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Sunday, July 10, 2011

I'm Crushing on a Younger Man - Please Don't Be Jealous Kate

Yes, I have royal fever, too.  This isn't a new thing for me.  I've always been a little fasinated by them.  It's just the first royal heir I've ever thought was dreamy.  I mean really, come on, who couldn't go a little bonkers over William in this cowboy hat.  This is a totally new look for Wills and I'm lovin' it!
Kate's just as cute as can be in her western wear too.  I am totally in love with Will in jeans sporting this casual plaid shirt.  The color is awesome on him.  Do you suppose the color of the hats were chosen to represent the Good Guy image he posses?  And check out the cowboy boots, to boot. (sorry, I couldn't resist.)
No matter where Kate might be, she always looks elegant.  She has the most incredible style sense.  I know she may have a stylist but even then you have to admit it takes style to be able to choose one.  Just look back at what Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie's last stylist did for them, namely at the royal wedding.  I love Kate's chic red hat and that stylishly demur clutch.  Isn't that tassel the perfect touch.  Hmm, wonder if I can create that bag?  Everything she wears is designed with simple elegance.  She is today's fashion ICON.
Oh' look at this photo below.  That is the essense of this couple.  It is the most enduring thing about the Prince.  The thing that just draws you in and makes him irresistably attractive.  The true love that you can read all over his face.  There is no denying this man is totally in love with this woman.  And she with him.  Princess Diane had exactly the effect she wanted.  She instilled the values she so desired to within him.  He is a Prince of the people and will be the King of the people.  I have every confidence that he will be remembered for great things and be one of the most beloved Kings to ever rule.  He has strength and compassion.  He knows how to be everyman while still retaining the dignity of his title.  Yeah, like I said, I'm crushing.

I really don't want them to rush into raising childern but those are gonna be some gorgeous kids.  I just hope Kate has the same qualities and instills them in her childern as Diana did.
Did you see the photos of the royal wedding of Prince Albert of Monaco, lets just say you couldn't see the love there.  His wife is beautiful.  I loved her dress but it wasn't really befitting a royal wedding, in my humble opinion.  Kate's was all a royal gown should have been and I'm not usually a fan of long sleeved wedding gowns.  I never was that impressed with Diana's wedding gown.  Much too much poofy for me.  And sorry Prince Albert, though I was in awe of your mother, Princess Grace and His Royal Highness Prince Rainer,  William and Kate are the royals that have it going on.  And I'm sure will have for decades to come.

Have a blessed Sunday ya'll.
OX's.....Tracy :)


  1. There is just something, well, um...SEXY about a Cowboy hat. What a tall and handsome 'drink-a-watahhhh'.


  2. Hi, I just have to check in now and then to see how my little C.P.Cutie is doing. You know, a little eye candy never hurt anyone. Eye candy in a cowboy hat is even sweeter!

  3. Hi Tracy ~ Love this post, I think they make the Sweetest Couple, I think life will be good to them.... I hope, Princess Diana sure did instill Love & True Heart in her Son's for the brief time she was On Earth ~ I am sure she smiles down upon them~ I did not see the royal wedding of Monaco, guess I could google it, I also agree about Princess Diana's Wedding Dress, I thought it was just Wrinkly! Thanks Dear Friend for the Wonderful Etsy Order, you will never know how much it Touched My Heart! xox