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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Just a Little Update

Have you noticed I've been gone?  It seems like forever. 
Well I finally got my computer back.  Neil and I took them both to our computer guru who fixed them.  Yea!!!  Now we just have to get a router and get them both running at the same time.  But I've been so busy with the living room painting job I haven't had a chance to get anything posted. 

On top of that I've been having a lot of pain that - well, just through me for a loop.  It all started with my big toe, which sounds ridiculous and then spread to my knee, then to my hip and lower back, all on the left side.  I'd been having so numbness and stuff in my left arm and leg for a few weeks now.  Not bad enough to go to the hospital, just kinda a wierd.  I didn't leave the bed at all yesterday.   Thank goodness I have a follow up appt. with my Dr. tomorrow and can get with him about this.  I hope he doesn't laugh, believe me, I haven't been.

Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and say I hope to be back on track any day now.  I sure have missed you all.

Hugs...Tracy :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

There's a Cricut Giveaway Going On!

Lisa's having a great giveaway over at Mermaids Crafty.  And for good reason.  She is about to hit the 500 Follower mark and has had almost 35,000 hits!  WOW!!!  Congratulations Lisa.  

She's giving us a chance to win some great CRICUT BLOG CANDY!!  She is giving away the Picturesque cartridge.  So stop in and visit her and enter her giveaway.  You'll find she's just as nice as pie. 
Have a great day Y'all!!!
Hugs....Tracy :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

I'm Crushing on a Younger Man - Please Don't Be Jealous Kate

Yes, I have royal fever, too.  This isn't a new thing for me.  I've always been a little fasinated by them.  It's just the first royal heir I've ever thought was dreamy.  I mean really, come on, who couldn't go a little bonkers over William in this cowboy hat.  This is a totally new look for Wills and I'm lovin' it!
Kate's just as cute as can be in her western wear too.  I am totally in love with Will in jeans sporting this casual plaid shirt.  The color is awesome on him.  Do you suppose the color of the hats were chosen to represent the Good Guy image he posses?  And check out the cowboy boots, to boot. (sorry, I couldn't resist.)
No matter where Kate might be, she always looks elegant.  She has the most incredible style sense.  I know she may have a stylist but even then you have to admit it takes style to be able to choose one.  Just look back at what Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie's last stylist did for them, namely at the royal wedding.  I love Kate's chic red hat and that stylishly demur clutch.  Isn't that tassel the perfect touch.  Hmm, wonder if I can create that bag?  Everything she wears is designed with simple elegance.  She is today's fashion ICON.
Oh' look at this photo below.  That is the essense of this couple.  It is the most enduring thing about the Prince.  The thing that just draws you in and makes him irresistably attractive.  The true love that you can read all over his face.  There is no denying this man is totally in love with this woman.  And she with him.  Princess Diane had exactly the effect she wanted.  She instilled the values she so desired to within him.  He is a Prince of the people and will be the King of the people.  I have every confidence that he will be remembered for great things and be one of the most beloved Kings to ever rule.  He has strength and compassion.  He knows how to be everyman while still retaining the dignity of his title.  Yeah, like I said, I'm crushing.

I really don't want them to rush into raising childern but those are gonna be some gorgeous kids.  I just hope Kate has the same qualities and instills them in her childern as Diana did.
Did you see the photos of the royal wedding of Prince Albert of Monaco, lets just say you couldn't see the love there.  His wife is beautiful.  I loved her dress but it wasn't really befitting a royal wedding, in my humble opinion.  Kate's was all a royal gown should have been and I'm not usually a fan of long sleeved wedding gowns.  I never was that impressed with Diana's wedding gown.  Much too much poofy for me.  And sorry Prince Albert, though I was in awe of your mother, Princess Grace and His Royal Highness Prince Rainer,  William and Kate are the royals that have it going on.  And I'm sure will have for decades to come.

Have a blessed Sunday ya'll.
OX's.....Tracy :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Celebrating TWO "2" Years and Lovin' It!

It was my blogiversary Wednesday and with all the computer problems I didn't even get to put a post up.  Boo-Hiss!!!

