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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Multi-Taskers Dream Giveaway - A VTech Phone Review and Giveway

These days are so fast and busy that it's hard to find time to talk on the phone.  Well VTech has listened to listened to the wants and needs of consumers and has come up with a solution to help us out.  As phones get slimmer, they're even harder to hold on your shoulder while preparing dinner or any other number of tasks you might be trying to do while using the phone.  Yes, cordless phones got us up and moving but it didn't solve those neck ache problems.  VTech's solution is a cordless headset that charges at the base.  How cool is that!  You can use the ear hook blue tooth style earpiece or the head band attachment. Neils says I look like a real operator now.  Yes, he said the pun was intended.  We're a witty bunch here.

But no kidding, now it's so easy to type or write while talking on the phone.  Multi tasking has never been so easy.
Did you know VTech is the largest U.S. cordless phone manufacturer? 
There are so many features on the LS6475-3 phone that I love, it's just easier to share their list.
•Includes IS6100 cordless headset charged at the base for added freedom to have private, hands-free conversations
•DECT 6.0 digital technology for the best sound quality, security and range in cordless phones
•Voice Announce Caller ID – broadcasts name or number of caller
•HD audio – choose equalizer with four audio profiles to match users’ hearing needs
for superior sound quality
•Push-to-talk functionality between handsets
•Thin curved handset with low profile piano keypad
•High-gloss black with metallic silver finishing
•Handset speakerphone for “hands-free” conversations
•Expandable with up to 12 handsets and two headsets with only one phone jack – uses LS6405 accessory handsets and IS6100 cordless headsets
•Digital Answering System: ITAD accessible from handset, 14 minutes record time and large backlit 7-segment message counter
••Available at: www.vtechphones.com and at major retail stores such as Staples, Best Buy and others.
•MSRP: $99.95

Watch this quick video to see just how cool this phone really is.
HOW TO CONNECT - You can can like VTech on Facebook, subscribe to their newsletter and follow them on Twitter.
With both Neil and I working from home, I love having the cordless extension phone so that we both have one at our desk.  Another great thing is, you can access all the features with the extension without having to be at the phone base.  The handset allows you to do it all.  We also can use them as walkie-talkie's to talk to each other from different rooms or even outside.  My reception is so much better that I can walk all the way around the house and still be clearly hear the other caller. Plus there is a feature to help us find a lost handset.

I'm so excited to review the new VTech because I was already a fan. We've had a VTech for years, ever since they came out with the expandable handsets. The phone was still working and we were happy with it but I can't tell you how much clearer this new phone is. I'm doing a happy dance over our new phone!

I just keep looking at my lovely new, sanity saving phone, even as I sit here watching the flooding rains of tropical storm Debby. This is the 2nd main storm we've had heading here this year.  Some areas are already being evacuated because of the flooding.  Well at least we no longer have a rain deficit here.
·    For busy families and home office workers who need an extra hand, VTech’s LS6475-3 comes with a cordless headset built into the base, enabling users to be on a call while accomplishing other tasks.
You can win a VTech LS6475-3 just like the one above right here on Cotton Pickin Cute!  Thank you VTech!!! 

All you need to do is enter following the instructions on the rafflecopter form below.  To begin go to the first instruction that says "Leave a blog post comment".  Scroll your mouse over "+1 Do It!" and click for further instructions.  Complete that instruction, the first one says visit VTech and come back and leave a comment at the bottom of this post.  Then you can click the button saying you did it and you are entered.  You'll see this form is a much quicker way of entering giveaways.  If you have any problems just let me know and I'll be happy to help.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Gi  Giveaway ends July 21, 2012 at 12:01am EST. Giveaway is open for residents of the US and Canada only. Winner will have 48 hours to respond to notification with shipping info and claim prize – if no response, another winner will be chosen . Subject to the official rules. No purchase necessary – void where prohibited by law. Disclaimer/Disclosure: Review sample and prize provided by the giveaway sponsor.

Very Low Entry Giveaway Ending Soon - Win an eclos Skin Care

Anyone interest in a low entry giveaway ending soon?  A giveaway that's for facial products!  Okay, okay, I'll spill the beans...

Wendy at Ramblings from the Sunshine State is give you the chance to win an ├ęclos Skin Care kit!

You'll want to hurry.  It's ending tomorrow 6/27 and the entries are VERY LOW so you have a very good chance of winning.  Just click on the photo and here.

