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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rockin', I Mean Rollin, err Walking in My New Heelys

I had a butt slapping funny video to share with y'all today, well for the last I don't know how long.  I tried everything to get that bugger downloaded.  And when I say everything, I mean hours and hours over 3 nights trying.  I've downloaded a video before so by the time my hair was so wrapped around my fingers from pulling it out that I couldn't type, I gave up.  The video Gods were against me and they were changing there minds.  But really you would have laughed your butts off.

I keep forgetting that I haven't done things like roller skated in about a half a' gazillion years, so when I got the chance to review a pair of Heely's, I was like heck yeah.  Those kids have nothing on me.  I'm gonna be zipping up and down grocery lanes.  Stay out my way ya'll.  Well my dreams and my reality are definitely two different things. But hey, if it wasn't for fear of broken bones, I'd still be rockin rollin' in those awesome shoes.  So what if I'm not rollin', I can still be cool, cause I don't have to have the rollers in.  And these look and feel great.  I know I'm going to be wearing them all winter long.

I really do think the Heely's would be a great form of exercise for kids and adults alike.  I can know they would work those muscles and the kids wouldn't even look at it as a workout, just pure fun.  The Heelys website offers great training videos too.  Just click here to see some AMAZING Heelys videos.

Disclosure:  I was given a pair of  Heelys to base my review on.  All opinions are my own honest reveiw.

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