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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Update to My Dear Friends

Beautiful ~ isn't it?  Peaceful and quiet.  What a beautiful place this would be to reflect on God and all he has made and all he continues to do.

Thank each and every one of you for your loving and kind comments.  You kindness, soothing words of comfort, love and hope have meant so much  to us.  Neil is at the hospital with his Mother now.  She is out of it all most continually  the last 3 days. Test show that the kidneys have improved and the foot is doing really good.  I'm pretty unhappy with the nursing care she has received.  Don't get me wrong.  It's hard to blame the nurses when it seems that the hospital is the one not providing an adequate number of nurses to cover the floor.  It's seems impossible to actually see a Dr. as well.  No matter how early Neil gets there he can't catch one visiting.  He stays very late but apparently they must be visiting after midnight.  Yesterday they did put a stint in her neck to get rid of the other IV's.  

Bless her heart she really doesn't have a clue where she is or whats going on.  I'm praying for the Lord to comfort her and give her peace which is what I see happening.  Our Lord is so compassionate.

As for Neil, he is still having a very difficult time coming to grips with all of it.  He has a tenderness now but is not able to face the reality of her age.  Please continue to pray for him.

The Lord has brought me a wonderful sense of peace.  But you know what happens whenever that wonder loving grace of God fills your soul. The good old devil decides to get busy trying to steal it away.  That's what happen to me last night.  Pain's trying to creep in it's finding my weakest spots to work on.  I know you must be so tired of hearing about my prayer request but I've felt the fruit of your prayers this week and I still need them (we still need them) so please continue to lift us up to him.  I want to be able to give what I need to in this time of uncertainty.

I'm going to leave you with a passage that I read last night from the Seniors Devotional Bible.  I bought this bible for Neils Mom for in 1996 and sat in her bedroom reading it last night searching for comfort.

VERSE:                      AUTHOR:                PASSAGE:               
1 Timothy 6:12        Don Anderson        1 Timothy 6:11 - 16

Fight the Good Fight
The Christian life is a battle.  Satan the enemy, suffering the great leveler, God the sustainer.  Want to be contender in the last lap of life?  At the risk of sounding crude or callous, be prepared to learn from what happens to you.
     Paul exhorted young Timothy, "Fight the good fight of faith" (1 Timothy 6:12).  Can we do less?  When suffering strikes, I recommend the three A's to assist in fighting the good fight all the way home:
    Acceptance.  Realize suffering is coming.  Accept it.  Determine you'll take it no matter what, because you know your Father has allowed it for some reason.
    Attitude.  Know positively that because of the reputation and reliability of your heavenly Father, something good is going to result from your suffering.
    Action.  Anticipate the victory, but be sure to suit up.  The coach always picks the best players to play the hardest quarters.  This may be your finest hour.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, loving friends!!!!!!
I love you all.

Oh' ~  I don't want to forget ~ HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thank you for coming to our rescue ~ Prayer Is So Powerful

Dearest Friends,

Thank you all so much for being there for us.  Your prayers have made a huge difference.  Peace and kindness has replaced much of the bitterness in my home.  This would never have happened without so many wonderful friends (YOU) praying on my behalf.

It's late and I'm so tired so I'm going to make this one brief.  Nadine (MIL) is continuing to improve.  She's finally resting (maybe a tad over medicated) but it keeps her from trying to leave the bed.  Tuesday they went in a opened up a collapsed artery/vain (I'm terrible with medical stuff, when they are telling me I get the gist of it but don't ask me to repeat or explain it).   This was in her right leg.  As week as it was they were very happy with the outcome and the foot is doing so much better.  They had even told us it was possible that she may have to have her leg amputated.  Needless to say we're pretty worn out between crying and worrying, no time for sleeping  or eating. 

We don't know what tomorrow will bring but thank goodness the worst of this has passed.

