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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Are Words Enough?

Are words enough?  

I truly don't think so.  I asked and you came in numbers to pray for and comfort me.  How do you possibly show the gratitude you feel for that?

Matthew 18:20 says:
For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. KJV

I felt you.  I felt the spirit of the Lord and the tenderness of his angels as you, my wonderful and cherished friends held me and my household up to the Lord in prayer.  Thank you for the peace of mind that you gave me, letting me know that I wasn't alone.  Kymberly from Free Trinkets and Treasures sent many emails and the beautiful images and words to let me know that I was being looked over and thought of.  Thank you Kym from the bottom of my heart.

 Today I've just taken it easy and haven't been on the computer until now.  I laid around alot and checked my messages from my BB last night and today.  You don't know how much comfort they were.  Every single message reminded me how grateful I am to have friends who believe in the Lord and the healing power of prayer.  The Lords answers are not always the ones we want or expect.  I don't have any answers but I know that there is mind, heart and spirit healing in prayer.  Every time I opened an email, every time I read your sincere and loving words, every time I felt a tear ~ I felt Loved!!!  Thank you.
I was so blessed to hear from so many of you.  Some of you   wrote your prayers out.  There was so much warmth and comfort in reading them aloud and imagining I was reading them, hands held with you.  I want  to get back to each of you individually but it was just killing me not getting back to you before now, in some way to say "THANK YOU"!!!!  I'm feeling so much calmer tonight.  

Jody from Home and Heart

And I was blessed knowing that they might even be people praying that I didn't know or who didn't tell me.  Thank you too.
When praying about the post, this was the passage I turned to in my Living Bible.
Psalms: 37:11
But all who humble themselves before the Lord shall be given every blessing, and shall have wonderful peace.

Dear Friends, may Gods love and peace watch over you and give you comfort as you rest tonight.
With an overflowing heart and all my love, Tracy :)


  1. Praying Tracy that You continue to Rest & Relax in God's Comfort~ I'll be away at My Daughters till the 2nd (Bubbie Sitting for the Grands) I may not be able to get on the computer while I am away, but Please Know that I think of You & Pray for You Each & Every Day..... With Love & Hugs Dear Friend xox

  2. Aww girl you are loved!! Now how are you..are you still feeling pain..tightness? I once had heart plurosy..it felt just like a heart attack..they did blood work to determine what it was..the good news was they could give me some meds..the interesting news was I was pregnant..and was then in shock..for you see..I had just had number 3.. 10 weeks before..and was finding out #4 was on the way..I took that medicine like it was a drink..lol I never had any more chest pains like that again.That was over 27 years ago.
    I thought you needed a good story to get your mind off of things..lol

    Still praying..and I posted it on Rick-Rack!!

    Hugs and loving..Cindy

  3. sorry I missed you original post. What a frightening thing to happen. I don't pray, but I will continue to keep you and your family in my thoghts. Oh, and your little prize will go in the mail next week ( I had a hard time deciding ehat to send).


  4. Just found out from Rick-Rack Cindy about your scare. I would have prayed for you had I known but now we can all just lift up praise and thanks to God for listening to many prayers and pulling you through this. I do hope and pray you have no further trouble. Have a great Sunday!

  5. Darlin' we will continue to lift you and your family up in prayer. We too know how He listens and eases our minds and lightens our burdens.

  6. Tracy - isn't Blogland amazing? Here you probably had TONS of people praying for you, and you'll never even know. But we never would've known to pray if it hadn't been for the blogs. How amazing is that?
    It's SCAREY when things like this happen to us. I've had a strange problem lately (well . . . in the past 4 years) and they still don't really know what it was. Everyone said something different and I had had every test in the book run. . . oh well.
    Like you say - our lives are in God's hands.
    Thank goodness!
    Still praying for you my new friend.
    Happy Sunday!
    Karen ~ Some days are diamonds

  7. Oh Tracy, I'm just reading all of this and I'm so sorry you are going through this. It's easy for me to say relax and take it easy but I know it is easier said than done. Dealing with your MIL is certainly wearing on you too and who says you aren't a big person?! You have opened your home to her and given her a place to live, surrounded by family and not strangers, I say that makes you a HUGE person in heart! I'm saying prayers that you will feel Gods loving arms around you and that Tomorrow you will get good news from the doctor. Hugs and blessings, Nan

  8. HUG HUG HUGGGGGGGG You just feel better hun!

  9. G'day Tracey ~ I am so sorry to just now learn of your medical issue. I am glad you are doing better. It can scare the living tar out of you, for sure.

    He will hold you up in His loving arms ... best wishes & prayers sent your way.

    Have a beautiful day ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  10. Aww sweetie, you are loved and comforting prayers and warm hugs continue for you.
    Rest and relax, sounds like just what the Dr ordered ;)
    *hugs*deb xoxoxox

  11. You are very welcome, it's great that we are all spreading the love! Thanks for dropping by my Blog, it's funny how International can in fact be 'local' in the world of Blogging. I hope things are feeling a little more balanced now - don't forget we're all here for you! ;)