Free Clark and Kensington Paint From Ace With a Side of Hardee's Biscuits

Wow, how time flies.  These pics were from June 16th and I'm just getting them on the blog.  Most of you don't know but I LOVE Hardee's Breakfast Biscuits!
No kidding. One of the things I used to love about traveling was I knew we'd get up early enough, yes, we're that late of sleepers, to go to Hardees for breakfast.  I'm  a simple girl, I always get the same biscuit.  A ham biscuit - YUM!  I think I could eat one for breakfast every morning.  This isn't a review, it's just a passion.  This Saturday morning we made it to Hardees, no trip out of town or anything.  I was a happy girl.

After that we headed to Turner Ace Hardware, here in Jacksonville.  Do you know why?  FREE PAINT.  Yep, I couldn't pass up on the free paint coupon I had.  It was only good for that day.  This year Ace Hardware Corp. introduced Clark + Kensington, a new line of premier paint-and-primer-in-one.
Turner Ace has been a landmark of the Arlington area for years.  I can't tell you how many times Neil has sent me up there to get things over the years.  I love that I can run in, get friendly help from a knowledgeable employee, if not the owner himself and get out in a matter of minutes.  But boy has Ace grown over the years.  Just look at the Beautiful Orchids they have in the nursery.
Orchids make me think of my sweet mama.  I remember when my first prom was coming up and I wanted roses, carnations or some other standard flower, she said Tracy you should have an orchid corsage.  They are so much more elegant.  Mama's know best.
I've finally got a chance to go get my hair cut with my Great Clips gift card, so I need to show ya'll my new do.  It's off the neck in time for summer.  It feels so much better.
I can see these gorgeous orchids in my bedroom or bath now.  Wouldn't they look beautiful and serene.  Heck, I want some for the buffet in the dining room too. 
I have a feeling they'd last about 2 Min's with these little Kitty's around.

Then they get tuckered out.  And I get to work cleaning up.  It's a shame it doesn't last long.
And look at the Bromeliads!  Those colors are so vibrant.  The leaves are nearly spotless.  Seeing those bold colors in nature, it's no wonder that they're so popular in decor now!  That shade of green is hot, hot, hot for interior design.  Bromeliads are easy to care for and have that obvious tropical look.  They make great interior plants too.
Isn't Sarah cute taking my Free coupon from me for the paint.  I love the friendly staff there.  Now, I only have to decide what to use my new quart of paint for.  So many projects in mind.  So stayed tuned to see what color I picked and what I do with it.

By the way - don't forget the 2 giveaways I'm having right now.  Just click on the picture on the right sidebar.

And I have a BIG giveaway starting later today.  So come back and read my review and enter to win.  You won't be sorry.  
Hint - It has nothing to do with paint or Ace but it is something for your home.
Ya'll have a great day.  ♥Tracy

Friday, June 22, 2012

I Love to Win + I Love Creativity = Remodelando la Casa

I want to show you my newest object d' art.
Do you love it as much as I do? And best of all I won it! Winning's always fun but it's even more fun when it's something beautiful to look at.

I won this over at Remodelando la Casa.   As soon as I saw it I knew where I was going to put it.  We have a large built in T.V. cabinet that separates the foyer from the living room.  I already had a couple of vintage globes on top and knew this piece would be perfect up there with them. 

I found Cristina's blog not long ago. Lucky for her readers and even luckier for me, she had recently been to the flea market.  She found not 1 but 2 of  these cool globes.  One was used and she loved the patina.  The other was still in the box and now it's resides at my house!  Yippee for me!!! 

Let me introduce you to Cristina. She's full of creative ideas and she likes to share them, like all us bloggers do. Christina stays busy updating here plain builder's house into the home with a traditional-modern feel, as she puts it. Best of all she creates all this style with the word budget in mind. She's also considerate enough to provide lots of tutorials so we can get our creative groove on too.  Just look at this easy to make wreath she came up with.  You'll be surprised by what she made it from.
She really had done everything from crafting to pulling out the big tools, and building her own custom hood range and adding elegant crown molding to her kitchen cabinets.  A must see.  Just click here or on any of the pictures to view.
Just look at this last minute art she created.  So smart and easy - we all can do it!  Oh' all the possibilities.....
Stop by and visit Cristina.  When you do please let her know I sent you.  Oh' yeah, I might as well apologize for your housework not getting done.  I'm sure you're going to be there awhile.

Have a blessed day ya'll....

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Make a Hello - Goodbye Cocktail Umbrella Wreath

Are you looking for an easy D.I.Y. craft?  What, you say you don't know how to craft?  Sure you do.  It's as easy as 1. 2. 3. 