Tomorrow afternoon I have an appointment to see my regular physician and go over my scare from last week.  With all that has gone on I wasn't able to go Monday or Tuesday like ER wanted me too.  So hopefully we'll get me rescheduled to see have the stress test and referred back to my cardiologist.  I am amazed at how well I have done since last Friday through all this.  I know in my heart it is because of the prayers you have all placed before our Lord for me.  I've cried forever it seems with no relief or peace in sight.  After Fridays scare maybe Neil was ready to hear my words of "I can't take this stress anymore" as real instead of just rants. 

God has moved in our home.  I feel the presence of his peace and his angels here for the first time in what seems like forever!  Thanks to our Father for the miracles he proviides!!!  I could not have truer friends than all of you.  I just wish I could send each of you a flower bouquet with tea, candles and chocolates.

Goodnite and love to all of you,

Tracy ;)

P.S.  As soon as I get spare time I hope to drop in an visit you all again personally.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Update on MIL

Dear Friends,  I want to thank you all for sending up prayers last night when I posted.  It meant so much and I truly felt the peace of your prayers with us.

Quick update.  It's almost 3am and I've just come home to get some rest.  I hated leaving Neil and my mother-in-law in the emergency room but they do have her stable.  They won't be getting her into a hospital room until tomorrow morning when one's available.  I know!  It's been very scary so far.  For days we've had to force her to drink a drop of boost or eat a bite of cereal.  She just kept getting weaker and weaker.  Last week she was very difficult and stubborn the more we asked her to eat or do anything the more she wouldn't.  At one moment I would be scared to death something was really wrong and then when we would leave the room I could see her eating or whatever.  She would be barely audible to Neil but when he was out of the room she could just tell me what for all over the place, so  then I would think she's just being stubborn and doing Neil the way she does with him.  I mean she told him she'd never come back here and even much worse last week.  When Neil was out of the room she got her voice back enough to tell me she hated me from the first day she laid eyes on me and still hates me.  That the Alzheimer's because I really do know that wasn't true.  Then she started not making sense worse than usual.  We threaten hospital visits anything to get her to eat.  Neil told her, he could see her going to the hospital in a day or two.  It's been very stressful and difficult on him.  He told her he loved her and was trying to take care of her and she said she'd rather live anywhere but our house and she'd never see us again.

We barely got her to the car today, thinking a drive might boost her spirits and keep her awake.  She can't keep her eyes open. No kidding this has been so scary.  When we got home Neil tried to help her out of the car and she couldn't stand on her own and just fell against him.  We were able to get her back in the car and head to the ER.

The Dr. first said she had a serious urinary infection and was dehydrated.  Then they came back and said her kidneys were not functioning like they should be.  She also has a possible blood clot in one foot.  Her foot is ice cold and white.  They couldn't even find a pulse with the sonar or whatever it was.  And she's on heavy antibiotics and seeing a podiatrist for this same foot and a problem.  She saw him last Thurs. and has another appt. for this Thurs.

The one Dr. put his hand on Neil and said I'm sorry you have a lot to deal with coming up.  He also told us his MIL was in hospice and had maybe 48 or so more hours.  (Please say a pray for the Drs. family - I'm sorry but I'm so tired I can't even remember his name).  Needless to say Neil is beyond upset and crying.  His mother doesn't even know where she is.  Finally they gave her some pain meds.  Bless her heart she would just about cry in pain and you said what's hurting and she say nothing.  I don't feel pain.  That's the problem with Alzheimer's, they literally can't tell you if they are hurting and if they can they can't point it out.

After Neil calmed down and she had gotten her pain meds we were rubbing her and trying to comfort her and she finally started saying lots of funny things, telling old stories, not making any sense and being as sweet as taffy..  We had some good laughs and some wonderful moments.  I could tell be for I left that was quickly passing but as long as Neil stayed with her she very sweetly told me bye and she loved me and to be careful.  You should have seen her face when I said I was leaving before I told her Neil was staying.  (Little angry attitude coming).