As you can see from this photo, the cats are beyond excited for me!  They can barely keep their eyes open.  Oh' to you it might look like they're bored but it's just from a long night of celebrating my 2 years of accomplishments.
And by the way, July also honor's the year ago mark, that blackie here, decided to bite me and send me for a nice 5 day vacation in the hospital.  Of course that's before she moved into the house with us, where she now resides.  She still doesn't feel we are worthy of touching her yet but she has taken a shine to Pumpkin, the meanest and strangest cat in the world.  There's no accounting for taste.  Blackie really is a sweet kitty, she's just still kind of a scaredy cat with us.  And I use the term loosely since she's probably over a year and a half old.  Anything looks little compared to Pumpkin.  If you notice he takes up a really large section of that love seat and he's not even stretched out.

And that's not all,  I just noticed that this is my 191nd post and it's only July.  That's already 1 more post than I wrote in all of 2010.  So basically in only a half-a-year I've already posted more than I did in all of 2010.  That's an improvement in my book.  Yippee!

Thank ALL of YOU  for making me feel so special!  It's been so much fun being a member of blog land and making such awesome friends.  You've all laughed and cried with me.  Supported me and prayed with me.  You've kept me company when I felt alone and encouraged me when I was down.  I've had such a good time visiting all of your blogs and getting to know you and find out how creative in all aspects of art and life you are.  Thank you from the bottom of my Cotton Pickin' Heart!!

And by the way I haven't overlooked this opportunity to share a little blog love with a giveaway.  I'm still working on something and I'll be sure to let you all in on it very soon.

Love and hugs.....Tracy :)

New Molding and Lots of Prep ~ Room Redo

If you see a smile on my face, it's only because I'm dreaming about how much brighter my house will look when we're through.  Actually I'm usually a lot  happier when I have a project to do, as long as I don't have to do it by myself.  So with me and Neil working together I'm pretty happy right now.

We added crown moldings a few years ago when we first remodeled this area of the house but we never got around to the windows and all the little finish up details.  Here's the windows before the molding was added.
Pretty Plain and dull.  Neil bought the trim pieces and trimmed them out just a few weeks ago.  No one ever said we were fast.  In the next pictures you can see the new trim which hasn't been painted yet.

It's a really open house with all the walls we removed when we started this project years ago.  No body ever believes that this is actually a 1920's house.  All new walls and bigger rooms with all new trim made a huge difference.  If you look at my old house photos part 1 here and part 2 here, you'll see what I mean.
I'm standing in the dining room side of the archway Neil created between the dining room and the living room.  It used to be the bathroom.
I really love the trim color but I would have liked to have gone to a shade of white.  Not the bright white of the window trim above.  But with this much trim, I had said I would never paint it again and I am so glad that I don't have to.  I'm mudding in all the little cracks and all around the new window trim (these things happen with an older off grade (i.e. above ground) house.  We bought a paint shade that will work with the trim so there may be a little trim touch up, but it would take forever to paint all the trim in these two rooms if I changed colors.  So yea for keeping it the same.
In the photo above you can see some of the new window trim.  Neil still has to get some trim to go between each set of two windows.  We have 3 sets = 6 windows across the front of the house, that includes the joining living room and dining room.

I always dread starting projects like this, especially mudding and painting.  There's so much clean up.  But once I get started I enjoy it.  It gives me a fresh clean feeling and I get nice and worn out so I sleep really good.  I just can't wait to see the new color.  Now, does anyone know where I can win a shopping certificate?

I can't believe Friday came so fast this week.  Ya'll have a fun weekend!
Hugs...Tracy :)
Quote of the Day

"If you hear a voice within you say, you cannot paint," then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced."
         ~Vincent Van Gogh (Birthdate March 30, 1853)
{Okay maybe this wasn't exactly the painting he had in mind.} LOL

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Free Recipe Book for Diabetics

My sister Joni is in the middle of changing life long habits for the better.  But change doesn't always come easy.  Most times it's just the opposite and this is no different.  We've been on the phone everyday discussing how hard it is to come up with a new eatting plan.  After her recent scare at the hospital, she has had to become very vigilent about her diet.  Learning how to count calories, carbos, fat and cholestrol.  She's diabetic and it's so important for her to eat more and better than she has been.  I couldn't wait to let her know about this and thought many of you would like to know about it too.
Free Tools to manage your Diabetes - Make a Healthy Meal Plan in Minutes. The Best of Diabetic Connect Low-Carb Recipes Includes: More than 60 delicious, healthy recipes 10g of carbs or less per serving—in every recipe. Pork, chicken, beef, desserts, soups, salads and much more.

