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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'm Hip Enough To Groove with Mat Kearney

Do you remember me posting about Mat Kearney's newest album "Young Love"  and his new tour?  Well not only did I get the chance to review the CD, I also got to go see ole' Mat live!  And Jacksonville was the kick off of his new tour so you know it was an awesome time.

I remember listening to the hippest music when I was younger and thinking I'll always know what's hot.  Well it doesn't quite work that way.  I grew older and I don't spend hours listening to the radio while getting dressed to go clubbing with girl friends anymore, e.i. I'm not as hip as I used to be.  So when I was first offered the chance to review Matt's new album, my honest reply was "Matt who?".

I was really glad I said yes, because Mat's music is just like something I would buy.  And once I heard his big hit "Hey Moma" I realized I had heard it before.  Mat's a different breed of animal, he's a successful Christian crossover artist with a hip-hop, New Orleans vibe.  Like I said, just my taste.  Mat's doesn't scream out a Christian message but subtly puts it in his lyrics.  With an up beat and an a nod toward faith, his lyrical songs will become stuck in your head on repeat.  He has a deep soulful sound yet always makes you feel a little like your on vacation with his upbeat no problem way.

During the concert Mat had conversations with the audience and livened up the crowd quickly.  This was a small venue for them to play and he really made it feel personal.  Walking out into the crowd he was all over the floor greeting the fans while singing.  As he headed our way I threw my hand up in a high five way when his eye caught mine.  You can imagine my shock when he high five'd me back and threw his arm around me while singing.  Wow, wasn't I feelin' special.  That's when I looked at Neil and said "Do you suppose that was his nod of thanks to the old people coming out?".   You know the concert was great if we stood on our feet instead of taking seats for the almost 3 hour long concert!  It was awesome.

I have to send a big shout out to the Murry Hill theater where the concert was held.  It's one of the country's longest running concert venues for Christian music giving people an alternative place to go.  The manager even came out before Mat went on stage to give his personal testimony and invite anyone to talk to him after the concert.  

Thanks to Mat and the Murry Hill theater for a really fun night out!  And thanks to the One2One Network for providing me the opportunity to not only review the CD but to see Mat live in concert.

Disclosure:  Tickets were provided by One2One Network to facilitate my review.  I have provided my completely honest opinions.

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  1. How fun that you actually got to hang with Mat during the concert! Love that! Delighted to hear that you had a great experience. Thanks for you review!