Before I left the 2nd Dr told us that she would be staying in the hospital for several days at least.  I know they are not going to want us to bring her back home but Neil's not really to face that.  Oh' how my heart breaks for him.  But the Dr. did say that he hoped the levels in the kidneys would come up once she was hydrated and treated and hopefully be functioning much better.  He sounded very positive, which relieved Neil so much.  You could just see it in his face.  I'm still very worried.  Bless her heart she's so tired and is 90 years old and he just doesn't seem to be able to accept any of that.  Good Lord, I'm sure I would not want to face it if it were my mother.

Sorry about writing more than you probably wanted to hear but I just don't know when to stop.

Please continue to pray for Neil and his Mother.  And pray that God shows me how to handle the situation and the correct words to comfort them both.

I posted the first prayer request from the hospital and I couldn't believe how quickly you all came to my rescue.  Your words truly did make a difference for both Neil and me.  We felt so comforted knowing you were praying for us.  And I had a very unusual calmness, that could only be due to your prayers at work and the Lord comforting and holding us.

I'll keep you updated as soon as I can.
Goodnight to all of you with a grateful heart and much love.....Tracy

P.S.  Too tired to edit.  I hope you can make sense of this and look over any silly mistakes.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Are Words Enough?

Are words enough?  

I truly don't think so.  I asked and you came in numbers to pray for and comfort me.  How do you possibly show the gratitude you feel for that?

Matthew 18:20 says:
For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. KJV

I felt you.  I felt the spirit of the Lord and the tenderness of his angels as you, my wonderful and cherished friends held me and my household up to the Lord in prayer.  Thank you for the peace of mind that you gave me, letting me know that I wasn't alone.  Kymberly from Free Trinkets and Treasures sent many emails and the beautiful images and words to let me know that I was being looked over and thought of.  Thank you Kym from the bottom of my heart.

 Today I've just taken it easy and haven't been on the computer until now.  I laid around alot and checked my messages from my BB last night and today.  You don't know how much comfort they were.  Every single message reminded me how grateful I am to have friends who believe in the Lord and the healing power of prayer.  The Lords answers are not always the ones we want or expect.  I don't have any answers but I know that there is mind, heart and spirit healing in prayer.  Every time I opened an email, every time I read your sincere and loving words, every time I felt a tear ~ I felt Loved!!!  Thank you.
I was so blessed to hear from so many of you.  Some of you   wrote your prayers out.  There was so much warmth and comfort in reading them aloud and imagining I was reading them, hands held with you.  I want  to get back to each of you individually but it was just killing me not getting back to you before now, in some way to say "THANK YOU"!!!!  I'm feeling so much calmer tonight.  

Jody from Home and Heart

And I was blessed knowing that they might even be people praying that I didn't know or who didn't tell me.  Thank you too.
When praying about the post, this was the passage I turned to in my Living Bible.
Psalms: 37:11
But all who humble themselves before the Lord shall be given every blessing, and shall have wonderful peace.

Dear Friends, may Gods love and peace watch over you and give you comfort as you rest tonight.
With an overflowing heart and all my love, Tracy :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Prayer Request

I'd like to ask for prayers for the upheaval and stress that we are dealing with in our home.  Please pray for Gods angels to claim power over our home.  I can't do it by myself anymore.  

Today was a big scare for me.  The rescue and 2 firetrucks had to be called to my house today.  I was having some heart problems and it scared the poop out of us.  Thank goodness  it wasn't a heart attack but they stuck me, poked me, stabilized me and took me to the closest ER.  I was pretty scared on the way there and then suddenly at peace thinking this may be God's will and there will be no more stress or strife for me.  But the very next thing you think of is your family members.   They said I had to say at least over night but the EKG showed that it wasn't a heart attack but they did see all the irregularity going on.  It's amazing how fast they'll agree to let  you go home if you don't have insurance.  Three different Nurses and Doctors told me I would have to stay before that but then after paperwork they gave me the option of staying for test or leaving and promising to see my Dr.   I promised to get a stress test done and contact my primary and cardiologist Monday and to relax until then.  Neil's mom is probably pretty close to going in herself.   She's not making much sense and is totally oblivious to what is happening around her.  I was actually surprised when Neil was able to get her to the hospital so he could come up there.  She's saying horrible things to him and of course me because of this terrible disease.  Now she's not eatting and her mind is showing the effects and reminds me of how she was last time we took her to the emergency room.  I can see her health declining and the toil it is taking on Neil.  In my Christian heart I want to forgive and forget the things shes says but I'm having serious problems with that. I guess I'm not as big a person as I like to think I am.