Sample Recipes:

Savory Italian Grilled Chicken

Pepper-Lime Chicken

Grilled-Glazed Salmon

Philly Cheesesteak Lettuce Cups

Teriyaki Kabobs

Flourless Brownies

I Hear Sleigh Bells Ringing, A Jing-Jing-Jingling too!

I think I must be spending to much time in the air conditioning.   Sugar Plums are dancing in my head and dreams of artifical snow drift across my mind all day. 
Of course the snow part could be more because of all the sheetrock mud and dust we're creating while we finish trimming out the new window frame molding Neil's added and preping the walls for a new paint job.  Yippee for new paint job!  Boo for the horrible mess mudding causes and all the work that we have to do including painting. 

But even if it's because my mind is to dusty to think clear, it doesn't matter.  I'm content in my wonderland of Christmas dreams.  I can't get that song out of my head.  But I know ya'll understand, you're crafters and July means Christmas!  It's the official planning season for Christmas and that season flies by.  So let the Jingle Bells Ring and the Spirit Be Bright because I'm dreaming of Tinsel and Bulbs  shining at night.
I love these paper music ornaments.  I can't  remember where I found them yesterday.  Maybe Pottery Barn, it wasn't on a blog.  But I'm lovin' 'em and thinking these might be fun to do.  I really love the frame ornament in the top picture.
Is this mercury glass ball pretty.  I like the attention to detail with the cap being antiqued.
I think this simple but oh' so elegant glass final ornament is stunning.

And this one's all ready for my tree.  It's already got the D on it for my last name.
Do ya'll have any idea's for creating Christmas ornaments for this year or maybe even one's you've done in the past?  I'm really wanting some ideas for beach or seashell ornaments and ornaments made with Cricut!  Please share, I would love to hear your ideas?  And have you seen or heard of any new trends for Christmas 2011?  Do tell!!!

Gosh, how I love Christmas.  I'm all excited about seashells and beaches and all of a sudden, like a bubble that thought just popped and it was gone.   It's been replaced by bright colors, shiney glittering goodness and I think I even smell the scent of pine.  But don't worry I can still make room for my turquoise and sand.

Oh' by the way, my computer is still being stubborn and difficult.  So if you don't see me post anything in a day or two, please come back and check.  It may just mean that I'm thrown it through the window or smashed it on the floor.  I'm so close now......

Hugs and love ya'll.........Tracy :)

Quote of the Day

Once asked about his life, Grant responded...
"My formula for living is quite simple.
I get up in the morning and I go to bed at night.
In between, I occupy myself as best I can."
                                                    ~Cary Grant
{For those of you who don't know it, he's the only leading man ever worthy of my dreams.}

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

FREE @ Chilis Queso Dip Appetizer only for a Limited Time!

Free!  That word is at the top of my list and eating out is a close second.  Chilis has combined the two for a winning combination.  Hurry and print out this limited time coupon for Chili's free Queso Dip appetizer!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Playing with Paper and Glue for the Red White and Blue

