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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I Played with My Cricut !

I've been playing with my cricut.  Would you like to see the simple card I made.  Key word here...simple.
I used the Cindy Loo Cricut cartridge to make the card.  I have a lot of old unused greeting cards that I will cut the pictures are the wording and use on other cards that I make.  Like on this one, I just cut the words with patterned scissors and glued on. 

Be gentle, I'm still not used to using my cricut and I'm just getting the basics.  I love cricut, it does so much.  At first I was a little intimidated by it, but I've picked up on a lot of things by myself.  I would love to take a class.  I've seen so many cool things created with them.
On this next card I didn't use cricut but went old school  This is my ode' to my grandmother.  Just kidding, but it does remind me of her.  I suppose it's the patch work part.
After folding a piece of card stock in half, I covered the front in a patch work style.  I then drew a little cupcake on it and using embroidery thread stitched on some beads.  I used the some pink verigated yarn for the icing and the trim.  And what's a card without a little stickles bling.
 On the inside, I used another scrap of paper cut with patterned scissors and stamped some mini cupcakes out of a piece of scrap and glued them along the edge.  Alphabet stickers spell out the message. 
I hope ya'll are finding joy in something you like doing.
Hugs....Tracy :)


  1. I love your cards. Maybe it's because I am a granny, I love the patchwork best. Love th bling thingie going on Hugs, Ginger

  2. I love these! I'm not so talented lol I made my first card from scrap booking items and fabrics last year for a baby shower and it actually turned out really good. I was surprised that I could actually make something so pretty! HA! Great job:)

  3. Both cards are so beautiful, Tracy!! You did a great job with the Cricut card - the little birdie is so adorable and I love how you cut around the sentiment! The colors of the second card are so pretty and I love the patchwork!! Gorgeous cards!! :)