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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Real Life - At Least This Week

Can you believe I'm happy to see my kitchen looking like this?  I am, well with mixed feelings.  I'm happy to see progress.  Progress is not always pretty but my tile is!  And since this blog is real life.  Here's a real life picture.
I'm so excited!  Oh' great, now that old song's stuck in my head.  Neils being putting up the new kitchen tile back splash.  You can't imagine how happy I am to be able to not have to look at that old Sheetrock and more. A nice new easy to clean back splash. 
As you can see there's more to be done.  Lots of individual tiles to be cut for the top row.  One good thing about a small kitchen, the tile work is going pretty fast.  With just the two of us this is almost the perfect size.  Although I have all the appliances I could possibly need for a big dinner, I only wish I had more counter space.  Upside to the small kitchen, my steps are few and it makes putting together a meal quick.  But there is a lot of storage in this kitchen and I'm lucky enough to have a nice size pantry.  That's my next organizing project. 

I'm so proud of Neil for all the projects he's tackled in this house.  When he puts his mind to something he can do anything. 

While Neil's been working in the kitchen.  I've turned the newly painted dining room into a workshop for my new upholstery project.  No, not these chairs but the one's in the picture below.
I've sanded all the chairs down to raw wood, stained them dark to match the table they'll be placed at and now I'm in the middle of the finishing coats.  Two coats of clear with a light sanding between each and I've got one more to go.  The seats and the backs have been stripped of the old padding and all new foam and fabric have done.  I still have to make the trim.  I'm getting so close that I'm giddy!  I can't wait to share more with you.  It really was a much bigger project then expected.  Why didn't I do this in the spring or fall.  The heat has about killed me.  Oh' that's right I just found the chairs.

I'll be sharing more soon.  I hope your all enjoying the holiday weekend.  Stay safe.  Hugs...Tracy :) 

I've looked forward to this for so long.  I originally wanted to get tumbled tile but my mind just wouldn't quit thinking about how hard it might be to keep clean.  You know grease stains and such.  I never said I was a neat cook.  So we chose a easy to clean ceramic tile with a natural mottled color.  We weren't happy with the first trim accents we picked out so when Neil took them back he brought home this glass mosaics (which you'll see better in future pictures) and I couldn't be happier with them.  He did good!!!  He practiced what I always preach keep the permanent fixtures and big purchases neutral so that the look of the room can be changed with paint or accessories.  Okay so I kind of broke that rule with the black granite but you have to admit it's not like blue or red.  You can make black work with anything.


  1. How lovely your changes, Tracy. So love the glass tiles. Dying to see everything finished.

    TTFN ~
    Have a beautiful holiday ~

  2. This tile is beautiful. You and Neil have done a fantastic job. I can't wait to see the chairs.
    BTW, I just love the name of your blog. Hope you had a great weekend. Hugs, Ginger