Please don't remind me of how she needs to go to a home or we need help.  Neil at least of to this point has completely rejected that idea and will not even discuss it.  So please pray for the Lord's comfort and constant presence in our home.  I'm very serious.  I need a strong prayer chain!

With love to you all....Tracy :)

Too tired to check for errors so please overlook any you find.  Hope you can make sense of this.

Vintage Jewelry Giveaway at Kathleen's

Look at this beautiful necklace.  Kathleen of Charm Bracelet Diva is having a giveaway too.  You can see she has a love for the vintage like we do.  Can't believe I didn't find her blog until tonight.  She creates beautiful jewelry and who couldn't use more of that.  But if you want to enter you'd better hurry.  Kathleen's giveaway for this beautiful necklace is ends tonight Friday Oct. 22nd at 12 midnight CST.  Just click here or on the picture to enter.  Please let her know that I sent you.

I know I've posted a lot of giveaways tonight.  What do you think?  Good or Bad?  Do you like reading about the giveaways.  I really like finding new blogs that have things handmade, vintage and crafty and try to post the very best.  So let me know ~ leave a comment and tell me what you think.

Good Luck and Big Hugs...Tracy :)

Simply Elegant Giveaway from Ozma of Odds

...The Gratitude Giveaway!

... a bag of gratefulness and so much more!
The Gratitude Giveaway

Have you heard Rosemary at Ozma of Odds is having a giveaway that you have to see.  She's calling the the Gratitude Giveaway ~ isn't that sweet.  This pretty bag is just the beginning.  All you shabby chic lovers are going to be very happy with this.  I just found Rosemary so I can't tell you much about her but I can tell you she is another one of those talented blog ladies.  Her creations are beautiful.  I 'm having so much fun finding these special people out there.  I can also tell you she's very generous just click here and see for yourself.  But hurry her giveaway ends on Oct. 28th.  I hope you'll tell her I sent you.

Good Luck and Happy Weekend Girls!  XXOO's....Tracy :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Art Is Joy and Jennifer Is Giving Away Some Joy


Winner picked October 24th
I just found a wonderful artist and her beautiful art.  Don't you just love the painting above.  It was created by Jennifer Beaudet of J Beaudet Studios.   She has so many gorgeous painting in her Etsy shop.   She's hosting the giveawy  in appreciation of her followers and her new followers.  Be sure to stop by and see just how pretty her work is yourself.

Good Luck and Hugs....Tracy :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What's Pink and Christmas Sweet? Rebecca's Giveaway!

It's the most wonderful time of the year.  Well almost.  After seeing Darling Rebecca's Christmas-ie giveaway, I can't get that song out of my head.  Are you getting excited about Christmas, how can you not in blogland?  It's kinda like being a shopper for Macy's we're planning Christmas before the 4th of July can get started.  And oh' for all you lovers of pink and sugary just hop over to Rebecca's at A Gathering of Thoughts and take a gander at her giveaway, but don't miss her latest creation on today's post either.  Her creations are so heirloom worthy.  You can click on her name or the picture and go see and of course enter yourself. 

Hurry it ends on Oct 29th.
Good Luck Friends, OOXX's....Tracy :)

Betty Crocker and I Have a Winner To Announce

Betty Crocker and I have a winner.  Random.org chose Kerri from Not In Kansas Anymore as the winner of the Betty Crocker Potato Buds Giveaway.  Congratulations Kerri.  Please email me your address and I be sure the sponsor gets it.

