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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Need Project Spending Cash? Traci's Having a Giveaway

Cant' get enough of giveaways?  Me either and Traci at Beneath My Heart is having a big one.   

Traci entered the OneProjectCloser
contest and she won!   I'm so happy for her.  I've posted about this sweetheart of a friend many times.  She has a blog you wouldn't want to miss.  And when you see her DIY project which ws her Back Patio Concrete Makeover, you'll see why she won too.  I loved it and am sad to say been jealous ever since she posted it.  In  the nicest way of course.  Hey, just bein' real here.  There were 14 wonderful DIY Projects to chose from in this contest.  If you didn’t get to check them all out, click HERE to see them.

Traci's is a winner and she has a givers heart so she is celebrating her win by sharing!  How much sharing?  Well half of a $150.00 Lowe's Gift Card much.  Yep sweet Traci asked if the would give her prize to her in the form of 2 $75.00 gift cards.  One for her and one for her to giveaway to you or me.  Yes as much as I would love y'all to win it, I want it and want it bad!

Be sure to hurry on by.  Her giveaway ends Friday Oct. 22nd at midnight!  Say hi for me too!

1 comment:

  1. Tracy honey I am sitting here kicking myself over and over for being so far behind with your site. I hate it when I miss so many of my friends post. Since my back accident I have never caught up with everyone.
    Love your flowers and buttons to. How cute and colorful and you!
    Thanks so much for the comment helping me with my ghost. I love your post about yours and how they turned out. The tree is what I thought about doing with mine so you probably confirmed that. lol Your so sweet for taking the time to come by and help me...I appreciate you.
    Your friend is really generous with her giveaway. I am telling you bloggers are just the best souls in the world. No wonder I love blogging so much.
    I can not believe the email you got about a death threat. Good gosh Tracy take off those diamonds and quit flaunting your car around town. hahaha
    Love ya