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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Just a Little Update

Have you noticed I've been gone?  It seems like forever. 
Well I finally got my computer back.  Neil and I took them both to our computer guru who fixed them.  Yea!!!  Now we just have to get a router and get them both running at the same time.  But I've been so busy with the living room painting job I haven't had a chance to get anything posted. 

On top of that I've been having a lot of pain that - well, just through me for a loop.  It all started with my big toe, which sounds ridiculous and then spread to my knee, then to my hip and lower back, all on the left side.  I'd been having so numbness and stuff in my left arm and leg for a few weeks now.  Not bad enough to go to the hospital, just kinda a wierd.  I didn't leave the bed at all yesterday.   Thank goodness I have a follow up appt. with my Dr. tomorrow and can get with him about this.  I hope he doesn't laugh, believe me, I haven't been.

Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and say I hope to be back on track any day now.  I sure have missed you all.

Hugs...Tracy :)


  1. Tracy, thanks for visiting Texas Cottage!
    You now at "our age" we can't mess around with our health. I'm glad you're going to the doctor. Hope everything turns out for you!

  2. Tracy,
    I know I say it every time, but you really have been on my heart ans in my prayers!
    Praying peace over you while you wait with the Lord to speak to the doctor.

    With love, prayers & blessings,

  3. So glad you have a appt set up. Hoping all goes well. Sending healing hugs.

  4. Missed ya! And hope you are on the mend finally! Glad you got your computer squared away too. Computer problems are the pits!