Thanks to everyone who entered.  I hope you stop by often just to chat.  You know I love to read all your comments ~ it just makes my day.  And I try to post wonderful blog giveaways, whether it's mine or yours as often as I can.
Thanks to BlogSpark and Betty Crocker  for giving me the opportunity to share a review and a giveaway with my readers.  The opinions are solely my own.

Need Project Spending Cash? Traci's Having a Giveaway

Cant' get enough of giveaways?  Me either and Traci at Beneath My Heart is having a big one.   

Traci entered the OneProjectCloser
contest and she won!   I'm so happy for her.  I've posted about this sweetheart of a friend many times.  She has a blog you wouldn't want to miss.  And when you see her DIY project which ws her Back Patio Concrete Makeover, you'll see why she won too.  I loved it and am sad to say been jealous ever since she posted it.  In  the nicest way of course.  Hey, just bein' real here.  There were 14 wonderful DIY Projects to chose from in this contest.  If you didn’t get to check them all out, click HERE to see them.

Traci's is a winner and she has a givers heart so she is celebrating her win by sharing!  How much sharing?  Well half of a $150.00 Lowe's Gift Card much.  Yep sweet Traci asked if the would give her prize to her in the form of 2 $75.00 gift cards.  One for her and one for her to giveaway to you or me.  Yes as much as I would love y'all to win it, I want it and want it bad!

Be sure to hurry on by.  Her giveaway ends Friday Oct. 22nd at midnight!  Say hi for me too!

Debbie's having a $50.00 Shopping Spree Giveaway

One of my favorite friends has a giveaway going on and all you decor loving girls are not gonna wanna miss it!  Debbie at Love the Decor is giving away  a $50.00 shopping spree to her Willow House on line store.  This is a just because giveaway.  Don't you love that?

Don't you just love these lanterns.  They have all kind of beautiful items for your home.  Stop by and visit Debbie and don't forget to tell her I said hi!  You'll love her sweet spirit too.
Hugs....Tracy :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Death Threat Hoax says FBI

First I want to thank everyone for all your caring and concerned emails.  That's why I love blogland and you.  I didn't take the email too serious as far as my safety was concerned but I did that this as a serious scam that could has the potential to hurt and rob so many others.  I did some research and it seems that this email has been re-emerging every so often.  I did report it to the police and my email provider so there would be a record of it and most importantly so the proper authorities could track it and know just how rampant this is.  What scumbags to try to gain financially by preying on people.  To think of all the people, especially the elderly who might lose countless nights sleep over this garbage.  Here's just one of the many things I found online concerning  this.

FBI Says To Ignore E-mail Death Threats

The threat is a hoax, the FBI said. The agency received more than 100 complaints the last time the e-mail threat started showing up in in-boxes.

Recipients of e-mail messages threatening death at the hands of a hit man unless a $20,000 payment is made can sleep more easily. The threat is a hoax, the FBI said on Tuesday, reiterating warnings issued in January 2007 and December 2006 because threatening messages continue to circulate. "A new scam cropping up in e-mail boxes across the country is preying not on recipients' greed or good intentions, but on their fears," the FBI said last year. "The scam e-mail, which first appeared in December, threatens to kill recipients if they do not pay thousands of dollars to the sender, who purports to be a hired assassin."

The FBI said at the time that it had received about 115 complaints about the threatening e-mail through its Internet Crime Complaint Center since the scam emerged. Snopes.com explores the malicious missive more thoroughly.

Bill Shore, a special agent who supervises the computer crime group at the FBI's Pittsburgh field office, said that recipients of such threats shouldn't be overly distressed because personal information is widely available.
Worried recipients may also be comforted by the fact that poor grammar is common in the variants of this message, which suggests the self-proclaimed hit man may reside in a foreign country.

Monday, October 18, 2010

I Received a Death Threat does that mean I'm important

 I think I've seen it all now.  Me, little old me.  Non - millionaire me receiving a death threat.  A ransom note to be exact.   

So I wonder what it was?  My jet setting lifestyle?  My ford explorer?  It couldn't be my latest Walmart top,  maybe I really should throw away those old worn Ralph Lauren tops.  Oh' well someone thinks I'm important. hee-hee.  

