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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Death Threat Hoax says FBI

First I want to thank everyone for all your caring and concerned emails.  That's why I love blogland and you.  I didn't take the email too serious as far as my safety was concerned but I did that this as a serious scam that could has the potential to hurt and rob so many others.  I did some research and it seems that this email has been re-emerging every so often.  I did report it to the police and my email provider so there would be a record of it and most importantly so the proper authorities could track it and know just how rampant this is.  What scumbags to try to gain financially by preying on people.  To think of all the people, especially the elderly who might lose countless nights sleep over this garbage.  Here's just one of the many things I found online concerning  this.

FBI Says To Ignore E-mail Death Threats

The threat is a hoax, the FBI said. The agency received more than 100 complaints the last time the e-mail threat started showing up in in-boxes.

Recipients of e-mail messages threatening death at the hands of a hit man unless a $20,000 payment is made can sleep more easily. The threat is a hoax, the FBI said on Tuesday, reiterating warnings issued in January 2007 and December 2006 because threatening messages continue to circulate. "A new scam cropping up in e-mail boxes across the country is preying not on recipients' greed or good intentions, but on their fears," the FBI said last year. "The scam e-mail, which first appeared in December, threatens to kill recipients if they do not pay thousands of dollars to the sender, who purports to be a hired assassin."

The FBI said at the time that it had received about 115 complaints about the threatening e-mail through its Internet Crime Complaint Center since the scam emerged. Snopes.com explores the malicious missive more thoroughly.

Bill Shore, a special agent who supervises the computer crime group at the FBI's Pittsburgh field office, said that recipients of such threats shouldn't be overly distressed because personal information is widely available.
Worried recipients may also be comforted by the fact that poor grammar is common in the variants of this message, which suggests the self-proclaimed hit man may reside in a foreign country.


  1. Glad all is well...... it's good to do the research though even, as you say, you are not seriously threatened.....

  2. Hi sweet Tracie
    I am having a giveaway so hop on over and get entered

  3. bah...some people> Glad you turned it in...who knows maybe they'll catch someone someday

  4. Bless your heart...What an exciting (traumatic) week you have already and it's just Tuesday!!! Glad all is well...

  5. People are NUTS these days. It is scary to think something like this can be REAL!

    I'm glad it wasn't.

    Bless you!


  6. As Rebecca said... people are NUTS! Sorry you even had to give your attention to this!

  7. Holy cow, I'm just reading this! Glad it turned out to be a hoax but still unsettling! Now I'm off to read your other recent posts, hugs Nan

  8. Tracy,

    Thank you for doing due diligence, regardless if it was a hoax. You were right to think that someone could have gotten hurt, and they will track this down. Unfortunately, that's only one down, there are still thousands more being stupid and cruel. Kudo's to you for reporting it.


  9. So glad all is ok! and that you reported it!
    Be safe my friend