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Friday, October 22, 2010

Prayer Request

I'd like to ask for prayers for the upheaval and stress that we are dealing with in our home.  Please pray for Gods angels to claim power over our home.  I can't do it by myself anymore.  

Today was a big scare for me.  The rescue and 2 firetrucks had to be called to my house today.  I was having some heart problems and it scared the poop out of us.  Thank goodness  it wasn't a heart attack but they stuck me, poked me, stabilized me and took me to the closest ER.  I was pretty scared on the way there and then suddenly at peace thinking this may be God's will and there will be no more stress or strife for me.  But the very next thing you think of is your family members.   They said I had to say at least over night but the EKG showed that it wasn't a heart attack but they did see all the irregularity going on.  It's amazing how fast they'll agree to let  you go home if you don't have insurance.  Three different Nurses and Doctors told me I would have to stay before that but then after paperwork they gave me the option of staying for test or leaving and promising to see my Dr.   I promised to get a stress test done and contact my primary and cardiologist Monday and to relax until then.  Neil's mom is probably pretty close to going in herself.   She's not making much sense and is totally oblivious to what is happening around her.  I was actually surprised when Neil was able to get her to the hospital so he could come up there.  She's saying horrible things to him and of course me because of this terrible disease.  Now she's not eatting and her mind is showing the effects and reminds me of how she was last time we took her to the emergency room.  I can see her health declining and the toil it is taking on Neil.  In my Christian heart I want to forgive and forget the things shes says but I'm having serious problems with that. I guess I'm not as big a person as I like to think I am.

Please don't remind me of how she needs to go to a home or we need help.  Neil at least of to this point has completely rejected that idea and will not even discuss it.  So please pray for the Lord's comfort and constant presence in our home.  I'm very serious.  I need a strong prayer chain!

With love to you all....Tracy :)

Too tired to check for errors so please overlook any you find.  Hope you can make sense of this.


  1. Dear Lord wrap Tracy in your strong arms. Please fill her with your peace and calm that can only come from you, Lord I pray for healing for Tracy and
    ask that you will empower her to face whatever you lay before her.
    I will continue to be praying hang in there hun!

  2. Hi Tracy:
    I'm going to pray that you're alright...and for God's guidance for your family's direction. He always has the answers if we open our hearts, minds and ears. I'll look forward to better news.

  3. Oh sweet girl...So much on your plate. Just said a prayer for you.

  4. Dear Tracy ~ The Stress is really taking a Toil On You ~ Thank You Jesus that it was NOT a Heart Attack... Please try to Rest & Relax as much as you can, feet up, cup of Tea & a Favorite Magazine.... Heading to My Knees, asking for God's Comfort, Strength, Peace & Healing for You... Post when You can, We're Here for You!

  5. Tracy are you taking in caffeine ? Just asking as this can really set off my heart to beat fast and very irregular. I got off of caffeine and cured all my problems. Just a thought for you to ponder. Take care dear one and let us know how this goes for you. Now your mother in law just doesn't know what she is doing so try and ignore her as much as you can, I know pretty hard really but try. If possible she should be in assisted living, don't know how that works where you live but people here with no money do it. Nan

  6. Tracy..honey..I can't handle loosing another friend..so here we go...Jesus I call on you to hold Tracy in your arms...give her a peace that only You can give...give her the strength to not absorb the barb from words that are being spewed at her...that Tracy's family will realize how close they came to loosing their mom..wife and friend...That priorities are needing to be juggled..where Tracy can breathe...where she can think..she can make good decisions..Lord Jesus..I just lift Tracy my friend up to You to know she is surrounded by women who care..and love her as a Sister in Christ..Protect her Lord Jesus..show your healing ways..In the Lord Jesus Name I pray..

    Hugs and Love Cindy

  7. Much love and hugs to you and yours! Sending good thoughts and energies your way, and asking the angels and saints to watch over you and yours!

  8. My thoughts are with you hun *HUGS* know you have a blog land friend if you need a private ear, with me and I'm sure with many others....and you need totake care of yourself girl! No more heart scares....and I know easier said than done but try not to let MIL get to you as bad...not good for you and sounds like there's nothing soon you can do about the situation *HUGS* just try and hang in there! Much love and TLC thoughts!

  9. Aww sweetie, My warm thoughts and healing prayers are with you and your family. Take care and hang in there ♥♥♥

  10. Dear Tracy...my prayers are with you. I know what stress can do and it can lead to a heart attack for real. Is there anyway you can get away for a few days? You need some time and space to de-stress and get recharged.

  11. Saying a prayer for you today. Hope you are feeling better.

  12. Tracy,
    I am so sorry this happened to you! I took care of a dear firnd's FIL at night when he had advanced Alheimer's because he never slept, and when he stopped eating and drinking, the doctors said it would not be long for him to pass....and they are not aware of the hunger or thirst.....I am hoping for everyone that this is at it's end...Know we all all supoorting you and your loved ones! I cannot imagine how hard this is for all of you! You are all in my prayers that God reveals the right answers for your family. Sandy

  13. Tracy,
    I am praying for COMPLETE peace to envelope you. God has given us the promises of COMFORT, PEACE and VICTORY! I will stand FIRM and believe along with you and FOR you when you are too exhausted to do so.
    The enemy has NO power over you or your household. Though he may try to destroy you, he will NOT succeed because JESUS already has VICTORY! And because you are in HIM, you have VICTORY as well!
    Thank You, Thank You, Jesus, for keeping Tracy and her family safe, right in Your loving arms. We give the angels charge over her household to protect them ALL, physically, emotionally and spiritually. It's all because of You Jesus that we know we are MORE THAN CONQUERERS!
    Praise You Lord for all the GOOD you are doing in this family!

  14. Sending you lots of love, strength and a very warm hug! I will be saying a prayer too. :)

  15. Bless your heart. I am one of those who does not believe bad things are God's will. The Bible says Time and unforeseen occurrence befalls us all. (Ecclesiastes 9:11) Kind and loving thoughts as well, to you and your family. Please let us know how you are doing!