 Normally I would have found something like this threatening and scary.  But honestly I just had to laugh.  I must get 25 phishing emails a day.  Easy to spot right away.  Deleted without reading but really how could I pass up reading an email with this in it's title (all big and bold and everything):


And the blackmailer was nice enough to leave his name too.  Gotta love that English.  Well needless to say, after seeing their  command of the English language I couldn't take it anymore serious then I do the love letters and important inheritance emails I receive.  After reading this you will probably be cracking up just like me.  This guys morals make him keep his part of the bargain, i.e. killing me, since he was already paid for it.  Yet my paying him could help him  forget all about his promise.  Best of all I love it when they try to throw in some English slang like "straight up".  Just too funny, though I do think instead of just marking this as another phishing email I should contact the cyber police or somebody.  

Oh' well here it is for you to read for yourselves.  And by the way if I ever become a social celebrity I'll be sure to let all of you know before you read it in People magazine.


I am very sorry for you; It is a pity that this is how your life is going to end as soon as you don't comply. As you can see there is no need for me introducing myself to you because I don't have any business with you, my duty as I am mailing you now is just to (KILL YOU) and I have to do it as I have already been paid for that.

Someone you call a Friend wants you Dead by all means, and the person have spent a lot of money on this, the person also came to us and told us that he want you dead and he provided us with your name ,picture and other necessary information's we needed about you. So I have sent my boy's to track you down with the information given to us and they have carried out the necessary investigation needed for the operation on you, and they have done that but I told them not to kill you that I will like to contact you and see if your life is Important to you or not. Since we have find out that you are some how innocent not too sure as yet.

I called my client back and ask him of your email address which I didn't tell him what I wanted to do with it and he gave it to me and I am using it to contact you now. As I am writing to you now my men are monitoring you and they are telling me everything about you. Now do you want to LIVE OR DIE? As someone has paid us to kill you. Get back to me now if you are ready to pay some fees to spare your life, $3,800 is all you need to spend. You will first of all pay $3000usd then I will send a tape to you which I recorded every discussion I had with the person who wanted you dead and as soon as you get the tape, you will pay the remaining $800. If you are not ready for my help, then I will carry on with my job straight-up.



More Goodness from Marys House

A few post back I promised you more of the wonderful treasures that I found in my neighbors trash and today is delivery day from me to you.

If you didn't seer the first photos I posted on this treasured trash from Miss Mary's estate you can click here to see them.

A treasure trove for a crafter, recycler, lover of things like me.

Two generations of lovelies discarded.  Oh' the tears I wanted to shed for the things buried to deep or broken.

 The daughters just not interested in the things they had spent a lifetime seeing.  Perhaps too grungy for girls who don't craft or can't see the beauty.
Lots of doilies in silver and white for tag making.  A Waterford Crystal photo frame in the trash, what were they thinking?  Miss Mary spent years as a ballerina herself even studying in New York.  Creating a School of Dance herself when she returned home. A woman loved by generations of families all studying under Miss Mary's tutelage.  I even found old costumes and fabric for her students and her own children.  She was a big supporter of the arts as well as putting on many, many recitals herself.  I was able to salvage some lace.

Royal horses from birthdays past.  A ballerina ornament still with tags.  She's not so old and still waiting for a Christmas tree to grace.  I think my pink and white one will do nicely.

Who's sweet Mighty Mouse Coffee pot was that?  No lid, no problem.  Still a treasure to me. And I love, love, love the bisque ballerina cake topper.  At least that's what I remember the figurine used for in the 1960's when I was a child.  It's a shame all the flocking is missing from the base.