You'll all probably seen the tropical drink umbrella wreath somewhere by now.  They're just so bright and cheery you can't help but notice them.  Best of all they can be done with a new wreath and old wreath.  It can be a grapevine wreath like I used or a foam wreath.  I love projects that are flexible. 
I found this wreath at Family Dollar last year for $9.  Ridiculous I say and I would have never looked twice had it not said
90% OFF Yep, you figured that right it was a whopping
.09 cents! So it went from an ugly patriotic wreath to this.

A fun wreath that's says Hello Summer! 

A tip don't throw the little rubberbands away.  They're what hold the umbrella's open.  Since I used a grapevine wreath I used a little hot glue on the ends of the toothpicks to make them stay in place.I also snipped most of the toothpicks to make them a little shorter.  Then just randomly place them around the wreath so they over-lap a bit. 

I added a piece of old wood, painted the word Aloha.  I thought it would make sense on a front door since it means hello or goodbye.  Especially since my sister and her family are moving here next month and I plan to have it on the door to welcome them to their new home.  But it's a secret - so, you won't tell right?  Then I hung it with cup hooks and some jute.  Could it get any easier?

Neil saw the box of little umbrella's at a thrift store and knew I like to do something with them.  My first question was how'd you know I've been wanting these?  He only paid .99 cents for them and I still have more left. 

Total craft project - $1.08. Shhh...Don't tell my sister.

And I still have lots of wooden stars and a banner to create something  in time for the 4th of July.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Pillsbury Baguette Chips Giveaway

Do you ever get tired of the same old snacks.  Heck, even the same old dinners.  I know I do and even though Neil never complains he does too.  Even when we go shopping, we stand there and say "It's the same old stuff".

Now I've found something new on the snack shelf thanks thanks to Pillsbury.  Yeah, the same pillsbury in the baking aisle.  It's called Pillsbury Baguette Chips.

These crunchy chips are cut from oven-baked bread and then deliciously seasoned.  Enjoy them on their own, partnered with dip, or in a varity of other ways.  Best of all - with 130 calories per serving (21 baguette chips), and 50% less fat than regular potato chips*, Pillsbury Baguette Chips are delicious snack chips that you can feel good about eating.  To see more nutrional information you can visit Pillsbury's website here.Last night I thought it would be a nice change to have a game night with dinner.  We hadn't done that in so long.  So I sat up the game table for a change of pace. Sunday nights always seem perfect for soup and salad or a sandwich.  We went with salad since it's been hot outside.  The Baguette Chips went perfect with both.  It's like adding little cruetons to your meal.

I loved the Cheddar Sun-Dried Tomato in my Southwest Chicken Soup and the Italian Cheese and Herb went perfect with the salad.  The food didn't last long but the game did.  You know, I'm so glad we did decided on a game with dinner. It gave us a chance to spend quite time just talking and laughing.  No T.V., no computer, we just sat and played.  Truth is we were still snacking on the chips way after dinner, all through the game.  I think we'll be doing this once a week now.

I can't wait to make some dip to eat this with. They have a really nice thickness and will hold up to dippng great. Try a bag for your family.

If that’s not enough to get your mouth watering, then check out these delicious chips for yourself. To download a printable coupon for $0.75 off one package, you and your readers can visit http://bit.ly/PBCcoupon today!

With summer here, I bet you're ready to win your own party pack?  Well you've come to the right place because Pillsbury is offering one lucky Cotton Pickin Cute reader their own box of SIX "6" bags!  Yippee!!!

Your gift pack will contain:

(3) Bags of Pillsbury Baguette Chips in Italian Cheese and; Herb

(3) Bags of Pillsbury Baguette Chips in Cheddar Sundried Tomato

It's easy to enter just follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter form below.
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“Disclosure: The product, gift pack, information, and additional sample have been provided by General Mills through MyBlogSpark.”

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dry Idea AdvancedDry Giveaway for CPC Readers

Is it HOT at where you live? You'd better believe it is here in Florida. There are a few faux pas' that I don't want to deal with in public.
  1. I don't want to see anyone's nose turn up around me
  2. I don't want any embarrassing underarm stains
Well Purex has partner with Dry Idea AdvancedDry 24 HR Antiperspirant and Deodorant to help you protect your clothes and your reputation.

I got to try it myself and the fast drying microcotton formula works great.  I love that it feels light and dries quick without leaving a film on my clothes. 

I tried the Unscented Hypo-Allergenic roll-on version that contails Vitamin E.  The roll-on is available in: Unscented, Powder Fresh and Cotton Dry.

I'm looking forward to Invisible Solid which has 48 Hr Protection  in the Cool Burst w/ Air Condioning Effect.  Not that I plan on going that long between baths, mind you.

