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Monday, September 26, 2011

Tutorial for the Burlap Halloween Table Runner

Some of you asked about how I made the table runner yesterday, click here to see the post.   I wish I could say it was all my idea but nope, not the case.  It was a copy cat project.  I have another CC post for later today, so watch for that.

I saw this project on the HGTV site.  It's just a matter of cutting the fabric 20" wide and 20" longer than the length of your table so 10" hangs off each side.  Sew a straight stitch 1" from all four edges and then pull the threads to unravel the edge to that stitch.  You can even find the stencil to print and easy to follow directions, with their post.  I used black acrylic craft paint and heat set it once it was dry with the iron.  I don't think it would be washable but I haven't tried.
You can get the HGTV tutorial here.

Thanks so much for your sweet comments.  They really do make my day.  
No go have a blessed day ya'll!

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  1. Hi Tracy:
    Thanks so much for generously sharing your source. I just might have to try this! (Of course, I'll list you as my inspiration if I do!)
    Have a great week. (You may have been a cry baby in kindergarten, but you're a strong, independent woman now! ;-D)