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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Impossible Dream or Is It?

Could I really salvage this wooden bi-fold screen?  I even had my doubts but just couldn't pass it by.  Actually I picked up this 3 panel bi-fold and a 4 panel one about a year ago and wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to do with it.  I was thinking about using it on the porch in someway but wasn't ready yet so up into the rafters of our shed it went.  Well a few months ago I finally took one down and decided it was makeover time. 

I know I'm just the worst about showing what I do get done. This is the back below.  All those crazy marks are hammer hits.  Yep, this was a brand new item from a local store and they tossed it but before they did they wanted to make sure no one else wanted it or could use it.  Ha, I say Ha to this, because it's just a bigger challenge. 

The fabric below is much prettier than my photo shows.  There's a great shimmer to the fabric.  Just enough to be chic and not gaudy.  It's really the skirt portion of a twin bed skirt.  I just couldn't bare to throw away because I knew the luxurious fabric had to be used for something.  I was thinking more like pillows.  Who knew there would be enough for this project.

Now for the reveal.........

We interrupt this post because I'm being witchy.  You'll have to come back tomorrow night and see the after.  Mean, aren't I?


  1. Oh you are B-A-D!!!! See you tomorrow for the reveal!

  2. They hit it with a HAMMER? I'm glad you're gonna show them a thing or two!

  3. Great minds think a like..wait to you see what I rescued form the trash yesterday in town...it made my one daughter soo mad that I was putting this in her car..lolI told her..I have some ideas for this...she claimed I was blogging too much..oh what a great thing to have attached to you..to much blogging...lol I will be back to see what you have done!!

    Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  4. I agree completely with NanE! You're BAD!!! lol
    See you tomorrow for the reveal.