First, I want to apologize to everyone who has left comments lately.  My computer's been giving me a fit for nearly a week now and it takes me forever just to get a post up.  Hopefully by tomorrow we might be back on track.  I appreciate all of you and your comments so much, it breaks my heart not to be able to let you know individually.  Danged computer, I barely even have any hair left. LOL.
I finally grew up and now I get to play with paper and glue.  So I  made this to hang in my MIL's nursing home room,to celebrate our nations 235 birthday!  I finally played with my Cricut too and made the little flowers and leaves.  I can't wait to do more with it.  Go America!!!
When I was little we had an old craft book that belonged to my sister Joni or maybe it was just the families.  It was the early 1960's but I'm sure the book was from the 50's.  I loved that book it was black and white but to me, it was the most interesting book we had.  I looked at that old tattered book all the time.  I know my mother would be saying not again as she saw me heading her way with that book.  I was forever asking her if we could do some of those projects.  The answer was always the same, maybe tomorrow.  I'm sure mama had no clue that it was so important to me and that I would grow up loving to craft.
Mama never did care much for crafting that was more fun than it was practical.  Mama wasn't old fashion by any means. She always was interested in learning more.  I still remember her taking a high school night class on accounting.  It wasn't something she needed to do, she was a stay at home mom, she just wanted to.  She worked when she was younger and even for a short while when she first married.  Mom loved to play bridge, crochet, do needlepoint, cross stitch, crochet and knit.  She had more patience and coordination than I did.  But oh' how Mama could sew.  She was a seamstress extroidinaire.  Again, not craft sewing but clothing.  She was so good at sewing tailored clothing.  Something she only did for her and her girls and maybe a friend or two.   She learned from her mother just as most girls did in the 30's when it was so important and so neccessary. Maybe that's why she didn't care for quilting like my grandma.  Maybe she had seen too much of that done out of neccesity.  But later she still took more classes to learn the finer art of tailored slit pockets and things of that sort.  She had a very Jaqueline Kennedy, (mom's name was even Jackie) or Chanel Coco sort of style.  Simple was more. 
I can remember Grandma occasionally sewing on her old treadle singer sewing machine. I'm so proud to be the owner of that old sewing machine of Grandma's now.  Mama had a singer too, which I learned to sew on.  Thank goodness it was an electric machine.  I've had several sewing machines since then and none have been as good as that one was.  And none have certainly lasted as long.  That was way back when they were American made and made to last and last.  Most items were made that way back then.  It only seemed practical to make a product that would stand the test of time.  Later as business dynamics changed.  Companies came to the conclusion, that for a business model, that may not be the most profitable plan.  And so started the long or short road to the throw away society.
I love America and to me America means the history of our ancestors.  The strength that it took for them to fight for such a young country, to believe totally in it's purpose through good times and bad.  To be proud to call America home in the worst of times.  Always banning together for the common good when it truly mattered.  For the great sacrafices that families endured in times of war and how they still continued to love and believe in this great country of ours.  A country built on freedom, liberty and justice for all. 
I'm sure every country believes they are doing whats best.  And it's citizens are proud and have undying love for their country but as an American I know that our forefathers left their homes and came to this unknown land to make a better life for future generations. 
I've seen our society go through a ME generation and I believe we're seeing what was reaped from that now.  If anything positive has come from the economic crisis our country has recently faced, it's the coming together again.  The equal suffering of the rich and poor.  Oh' there will always be ones who are still spending what we as middle class could never even concieve.  They bank accounts may have even taken a hit but it's not like their daily lives will ever feel it.  But for the most part neighbors are more empathatic of others because they have been touched in some way by this shift in money.  Maybe there's something to be grateful for in that.

Thank God I live in America, The Land of the Free!!!

Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend. 
XOXO's....Tracy :)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Featured Post - Staring Lori Hairston and the Red, White and Blue

I adore her creations.  And I couldn't wait to share my new to me discovery with you.  You may have already found Lori but if not, it's my pleasure to introduce you to Lori Hairston.  Lori's the cutest girl from Oklahoma City who creates the most fabulous paper art.

As soon as as saw this 4th of July banner I was enthralled with her art and wanted to see more.  Lucky for me she's been blogging since 2008.  I found so many adorable things that I didn't want to leave the page.  It's a good thing Lori leaves so far away or I'd be begging her to come over and craft with me every day.  Lori was kind enough to let me feature her and answer a few questions for me.  Be sure to read Lori's (my first) interview at the bottom of this post. 
Isn't this the greatest Americana banner ever!!!
I'm lovin' the vintage goodness of it.  This really speaks out and celebrates our 235th birthday!
 These block she made are so fun and super cute.  This is just one of six images.
Here's a 2nd image from the set of blocks.
I  can just imagine some child (or me) being over the moon when they receive a ribbon like this one.  Don't you just picture a home town parade or country fair and this being the Grand Prize Ribbon!
And Lori's not just a Red, White and Blue Girl.  Oh' no she's much more than that.  She has such a love of vintage images and her creativeness knows no bounds.  Take a look at this Sweet Cherries card.
 Is this not the most precious Easter Card?!  Called the "The Sweet Girl with the Really Big Hat"  says it all.  You know how they how a fruit of the month club as I've always dreamed of, the gift of a flower arrangement a month for the year.  Well now I'm dreaming of receiving a card (or any other thing) a month from Lori.  Wouldn't that be the perfect gift from the hubby a prepaid year of goodness.  There's a new business there for you Lori.
I hope you've enjoyed looking at Lori's creations as much as I have.  You can click here or on any picture to be taken to that particular page to visit with her.  She's a must see!

My first featured interview with Lori herself.

CPC: How did you first begin crafting?

LH:  I had always dabbled in crafts, but really began scrapbooking when my daughter, Lauren, left home for school seven years ago. I had empty nest syndrome really bad - had to have something to fill up my time...

