with the latest giveaways and sweepstakes.  You can follow her here.  

I also have a sweepstakes group on Facebook.  If you'd like to join just click onto Tracy's Sweeps here.

Time to enter.

Good Luck Y'all...

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~ Romans 5: 2-4

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Does Anyone Really Win Those BIG Sweepstakes? Sweeper's Interview Part II #Giveaway

Everyone loves a success story.  Everyone that is except haters, and who needs them right? Well Nicole Vosburgh is just that, no not a hater, but a success story.  She took a little hobby of entering giveaways and turned it into a full fledged way to contribute to her family. If you didn't read the first segment of Nikki's story you'll want to go back and read part 1 of her story here.

Yesterday I told you about all the food that Nikki wins.  What a nice way to help stretch her husbands income.

Winning a brand new LG French door fridge gives her more room to store those steaks and other goodies that she wins.  I think I'd fall out if that was delivered to my house, all because I entered a sweepstakes.  You can't win if you don't enter.

Lets get back to the interview.

TS -  Do you work outside the home?  Is this a hobby or do you sweep full time?

NV -  On top of being a wife and a mommy, yes I enter sweepstakes full time.  I average about 800-1,000 sweepstakes entered each day on top of searching for new ones.  I am online entering for about 8-12 hours each day.  It can be a lot at times, but my wins have been so worth it!

TS - What type of sweepstakes do you like to enter? Online, mail-in, dropbox (in stores) blogs, social media, skill contest or another type?

NV - I love to enter every type of sweep possible.  My dailies (those that you are allowed to enter once per day), instagram, twitter, facebook, blogs, and I am just getting more serious about entering mail-in sweeps. The more variety that you have in what you enter, the more you will win.

Do you use your phone to enter sweeps?
Yes, every day!  From texting sweeps, to call-in sweeps, to instagram ones.  I'm always taking photos wherever and whatever we seem to be doing, because you never when you will need that photo for a sweep!

TS - What are your best tips for staying organized?

NV - Use Google book marks!  I stay so organized by simply using this system. Creating folders labeled with my dailies and knowing to go back each day to enter them is a huge help!  Time management is a huge key in being able to enter as many as I do in the amount of time that I can get them done.  Be organized!

TS - Do you have a strategy?

NV - Whenever someone asks me "how do you do it" or "share your tips please", I always tell them: Consistency, determination, and organization.  If a sweeps tells you that you can enter daily, well you'll bet that I enter daily to get my best chance of winning.  Have an accountability partner that you can share sweeps with and help keep each other entering during those rough or dry periods (no wins).

TS - Are you the only sweeper in your family?

NS - Yes I am.  Occasionally, I'll send a really good sweep that I've found to my sister or even to my  parents to enter and they will, but I'm the only truly dedicated one.  My dad did win a 60" TV a few months ago by entering a one-time sweep.

TS - Do you belong to a sweepers group?

NV - I actually just met a friend who has been sweeping for 30+ years and she belongs to a group in Philly.  I was just invited to attend with her on October 12th for the first time, so we shall see how it goes!  I'm excited!

TS - Do you go to sweepstakes conventions?  If so what do you like about them?

Nikki and her BFF Rachel, look like they had a blast at the 25th Annual Sweepstakes Convention.

NV - My first sweepstakes convention was just in August at the 25th Annual Sweepstakes Convention in Orlando, Florida.  I had such a great time meeting fellow sweepers from around the nation that I communicate with online, on a regular basis.  It was great learning new tips and tricks during the meetings and the prizes were absolutely amazing!  Two cars were even given away!

TS - How do you stay motivated in a slump? Do you enjoy reading about other peoples wins?
NV - I absolutely love reading and hearing about other's wins!  they are so motivating during those slow times.  The thing that keeps me the most motivated though would be my sweeper bff and personal friend Rachel.  We bounce ideas, prize wins, and sweeps off of each other every day.  When one is winning and the other isn't, it's motivating to "try and get a better win" or "have more dailies than the other one".  Super friendly and loving competition of course!
TS - What are a few of your favorite prizes that you've won?
NV - Oh goodness.  Where do I begin? :)  I have won some absolutely amazing things in my almost 4 years of sweeping.  I've won over 20 trips.

Get ready for a photo overload. They're too exciting not to share.

