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Monday, October 18, 2010

More Goodness from Marys House

A few post back I promised you more of the wonderful treasures that I found in my neighbors trash and today is delivery day from me to you.

If you didn't seer the first photos I posted on this treasured trash from Miss Mary's estate you can click here to see them.

A treasure trove for a crafter, recycler, lover of things like me.

Two generations of lovelies discarded.  Oh' the tears I wanted to shed for the things buried to deep or broken.

 The daughters just not interested in the things they had spent a lifetime seeing.  Perhaps too grungy for girls who don't craft or can't see the beauty.
Lots of doilies in silver and white for tag making.  A Waterford Crystal photo frame in the trash, what were they thinking?  Miss Mary spent years as a ballerina herself even studying in New York.  Creating a School of Dance herself when she returned home. A woman loved by generations of families all studying under Miss Mary's tutelage.  I even found old costumes and fabric for her students and her own children.  She was a big supporter of the arts as well as putting on many, many recitals herself.  I was able to salvage some lace.

Royal horses from birthdays past.  A ballerina ornament still with tags.  She's not so old and still waiting for a Christmas tree to grace.  I think my pink and white one will do nicely.

Who's sweet Mighty Mouse Coffee pot was that?  No lid, no problem.  Still a treasure to me. And I love, love, love the bisque ballerina cake topper.  At least that's what I remember the figurine used for in the 1960's when I was a child.  It's a shame all the flocking is missing from the base.

The Precious Moments 1st communion frame is just that, precious but the bottom corner has something missing.  Who cares?  You know it's going to be used in a craft somehow and that's an easy hide.
I can't pass up a frame because I know that can up-cycled for something wonderful.
Awe....Look at all the wonderful old cradles that once held flower arrangements.  Maybe for her own children perhaps.  Two are alike but in different sizes.
I just love the Southern Belle pushing the stroller. I already have Spring plans for Huey, my new duck thanks to Miss Mary.
Five wonderful glass riding boots.  Shot glasses I imagine.  Miss Mary never missed giving or going to a good party.  Cocktails always staple.  
I even came home with an old highchair.  Just the perfect size for one of the sweet girls dollies.  Missing the tray - ahhh but still great for some up-cycle fun.
Cheers to finds, fun and friends, girls.  I couldn't do without any of them.

Be blessed y'all....Tracy :)


  1. Tracy, I think you hit the big time!!!! LOVE that highchair, I see it painted a fun color with an old time decal on the back of the seat!

  2. How sad!!It was treasured by their mom and they thru it away..so so sad! I am glad you rescued it!! They are all gorgeous.

    Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  3. Wow - so glad these treasures have found a home to live in.....

  4. I can not believe her family threw this in the trash! What great finds Tracy! The little ballerina with the net tutu brought tears to my eyes! I had one just like that, it was on my 6th Birthday cake. I took the little ballerina to show and tell when I was in the first grade and a much older school bully pushed me down and the little ballerina hit the floor and shattered in several pieces. I remember crying the whole way home. My mom tried to fix her but her attempts were not too successful. Thanks for giving me a glimpse of something I had not seen in many years! hugs, xxoo Nan