CPC: Are you interested in other crafts besides paper crafts?
LH:  I also create soldered jewelry, do a little sewing (purses, little animals), and also enjoy baking.

CPC: What is your favorite creations so far?
LH:  Favorite creations include holiday decor (especially Halloween, 4th of July, and Christmas).

CPC: When do you find time to craft?
LH:  I work, so crafting takes place before I go to work, lunchtime, after work and weekends - just about every day!

CPC: Have you published any of your awesome art?
LH: I have had a few projects published in on line publications, like Scrapstreet Magazine.

CPC: What influences your works?
LH: Influences are mostly just what makes me happy - vintage images and pretty papers and stamps. Then I just have fun with them!

CPC: Do you sell your art?

LH: I do sell my creations. I have my things in two stores here in OKC and then twice a year I have a show and sale at my house, so that people can special order things.

CPC: What's next?

LH:  What's next? I'm not sure... I'd like to put together some "few-of-a-kind" specialty kits that include vintage items and perhaps have them in an etsy shop.

CPC: Do you have any tips on organizing your craft supplies, your time. Do you have any tips on planning your designs, etc...

LH: I have no trouble organizing -but can't keep it that way! I'm a mess! It's too bad, because some days I spend a lot of time looking for that certain item I KNOW I have


CPC: Is there anything you'd like to tell us about you?
LH:  I've been married 29 years to my wonderful husband, Dennis. We have one daughter, Lauren, who lives in Wichita with her husband. Our house will be turning 102 years old this year, which is really old for Oklahoma. We love it, but is it ever a money pit! When I'm not papercrafting, I'm often reading.

Thanks so much for sharing your story with us Lori!

God Bless America
Happy 4th to everyone.  Please be safe and have fun.
XOXO's....Tracy :)

We have a winner of the Mineral Fusions Giveaway

We have a winner of the Mineral Fusion's Beautiful Basics Kit.  But even if you didn't win, you're not completely out of luck, just click the link below for their facebook fan and look for the $3.00 coupon.

 I love this kit.  It gives you the essentials for a simple naturally gorgeous look in 5 minutes or less.
The three step kit includes: graphite mascara, creation blush, polished liquid lip gloss. 

    STEP 1. Mascara: GRAPHITE
                 STEP 3. Liquid Lip Gloss: POLISHED

This kit makes applying makeup as simple as three steps.  It's perfect for summer when less is more and you don't want a thick layer of oily makeup that just melts off in the heat.  It's been in the high 90's here and believe me Mineral Fusions leaves me looking much fresher.

Mineral Fusion Cosmetics offers a wide variety of products: Skin Care products, Mineral Shampoo’s & Conditioners, Brushes + Tools, Bronzer, Blush etc.  

Also check out Mineral Fusion/Facebook  weekly giveaways, and a $3 Coupon for Fans!

And now for the winner chosen by Random.org..........

Congratulations #7 - Deb from Dragonfly Treasure.The winner of the Mineral Fusions 
Thank you all for entering.  And for those of you that weren't the lucky winner (Rebecca, sorry) please don't give up.  Next time it might just be anyone of you!

Hugs...Tracy :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

5 of the Hottest Summer Fashion Tips

1.  Ultra feminine sheer fabrics seem to be the trend of 2011.  And I for one am thrilled to see femininity coming back in fashion.  For the last several years it was almost impossible to find a dress in the stores.  And what was there, left a lot to be desired.

I especially love dresses in the summer time.  They're so much cooler than slacks and look more polished than shorts.  Giving you that over all more pulled together look.  It just says I took more time choosing my outfit (no-one needs to know that it's really quicker than picking out a top and shorts).  This wasn't always true.  There was a time where you didn't dare put on a dress without hose and a slip.  Of course in certain circumstances, they are still a must, but for a casual summer outfit, just the dress is fine and like I said so much cooler.
Remember to pay attention to your fabrics.  Nature fabrics breathe, which helps you stay cooler.  Natural chiffon, cotton and linen fabrics are the ones you want to wear.  Synthetic fabrics trap heat in.  What could be worse than that in the summer.  A couple of summers ago I bought the cutest top, got the most compliments on it but after wearing it only twice I got rid of it.  It was horrible.  It held the heat in and even though it was sleeveless I couldn't bear how hot it made my stomach.

