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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Treasures Discarded Are Reclaimed Joy For Me

Is this jack-o-lantern awesome or what!!!
 Hanging on the corner of a ladder back chair the daughter hoping I will find it and give it a loving home. Loving things old like I do, it's hard to imagine a family throwing away such wonderful treasures.   But after my own parents passing, I clearly remember not being able to bare to see anything especially photos of  the life they lived.  It took years to be able to bare that loss or think of it in any way without tears flowing.   I can only imagine how old this wonderful paper mache pumpkin is.  I  ADORE IT!!!!!

A young girl raised in refinement in our older neighborhood inherited her family home.  A home so cherished that she chose to raise her own family there as well.

She was from a family of Keepers of Things.

Family and her position in society obviously very important  Miss Mary

I didn't know Miss Mary very well.  I know she was the mother of 3 daughters.  I see the youngest who is about my age visiting the old home every now and then.  Too painful to stay long.  Missing a loving Mother for 3 years.

A home finally starting to be cleared of all memories which date back generations.  A garbage trailer brought in and filled and gone.  Now many black bags by the road filled with lives outlived.

I salvaged many treasures and left many behind.  Scrapbooks full of lives well lived.  Papers dating back to 1 cent stamps.  I kept some papers to create with, many beautiful cards left, far beyond saving.

I'll be sharing more about Miss Mary and my new loved treasures in upcoming days.  

I took these pictures outside where the light is much better.  I need lots of suggestions on how you would repurpose  them, paint them or art them up.  So don't be shy speak up and let me hear your ideas.  I'm not partial to them as is and painting or adding interest is fine by me.

Hope you're enjoying a crisp, cool fall Sunday. Hugs an prayers....Tracy :)

P.S.  Just a reminder I have one of my giveaways ending tomorrow.  Check back there were lots of giveaways posted this week.  Good Luck.


  1. Wow Tracy, what wonderful treasures! That little punkin head is adorable, can't believe someone was throwing it away! Have a great week, Nan

  2. I love the pumpkin, how could anyone discard it? I'm a horder too, I'm worried about our attic falling in on us! ;)