Dry Idea Sweepstakes:

Now through July 13th, you can sign up to be entered in the Dry Idea Sweepstakes! There is a $500 Grand Prize and ten $50 2nd place prizes! Be sure to get entered today! Who couldn't use an extra $500!? Just click here to enter.

Find out everything you ever wanted to know about Dry Idea @ http://www.dryidea.com/.  If you can't wait to win one you can purchase Dry Idea Advanced Dry at your local supermarket or drugstore.

Do you feel lucky?  Purex and Dry Idea want to give 3 lucky Cotton Pickin Cute readers the chance to WIN IT:

Each winner will receive a coupon good for a FREE Dry Idea product! Follow the Rafflecopter's easy directions below to enter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, June 15, 2012

Save with $1 Off Purex Crystals

To celebrate winning Better Homes & Gardens best new product of 2012, we want to thank you with a coupon. Purex Crystals go in at the start of the wash so they spend more time with your laundry infusing them with long-lasting freshness. Now, it lasts 60 days!

Repin To Win With Purex

Repin To Win with Purex.

How simple is that!
If you don't have a pinterest account, just ask me for an invitation.

Win a FREE subscription to Ladies' Home Journal from Purex Crystals!

Ladies’ Home Journal engages women with relevant conversations about health and relationships; beauty and style; food and finance. It’s for the women who recognize the importance of taking time for themselves.

Enter to win a FREE subscription to Ladies' Home Journal.

Hurry this offer ends 6/22.

Disclosure:  I'm a Purex Insider.  All  information was provided from Purex

Win a $1,000 "Fresh and Clean with Purex" Wardrobe!

I'm Proud to be a Purex Insider because I honestly do use their products all the time. 

Wanna know a secret?  I was a loyal Downy Fabric Softener user until Purex came along with Purex Crystals.  This was the about the same time I became a Purex Insider.  I honestly prefer the Purex Crystals.  I love the smell. 

My favorite is Fresh Spring Water.  Even better and more important is that I could finally start using fabric softener when I wash my towels.  It doesn't leave the waxy film that prevents your towels from absorbing moisture.  Isn't that GREAT!!  Since this came out, my old fabric softener also came out with a bead style but I kid you not - I really don't like the scent of those as much and I definitely like the money I save with Purex Crystals.

By the way - Purex didn't ask me to share these thoughts with you.  It's just that when I find a product that I really LOVE I want others to know about it too.  I'm all about saving money but not at the expense of getting a lesser product.

I'll be sharing several Purex opportunities with you today, like this one that's expiring soon.

Win a $1,000 "Fresh and Clean with Purex" Wardrobe!

Start out Summer with your fashion foot forward, and keep it fresh with a collection of Purex detergent! Try the latest formulations of Purex® UltraPacks™ and Crystals™ that will leave your new clothes clean and fresh-smelling all season long.

Ending at 3:00 p.m. PST on June 18, 2012 

Disclosure:  As a Purex Insider I am provided this information.  All opinions are honestly my own.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Announcing The Winners of 2 Giveaways

The Land O' Lakes Prize Pack Giveaway Winning # is 586 and the winner is:
Janet Fri
Thanks for Twitting about the giveaway Janet!!!

The Lady Anti Monkey Butt Powder Giveaway Winning # is 270 and the winner is:

Cori Westphal
Cori you also won for twitting about my giveaway.  Thanks so much!!!

I love my sponsors and want to give them a  BIG Thank You.  So Thank You Land O' Lakes Eggs, My Blog Spark, and Lady Anti Monkee Butt Powder - tee-hee, I'm still laughing when I say that!

Money Saving Coupon - Pillsbury Refrigerated Disney Shape Cookies

Who says cookies are an after school snack?  Nothings better than fresh from the oven cookies all year long.  And um-hum we're way past the after school age in this house. 

Just click here and you can print a coupon for $1.10 Off when you buy ANY Pillsbury® Refrigerated Disney Shape® Cookies (while supplies last)

I just wish our grand kids - Tristan, Zach and Ki'a were here to enjoy them. Kids are never so old that they turn down Disney or Pillsbury Cookies. That's why Neil and I will be snacking on some today. hee-hee. I've always got them in the freezer, and more nights than I like to admit, I'll bake a sheet up real quick.

Disclosure: The coupon was provided by General Mills through MyBlogSpark.

Purex Teams Up With Dry Idea For A Big Sweepstakes

In the spirit of doing laundry Purex has teamed up with Dry Idea.  Makes sense, right?  Dry underarms means less staining on that hard fought over bargin hanging in your closet.

