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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Featured Post - Staring Lori Hairston and the Red, White and Blue

I adore her creations.  And I couldn't wait to share my new to me discovery with you.  You may have already found Lori but if not, it's my pleasure to introduce you to Lori Hairston.  Lori's the cutest girl from Oklahoma City who creates the most fabulous paper art.

As soon as as saw this 4th of July banner I was enthralled with her art and wanted to see more.  Lucky for me she's been blogging since 2008.  I found so many adorable things that I didn't want to leave the page.  It's a good thing Lori leaves so far away or I'd be begging her to come over and craft with me every day.  Lori was kind enough to let me feature her and answer a few questions for me.  Be sure to read Lori's (my first) interview at the bottom of this post. 
Isn't this the greatest Americana banner ever!!!
I'm lovin' the vintage goodness of it.  This really speaks out and celebrates our 235th birthday!
 These block she made are so fun and super cute.  This is just one of six images.
Here's a 2nd image from the set of blocks.
I  can just imagine some child (or me) being over the moon when they receive a ribbon like this one.  Don't you just picture a home town parade or country fair and this being the Grand Prize Ribbon!
And Lori's not just a Red, White and Blue Girl.  Oh' no she's much more than that.  She has such a love of vintage images and her creativeness knows no bounds.  Take a look at this Sweet Cherries card.
 Is this not the most precious Easter Card?!  Called the "The Sweet Girl with the Really Big Hat"  says it all.  You know how they how a fruit of the month club as I've always dreamed of, the gift of a flower arrangement a month for the year.  Well now I'm dreaming of receiving a card (or any other thing) a month from Lori.  Wouldn't that be the perfect gift from the hubby a prepaid year of goodness.  There's a new business there for you Lori.
I hope you've enjoyed looking at Lori's creations as much as I have.  You can click here or on any picture to be taken to that particular page to visit with her.  She's a must see!

My first featured interview with Lori herself.

CPC: How did you first begin crafting?

LH:  I had always dabbled in crafts, but really began scrapbooking when my daughter, Lauren, left home for school seven years ago. I had empty nest syndrome really bad - had to have something to fill up my time...

CPC: Are you interested in other crafts besides paper crafts?
LH:  I also create soldered jewelry, do a little sewing (purses, little animals), and also enjoy baking.

CPC: What is your favorite creations so far?
LH:  Favorite creations include holiday decor (especially Halloween, 4th of July, and Christmas).

CPC: When do you find time to craft?
LH:  I work, so crafting takes place before I go to work, lunchtime, after work and weekends - just about every day!

CPC: Have you published any of your awesome art?
LH: I have had a few projects published in on line publications, like Scrapstreet Magazine.

CPC: What influences your works?
LH: Influences are mostly just what makes me happy - vintage images and pretty papers and stamps. Then I just have fun with them!

CPC: Do you sell your art?

LH: I do sell my creations. I have my things in two stores here in OKC and then twice a year I have a show and sale at my house, so that people can special order things.

CPC: What's next?

LH:  What's next? I'm not sure... I'd like to put together some "few-of-a-kind" specialty kits that include vintage items and perhaps have them in an etsy shop.

CPC: Do you have any tips on organizing your craft supplies, your time. Do you have any tips on planning your designs, etc...

LH: I have no trouble organizing -but can't keep it that way! I'm a mess! It's too bad, because some days I spend a lot of time looking for that certain item I KNOW I have


CPC: Is there anything you'd like to tell us about you?
LH:  I've been married 29 years to my wonderful husband, Dennis. We have one daughter, Lauren, who lives in Wichita with her husband. Our house will be turning 102 years old this year, which is really old for Oklahoma. We love it, but is it ever a money pit! When I'm not papercrafting, I'm often reading.

Thanks so much for sharing your story with us Lori!

God Bless America
Happy 4th to everyone.  Please be safe and have fun.
XOXO's....Tracy :)


  1. Lots of ideas here - thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful July 4th celebration!

  2. Her creations are awesome! Thank you for sharing! I can see why you were so excited about Lori, she is amazing. Tiffany

  3. Wow her pieces are really nice. I can not imagine being this creative.
    Glad you shared her amazing site with us

  4. hey sweet pea! thanks for introducing Lori to us, Ill be heading over to say hi to her in a minute. Love that 4th of July banner.. just too stinking cute!
    hope you have a great day today!

  5. Tracy, thank you so much for such an awesome feature on your blog! My daughter just left, so I had time to get to the computer again and there it was! WOW! And what nice comments... Tracy, you are the sweetest and you wrote this up so nicely! You're the best!