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Thursday, September 22, 2011

How I attached My Trim

Thanks to all the readers who left me such kind comments about my first upholstery project.  I had a few of you ask about the trim.  And it meant a lot to know that your were really interested.
I was a little concerned about making the trim myself but it was so much easier than I thought.  I assumed that I would have to cut the fabric on the bias or diagonal (which I dreaded trying to get straight).  But when saying something to the two employees in the fabric department at Joann's they said it wasn't necessary.  In fact they said they never do that.  

Actually, I made it a little difficult on myself.  I was concerned I didn't buy quite enough fabric, I purchase only an extra 1/2 yd to do the trim with.  So with that in mind I cute 1 in. strips with was kind of difficult to work with, 1 1/2" would have been perfect.  I stitched all the strips together end to end.  I put zipper foot on my machine and and just laid the cording on top and folded the strip of fabric in half.

Once it was all stitched up I just turned the chair cushions up side down and stapled the trim to the underneath.  The back of the chair was a little different, it was made with a curved heavy cardboard and stapling just didn't work.  That's when my trusty glue gun came in handy.  I used the ribbon tip (any tip would do) and just glued it around the back wrong side of the back before tacking it onto the chair.  It worked perfect!

Hope that helps.  And if your worried about attempting your first upholstery project - Don't.  It really is simple when you do something as simple as dining room chairs.  If you want to make a big impact or change, I say go for it, because it really gives everything a fresh new look.  Then come back here and tell me all about it.

Have fun crafting.........Tracy :)

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  1. I know it was lot of work but you did pro job.