2.  Vibrant floral and animal prints are the go to patterns this year.  Love them.  Just be sure not to dress yourself from head to toe in a Zebra print. A little goes a long way.
3.  Jeans are always a staple of fashion but the trends change here too.  Denim with sparkle is hot for 2011's jeans scene.  Look for sparkle with metal or dark studded embellishments at the cuffs, belt loops or pockets for added detail.  Don't forget to use your vintage baubles here, ladies.  More on that next.

Cropped jeans, especially in warmer weather and boyfriend jeans are still fashionable.  Though the boyfriend jean trend started several years ago with Katie Holmes wearing a pair of  pair of  too large pants in N.Y., it's still a fashionable trend.  I recommend not taking it too far.  I think just a little bigger than norm with more of a straight old fashion Levi's cut will keep it somewhat chic and not give you a thrown away look.  Remember, we're not going for grunge here, (Thank Heavens).  I think back to the girls of the 50's wearing jeans all rolled up but with a looser fit.

How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans:
Here are some tips on the best ways to wear the boyfriend jean for that effortlessly chic look.
 Roll up the cuffs. If your jeans are short enough, you won’t need to do this, but if they’re super long, you’ll need to cuff the bottoms. Roll them above your ankles if you’re wearing heels, or just below if you’re wearing flat sandals. Having your jeans drag along the ground is never a good look.
 With ballet flats, sandals, or heels. These jeans are made to show off your ankles and feet, so don’t wear boyfriend jeans with boots or sneakers. Instead, wear ‘em with a pair of gladiator sandals, flip flops, high heels, or ballet flats to add cute details.
Keep the rest of your look relaxed and casual. Boyfriend jeans look best with a plain tee or tank and minimal accessories. It’s a look that’s very low maintenance and informal, so don’t try too hard with your top and accessories.
With a leather belt. Since boyfriend jeans are usually really big and baggy, you’ll probably need a belt to keep them up. Even if you don’t, a belt makes a great addition to the outfit. Bonus points if you wear a plain leather belt that looks like it could have been borrowed from a boy too.

 4.  Layered  jewelry is Hot, Hot, Hot this year.  So don't be timid.  Bold is best.  Careful though...Don't mix metals.  You want to wear silver or gold.  Avoid wearing both at the same time.  Mix and match your colors and gem stones up a storm.  Costume jewelry and faux baubles is all the trend and I love it.  Have fun with it!  Remember you grandmother or great grandmothers brooches and clip on earrings?  Now's the time to use them.  Wear them in non-traditional ways.  Pin the brooch on your jeans.  Clip the earrings to a pair of heels to add extra sparkle.  Maybe you only have one.  I  have lots of pieces with missing mates and I never throw them away.   One old fashion clipped earring could be added to a chain for a new necklace or to a headband, how cute would that be!  You could even make a ring out of a brooch or a single earring by adding it to a band.  Huge rings on the index finger are all the rage, you see them on everyone now.   

If I'm not using them for fashion, I use them for crafts or even home decor.  I love the thought of taking a single brooch and attaching it to a fabric (I'm thinking burlap or a silk) covered board and cut to fit a frame.  Perfect to hang on a wall.  I'm still looking for that perfect butterfly brooch, preferably vintage.  You could do a collection of brooches in one medium size frame.  So cute!  A piece of jewelry attached to a pillow makes a beautiful statement.  I can see it attached to an envelope style pillow covering - too Chic!!!

5.  Silk scarfs can add a touch of color and pull your outfit together, giving it that special attention to detail.  You can add a fun touch to your purse by tying a short scarf to the strap. 

Most important make fashion fun and play with it.  Whether your fashion style is vintage, classic, preppy, edgy or minimalist, by incorporating a few of these key points you can give that style  update for summer 2011.

The days of one trend for all are gone.  Individual style is highly respected.  But having your own style classic or edgy doesn't mean it should be the same as it was in the 1990's.  You can stay true to your style and still make it fresh.  Just change it up a bit, play with it, don't let it get stagnant.  An important tip to remember:  Don't be too matchy-matchy.  Gone are the days of matching your handbag and shoes.  I've had a little trouble with this one because I grew up being so proud of being able to coordinate just the right shoes, purse and belts.  Be a little creative.  Different textures are fine but you don't want to wear a heavy suede shoe with a sheer top in the middle of summer.  Keep your seasons in mind. Common sense always prevails here.