So what does this mean for you? Well, it's a chance to win between $50 - $500 in the $1000 Dry Idea Advanced Dry Sweepstakes, my Cuties!!!

That's right Dry idea will be choosing 20 winners to win $50 and one grand prize winner will receive $500!

Dry Idea Rollons are available in Unscented, Powder Fresh, and Cotton Dry.

This promotion starts today and ends July 20, 2012.   Enter today to win.

Friday, June 8, 2012

The Charlatan's Boy Review

I had the pleasure to read a great summer (or anytime) novel for older children or young tweens.  I chose to review this with Zach, my grandson in mind.

See A Genuine He-Feechie Alive And In The Flesh!
Grady is an orphan who travels the hot back roads of the South.  The only life he remembers is the one a huckster named Floyd has given him.  Like all hucksters, carnival folk or medicine men they never stay long in one spot traveling from village to village making a living pulling hoaxes and flimflams. 

Now times are leaner and the good people of the fictional Corenwald frontier don't spend their money easily. Especially since they don't believe in feechies anymore.  Are do they?  Floyd the charlatan has hatched a plan for Grady and him to create another Great Feechie Scare. 

Grady misses the exciting days when he played the feechie from the swamp, but has a longing to know more about his past and who he really is.

My Thoughts:
This is about a boy who is playing the part of ugliest boy in the world.  Which isn't all that hard when you're, well...ugly.  He says so and Floyd says so.  They tell people his so ugly that he comes from a made up group of swamp people called the feechiefolks, the inhabitants of the Feechiefen.  It's sort of a Southern Mark Twain tell for kids.  It's written as a first person account of Grady's adventures.  The author Jonathan Roger grew up in Georgia where he spent lots of hours playing in the swamps and riverboats of the South.  These memories provided him the imagination to develop the wild places of The Charlatan's Boy.

Jonathan uses a lot of Southern isms when writing this book. Spelling words more like we say them down here than spelling them correctly.  This is probably why I connected with the story and wanted Zach to read it.  With Zach being raised so far from the South in New York, I thought it would be adventure into a place that's maybe a little mysterious and will let his mind drift off to an imagined land. 

It can be a little slow at times but I'm thinking that might be more the grandma in me as opposed to a young boy with an imagination.  I'm happy I reviewed it and I think Zach will be happy when he gets to read it too.

To learn more about Jonathan Rogers you can visit his website http://jonathan-rogers.com/.

Disclosure:  I received a free copy of this book from WaterBrook Multnomah for my honest review.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wishbones and Backbones, Sugar and Stength

This should be my new mantra.  I don't know why my wishbone has always been way bigger and way stronger than my backbone.

I miss the T.V. shows and movies I grew up with.  I miss Andy Griffith, I Love Lucy and The Dick Van Dyke Show.  Who could not like the affable Rob Petrie and his fun, cute wife Laura played by Mary Tyler Moore?
I love the first Cinderella Disney made, and the original Snow White. I love the beautiful techno-color of the animated films.  The sweet gentle fairy tales.  Remember how all the birds and animals had such sweet personalities.

My sweet mama had backbone.  She didn't encourage me to live in the fantasy of T.V. or the movies.  That was my own doing.  I was told often enough life is not what you see on television.  Still I couldn't get those wonderful images out of my head and always thought that's what life should be and what I wished it would be.  Don't get me wrong.  I didn't have an awful childhood.  The very opposite.  I was very loved with parents who never divorced and a sister who I'm so grateful for to this day.

Were television and movie writers to blame for painting everything so rosy?  It is supposed to be entertainment and a way to escape the harsh realities of everyday life. 

I still love fairy tales and always will.  I appreciate the changes in what the media offers us now.  I still can't help wishing there were more wholesome, genteel shows on television.  It's not that I don't watch shows like Snapped, horror movies and things like that because I do.  I love a good Lifetime movie but I can't help but think that having some of the more violent shows in every home in America has led to the downfall in our Nations morals.

And since I started writing and it just sorta evolved into this, I might as well mention that I am looking forward to seeing the new Snow White movies that are out like Mirror, Mirror and Snow White and the Huntsman.  If the movies are anything like the previews, it looks as if they do depict women/girls in a stronger more independent light.  That's a good thing.  Girls don't need to lose their sweetness all together but lets show them that they need to learn to balance it with some backbone too.  

Well, it sounds like I wrote this post just so I could stand on my soapbox but that's not why I started it.  I started it because I've spent my life wishing, and while it's fun, it's doesn't take the place of living and sometimes you need a backbone for that.

Warning:  You might be seeing one are two more of these posts before I start feeling better.  Be forewarned.