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Saturday, October 9, 2010

There's a Giveaway on the Prairie Flower Farm

Have you heard we have a bit of a celebrity in our mist.  Sweet Linda Stubbs who always has a blessing for us each day on Prairie Flower Farm has been published in  Create & Decorate Magazine!!!  Her holiday Homespun Snowman Cookies won 2nd place in their magazine!  
*****Congratulations Linda*****

So she's having a PARTY.  She will give away one of the Create and Decorate Magazines that they sent her............. and she will also make you A Homespun Snowman Cookie in her own kitchen. She will close the party on Saturday October 23. So let the party begin!  You can also get her recipe while your there.  And be if you don't mind please tell her that I sent you.


  1. Thanks Tracy!
    And thanks for the visit. I've ended up with less and less time to be blogging as my store gets busier. It's a trade off I guess.
    Also do not have as much time for crafting. That I have to fix somehow!

    Off to catch up on more of your blog.



    PS I agree, there is a lot to be said about older things, be it goods, or people. =)
    (62 outside, 35 inside. I can live with that) =)

  2. Sweet Tracy you need to come over to Prairie Flower Farm.........I have a surprise. I tried to email you!

    Please read The post for Oct. 20th and 21st. It is kind a neat thing........God is so good!

    Also thank you so for writing this post.........it is precious just like you!