The Precious Moments 1st communion frame is just that, precious but the bottom corner has something missing.  Who cares?  You know it's going to be used in a craft somehow and that's an easy hide.
I can't pass up a frame because I know that can up-cycled for something wonderful.
Awe....Look at all the wonderful old cradles that once held flower arrangements.  Maybe for her own children perhaps.  Two are alike but in different sizes.
I just love the Southern Belle pushing the stroller. I already have Spring plans for Huey, my new duck thanks to Miss Mary.
Five wonderful glass riding boots.  Shot glasses I imagine.  Miss Mary never missed giving or going to a good party.  Cocktails always staple.  
I even came home with an old highchair.  Just the perfect size for one of the sweet girls dollies.  Missing the tray - ahhh but still great for some up-cycle fun.
Cheers to finds, fun and friends, girls.  I couldn't do without any of them.

Be blessed y'all....Tracy :)

Friday, October 15, 2010


Do you have an attic, a storage room or a shed?  I went up to my attic a couple of days ago.  Wow, you miss one year of decorating and the cobwebs claimed it their home.

Wild witches, spirit balls, fall florals....check, check, check.  Yep, it's all still there.  Why does it seem to have grown though?  You just never know with wicked things.  I probably should have pulled that Gypsy spirit ball down.  I could use a reading right now.

Body parts everywhere.  I do believe that's  a wooden leg sticking out.  Boy wouldn't you hate to have to crawl in that attic on a dark night.  It would be fun to find a stash like this in 40 years.

My son hasn't lived in Jacksonville in 8 years yet I still have his military duffel bag in my attic......and those bags and boxes  behind it....all his and his wife's.  Can you believe it, I'm still storing her wedding gown from her first marriage (before my son).

Tombstones lying in wait.  Hey, those red poinsettias aren't suppose to be mixed in with my Halloween.

Opening  boxes to see what's what.  Take another year off Freddy, you look like you can use it.

Bats and bones.  Sounds like one the potion's from Broomhilda's Magical Spells book.

Time to leave.  Even in October it's too hot to be in a Florida attic.
Are you ready to see the after?  

Well that was an ugly trick.  This is actually the before.  As in -  this was Halloween decorating for 2008.  Last year I really didn't decorate at all, I don't think.

We had dead pirate bones, witches, skeletons, skulls boiling, black cats, gypsy's, pumpkins, the grim reaper, grave yards, scary ghost and friendly ghosts, vampire bats and even a scare crow.

Even the dead were rising.  No not the photo below, the one above.

This was the year that my son and his family came home to visit.  Back row from left is my daughter-in-law Christal, me, my son Ty, MIL - Nadine, Neil,  and in front my beautiful Granddaughter Ki'a and adorable Grandson Zack.  Zack is holding my baby Mattie who is 10 now.

These ghost are the happiest ghost I know, singing and dancing all the way to All Hallows Eve.

Well I did take a few things out of the attic but most stayed.  No mechanical scary's brought down.  I'm going back to simplicity.  If the kids were here I would happily do it all over again.  Our neighborhood kids have grown up too.  Last year we got a couple of teens and that was it.  So I've hung a fall wreath and a friendly witch plaque.  Maybe I'll even get a picture.  

So, what about you.  Simple or all out wicked?  Leave me a comment.  I LOVE - LOVE - LOVE COMMENTS!!!! Tell me about yours so I can drop over for a visit.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Pumpkin Giveaway To Share With Y'all

I found a beautiful new blog today and another creative soul.  Brenda from Deck The Halls of  Home with Joy is having a giveaway to make your fall decorating complete. 

If your lucky enough to win you'll receive:


You'd better hurry though ~ Brenda will be picking a lucky winner on Oct 15th.

 If you stop by please tell her Tracy sent you from Cotton Pickin Cute.  Good luck y'all.  Hugs...Tracy :)

And The Winner Is

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Treasures Discarded Are Reclaimed Joy For Me

Is this jack-o-lantern awesome or what!!!
 Hanging on the corner of a ladder back chair the daughter hoping I will find it and give it a loving home. Loving things old like I do, it's hard to imagine a family throwing away such wonderful treasures.   But after my own parents passing, I clearly remember not being able to bare to see anything especially photos of  the life they lived.  It took years to be able to bare that loss or think of it in any way without tears flowing.   I can only imagine how old this wonderful paper mache pumpkin is.  I  ADORE IT!!!!!

