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Monday, September 26, 2011

There's a Florida Panther Loose On My Side of Town

That's right I said a panther.  
No kidding!  Roaming our side of town!

They're beautiful but I have no desire to see one in person.  These photos were taken off the internet.  There have been two sightings of one being spotted this weekend, in a very populated area of town that is less than 4 miles from my house.  YIKES!!!  An attorney who lives over there said he walked outside one night, heard rustling in the trees, looked up to see a huge Florida panther in the tree, with a stray cat dangling in it's mouth.  He didn't have a problem saying he scream, grabbed his dogs and ran for the house.  If I saw that, you would have a hard time getting me out of the house, especially in the evening. 

My brother-in-law caught a wild bob cat once and they are way smaller and believe me they are vicious creatures and terrifying to be near even in a cage.  The attorney who saw the panther said there was no doubt this cat was over 100 lbs.

There are only approximately 100 of  these beautiful endangered subspecies of the cougar left in Florida.  They live in the forests and swamp of Southern Florida.  Maybe somebody should tell this one that he's in wrong end of the state, considering I live in Northeast Florida.

The Florida panther was chosen as the Florida state animal in 1982. 
The males can weigh up to 160 lbs.  The Florida panther's diet is mainly white tailed deer and wild hogs but can also include smaller prey such as mice, birds, rabbits and small alligators (if necessary).

And finally we got some rain.  It was almost 7:30 and the rain started pouring.  Rain we really needed.  Thunderstorms which I love and the strangest most beautiful sky I've ever seen.  You can't tell but it's pouring.  I wish I could have gotten a better pic.  I love the crane just sitting still in the showers.  
It's not feeling a whole lot like fall here except in spirit. It's been in the high 80's and going to be about 90 all week.  I sure would enjoy a little chill but I'm grateful to have the rain.

Hope you enjoy all the blessing in your life this week.

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  1. Hi, Tracy! When we lived in my home state of Washington, we had an old cougar den on the property we set our manufactured home on. the neighbor told us about it. I never saw the cougar but another neighbor did and a cyclist passing by one day knocked on our door to tell us he did! They are so beautiful but I was so scared of that thing! My boys loved to scare themselves with the thought of it being out there. Ha! That's boys for ya! ♥