Nikki with her husband Ben in Hollywood meeting Kaley Cuoco from the Big Bang Theory.

Nikki and Ben enjoying another winning trip to Sonoma/Napa Valley, CA, where they got to meet and watch the TrueCar Indy Racing Team.

Ben & Nikki sitting in Mario Andretti's car while at the Sonoma Raceway.
Trip wins aren't just an occasion thing for Nikki.  She seems to win on a regular basis.  She's been to Orlando, FL a few times.  She's also won a trip to Panama City Beach.  But that's just Florida.  She's also won trips to the following exciting places:

Nikki took her husband and friends with her on one of her many NYC wins.  This one included a $2,000 shopping spree in July of this year.  Wow, how many of us dream of buying $2,000 worth of clothing and shoes?!

Just a couple of years earlier Nikki won another trip to NYC for a Skintimate photo-shoot with a spread in a magazine.

Nikki looks like she's been modeling for years.  She's quite a natural at it.  How exciting to have a professional photographer do your photo-shoot.

Just last year Nikki took her mom with her on a $1,000 shopping spree to the Steve Madden store in NYC.  She's nearly a NY native after winning so many trips. lol.  And yes, believe it or not that is Nikki's mother, and not her sister.  You can see where Nikki got her good looks.

Winning tripslead Nikki on some wonderful adventures, like this trip to Bermuda last year.

I don't know if I would ever be able to pull myself away from those turquoise waters of Bermuda.  If you're Nikki, I guess you have to go home occasionally to see what mail is waiting for you with plans for your next exciting destination.

There have also been trips to the Bahamas a couple of times.  She won a wonderful trip to the Atlantis Resort and had the fun experience of swimming with the dolphins.  That's a trip I hope to win one day.  Nikki has even won a trip to Italy!!  What a hard life, lol.

You've already seen the checks she has won for $10K and $20K yesterday.  Nikki likes cash.  Don't we all?  She's won lot's of $5K checks too.  And of course there has been plenty of smaller ones like this $500 win from Corky's Pest Control a few months ago.

I tried my best to wrap Nikki's interview up in this post, but it's just not possible.  She's won so many great things that you'll just have to come back again to find out more.

Oh' and I promised you a surprise, didn't I? Remember the hint was that Nikki was VERY GENEROUS!  After reading these 2 segments about her, you've probably realized how sharing she is with her family and friends.  

Now she wants to share her good fortune with you, by giving Cotton Pickin Cute readers the chance to win a
Lattie iMuz Q9 Android 4.2" x 9.7" XHD IPS screen quad core tablet featuring:
  • Dual cameras
  • 2GB RAM
  • Wifi - 16GB
  • White/Silver 
  • Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean
  • 9.7 inches XHD IPS Display
  • Quad Core Cortex A9 up to 1.6 Ghz
  • 16 GB Flash Memory, 2 GB RAM Memory
  • 1.28 pounds

Are you as excited to enter this giveaway as I am to host it?  I had planned to put the entry form up on this segment but have decided that it's best to do it on a separate post since this one has so much going on already.  Watch for the giveaway to go up in the next 24 hours.  Until then, why not stop by and say hi to Nikki on her facebook page here.  She'd love to hear from you.  I'd like to read your thoughts here too so please leave me a comment. Have you had a win lately?  What was it?  Do you know someone who wins all the time.  Share the dirt so we can all enjoy reading about them.

Hugs & Happy Sweeping Y'all...

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~ Genesis 15:1

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Does Anyone Really Win Those BIG Sweepstakes? Read My First Sweeper Interview - Part 1

We've all seen them.

Those tempting adds that make us start dreaming of having a bundle of cash dropped in our laps.  After we come back to real life we wonder, does that really ever happen?  Does anyone ever win prizes like these?  Then our cynical side says there must be a catch.  Well lets find out.

My own experience says YES.... you can win awesome prizes but CASH, really?  I had my doubts, thinking it must be extremely rare to win once, much less more often.  But hold on to your hats because today is the first segment of my interview with Nicole Vosburgh.  
In my opinion she is
and when you get through reading this, you'll know why she is the inspiration that fuels my sweeping train.

First, if your are not a sweeper, you're probably asking who is Nicole Vosburgh?  To get an answer to that question and more I went straight to the source, Nikki herself and asked. Lets get started with my interview and see what she has to say.  Yeah I'm channeling my inner Ellen today.