A young girl raised in refinement in our older neighborhood inherited her family home.  A home so cherished that she chose to raise her own family there as well.

She was from a family of Keepers of Things.

Family and her position in society obviously very important  Miss Mary

I didn't know Miss Mary very well.  I know she was the mother of 3 daughters.  I see the youngest who is about my age visiting the old home every now and then.  Too painful to stay long.  Missing a loving Mother for 3 years.

A home finally starting to be cleared of all memories which date back generations.  A garbage trailer brought in and filled and gone.  Now many black bags by the road filled with lives outlived.

I salvaged many treasures and left many behind.  Scrapbooks full of lives well lived.  Papers dating back to 1 cent stamps.  I kept some papers to create with, many beautiful cards left, far beyond saving.

I'll be sharing more about Miss Mary and my new loved treasures in upcoming days.  

I took these pictures outside where the light is much better.  I need lots of suggestions on how you would repurpose  them, paint them or art them up.  So don't be shy speak up and let me hear your ideas.  I'm not partial to them as is and painting or adding interest is fine by me.

Hope you're enjoying a crisp, cool fall Sunday. Hugs an prayers....Tracy :)

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

There's a Giveaway on the Prairie Flower Farm

Have you heard we have a bit of a celebrity in our mist.  Sweet Linda Stubbs who always has a blessing for us each day on Prairie Flower Farm has been published in  Create & Decorate Magazine!!!  Her holiday Homespun Snowman Cookies won 2nd place in their magazine!  
*****Congratulations Linda*****

So she's having a PARTY.  She will give away one of the Create and Decorate Magazines that they sent her............. and she will also make you A Homespun Snowman Cookie in her own kitchen. She will close the party on Saturday October 23. So let the party begin!  You can also get her recipe while your there.  And be if you don't mind please tell her that I sent you.

I've Linked My Giveaways Up

I've linked my two giveaways up with Mint Green with Envy's Saturday Giveaway Link Up.  I hope you'll go by and check out all the great giveaways.  As of  Saturday morning the numbers of entries in my giveaway are low.  Low entries  = A better chance for you to win!

Hope y'all are having a beautiful weekend.        OOOO's....Tracy :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

No Money? ~ Just Upcyle When Decorating

Something Fun This Way Comes......

I found this idea while blog hopping a week or so ago.  You've probably seen many versions of it by now.  The smart and uber talented Kari at Ucreate did this project and I thought it was so cute I borrowed the idea myself.  This is our foyer wall that you face when you walk in.  That means this is also our seasonal wall.  I took three old pictures last year and repainted the white frames a flat black.  So that made this project super easy.  You can click here to see Kari's cute Halloween silhouette's.  I love how Robyn framed and displayed them.  She got the tutorial from Robyn at The Pink Peony of Le Jardin click here to see her tutorial.  Thank you Kari and Robyn!!

This frames originally had beach scenes in them and last fall I painted them and add pages out of wallpaper books.  Cheap and easy art.  Just find old books from a wallpaper store or even a sample from the store.  Lowe's used to have great borders that you could get samples of , which were perfect for smaller frames.  Cheap Thrifty art.  Perfect for my budget.

I choose 3 warm pictures wall paper scenes that reminded me of fall last year.
 I have a glass panel on my front door, hence the glare.
There was one big oops.  See those little dots on the wall in the photo below.  I had put a little putty, like you would use in floral arrangements to keep the photos from shifting last year.  Each puttied corner took off chunks of the wall or at least a few coats of paint.  I really should sit something decorative in between each one to hid them.  Well at least there's a chance the frames will turn back in the original direction when Halloween is over. Now what am I going to do for Thanksgiving?

Oh' and how do you like my pumpkin.  I love it.  It's a wonderful old paper mache pumpkin that I found.  Yes you read that right found, free, nada, zip!  I didn't have to look far, but I'll post more about that and my treasure load of vintage goodies later.

Hope y'all have a crisp cool fall weekend.  Hugs....Tracy :)

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