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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

DIY Lined Canvas Bins or Boxes

I'd like to show you one of the projects I've been working on.
This is a lined canvas bin or as I call it a boxet, when I can't think of canvas bin.  You know as in basket but made out of a box.    See the ugly anatomy of a boxet. Who would know, if I didn't show you?
 I have had this project saved in my favorites forever and I even printed the tutorial to make. When I first saw the ones Amy from Positively Splendid  made earlier this year I knew I had the perfect place for them and it actually looked do-able.  Amy came up with these for the Upcycling challenge at So You Think Your Crafty.  Way to go Amy. 
 These are great for hiding things in the prettiest way.  And have you seen the price of those lined wicker baskets or even the canvas ones?  Woh......

These cost me a total of, just guessing  $15.00 for 4 large bins.
  • Boxes = free
  • Canvas Painters Cloth - I used about half of a $20.00 package = $10.00
  • Striped cloth - a re-purposed shower curtain from the Humane Society thrift store = $3.00 - I actually already had this just sitting around waiting for a project.
  • 1 spool of satin ribbon = $2.00

  All you need is:
  • a box (Amy used diaper boxes because those are super sturdy).  Since most of my friends and neighbors are past those years I just got 4 alike boxes from the grocery store.
  • Heavy Fabric Canvas, i.e.  our trusty painters canvas drop cloth.
  • Fabric to make your bin liners.
  • And the usual list of basic supplies like spray adhesive, craft glue etc.  
I'm not going to go into the details of the tutorial since Amy did a wonderful job on that already.  Just click here to go see hers for yourself.

See how much they hold.  This are the really big puzzle boxes.  Now everything is nice and orderly.  Except for the fact that the built in media cabinet/foyer wall hasn't been completed on this side and is the ban of my existence, but more on that another time.
This is a great storage solution if you have kids or grand kids around.  It's a convenient way to separate their play things and have easy clean up and a tidy room.
 A good tip is to always check the thrift stores for table clothes, curtains and shower curtains.  These large pieces of fabric are usually wider that bolt fabric and much cheaper.  Great for up-cycling into a new project.  This was perfect for the new casual/cottage beach decor I was going for, which I like to call Southern Low country design.

I'm not quite finished.  I still want to get some sand dollars and attach to the front with twine but I'm as pleased as punch with them.

Here's where I'm linky up my boxes.  Stop in an look at all the other inspiring creations.

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If you make some I'd love to see how they turn out and feature them here so please come back and let me know. 

Have a super day and watch for those blessings coming your way.
Hugs...Tracy :) 

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  1. Very attractive and such a great idea. I'll keep that one in my memory bank, I hope! LOL

  2. Great idea beautifully done! Another fabric tip...Walmart sells twin flat sheets in nice colors for about $5. They also have black sheets for Halloween projects. Love how your boxes came out!

  3. oh my, these turned out beautifully!

  4. What a cute idea!!I can use this idea for sure. I just became a new follower. I saw your blog name on a comment (giveaway at Love Affair w/my Brother)thought what a cute name and came over to check it out. Glad I did!.. now to find you on twitter..hehe Have a good week.

  5. Gosh I really love those and I love how they line up - so pretty and neat looking. sandie

  6. I love the idea of re-purposing those boxes -- especially using a shower curtain to line them! Great post!

  7. You don't know how often I have looked at these attractive bins and walked away because of the price. I never thought of this. I just emptied a couple of large boxes. I will save them for this project. Thanks for the inspiration. Have a great weekend, Ginger

  8. Great job! Thanks for the inspiration! Pretty bins are indeed expensive, but with the regular influx of cardboard boxes at our house I should be able to make some lovely storage containers like these. :)