Aren't Ben and Nicole the cutest couple.

TS - Tell us a little about you.

NV -  I am a 27 year old wife and mommy to our 4 year old little boy, Tyler.  I grew up in Bucks County, PA and I'm still living in the area with my family.  My husband and I met at Word of Life in upstate New York in 2007 and were married in May of 2009.  It's been 5 crazy, but fun filled years already!

TS - How did you get started sweeping?

NV - I became a first time mommy 4 years ago and I've always known that I wanted to be a stay at home mom.  With my husband still in school, I wanted and needed to find a way to make money while still being at home full time. I noticed that a friend of mine from college kept posting these small little giveaways for little girls bows, outfits, etc... on her Facebook page and it got my interest.  I don't have a daughter, but I do have a little sister (who was 7 at the time I began entering).  So, I followed my friends lead and began entering for those little girly things.  It worked!

I began winning them and soon my mailbox became full of little girly things!  Well, my husband wasn't impressed.  We had a boy for goodness sake and here I was spending my time winning girly things.  Well, I decided there had to be a way to win bigger and better things, right?  I did my research and came to realize that there was this whole, huge community of sweepers and that they really did win...and boy did they win BIG things!  I became hooked and a dedicated sweeper ever since.

TS - What is a good month of winning? How many prizes do you win?

NV - A good month of winning for me is anywhere from $10, 000 to $20,000 (you read that right - THOUSANDS) in prizes that month.  I would say about 25 - 50 prizes a month.
Wow I didn't even know that people won that much!  I bet you'd like to see some of those awesome prizes Nikki has won.  Well I've got that covered.  Nikki was nice enough to send photos of just some of her favorite wins.  Let's take a look.

Nikki's done a great job furnishing her home through sweeping.  Setting a table with the dinnerware she won must keep her mind on entering more sweeps, even when she's not.

As if that's not enough to keep her focused on her favorite hobby, the food drives the point home.  Look at the huge amount of steaks she won from Omaha Steaks.  

Of course Nikki can't feed her family on meat alone.  She's doesn't have to thanks to her "Winners Never Give Up" attitude.  This lucky hardworking, positive thinking gal was the Grand Prize Winner of a $250 gift card to a local grocery store.

Lunch is covered with a big peanut butter win from Peanut Butter & Co. You know she has one happy little boy. 

Anyone need some milk to wash it down with?  Ben must love all the money she's saving him through entering sweeps.

Since she doesn't have a magic carpet she has to buy gas for the trip to the store.  No worries, she's won $500 in Shell gift cards to cover that.

When warm weather rolls around, Nikki takes her cooking to the outdoors.  There's no shortage of grills at her house.  This is just one of many, including the much loved Big Green Egg.

If Nikki doesn't win what she wants she can always go buy it for free with the stack of GIFT CARDS that she wins.

Oh' how much I would love to win a $500 Home Depot Card like she did.  

Maybe $500 just isn't quite enough.  If that's the case she can always cash her $10,000 GRAND PRIZE CHECK!!  

And for those really big purchases she can just break out this bad boy for $20,000 *TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!*
Does this girl rock or what?  I wasn't kidding when I said was my inspiration to keep going and never give up.
Now if you are thinking Nikki's story ends here, well you'd be wrong.  We're just getting started.  Today I concentrated on a few things around the house and $$ MOOLAH $$.  We haven't ever talked about things like electronics, adventures and more.

Plus, I'm sure you're wanting to know more about how Nikki wins all these wonderful prizes, but you'll have to come back tomorrow for another segment of Nikki's Sweeping Story. She has an extra special treat for you.  Okay, I'll give you one hint:


Wouldn't you love to have boxes backing up at your door like this?  I know I would.

I love hearing about other sweepers wins.  It's what keeps us all going when we're having those dry periods.  I'm really grateful to Nikki for agreeing to share her world of sweepstakes with us.  Nikki's not a blogger but you can catch up with her on here on Facebook.  Stop by and say hi, she'd love to hear from you and have you follow her.  Heck you can even stalk her like I do.  She's such a sweetheart. 

**Update - you can read the 2nd segment of Nikki's story here.

See y'all tomorrow...

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