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Thursday, October 20, 2011

I Made the Perfect Stadium Blanket for Ki'a

 I miss this little cutie and her brother so much!  Her mother took this beautiful photograph of Ki'a in a forest in NY.  She's becoming quite a photographer.  I'll share more of the photos she took of Zack and Ki'a tomorrow.
Our granddaughter Kia's 9th birthday is in just a few days and I decided it was time for a blanket.  Here's a tip. Rather than buy the fabrics by the yard it was cheaper to buy the fleece in the no-sew blanket kit at Walmart.  You get 2 coordinating fleece fabrics that you are suppose to just cut and tie but that wasn't what I had in mind.
Ki'a is really involved in cheerleading and goes to a lot of the competitions.  I thought it would be perfect to have one of those blankets that folds up into a pillow that she can sit on when she's not covered up.  

This was really easy to make too.  
  • Just put the right sides of the fabric together and stitch all the sides, leaving an opening for turning.  Turn it right side out and slip-stitch the opening closed. 
  • Then take a piece of fabric (I already had this pink plush) to make the pillow part.  Fold the length of the blanket on both sides to the middle (like folding a towel) and measured that width.  That told me how wide the pillow opening would need to be.  
  • Cut 2 pillow pieces allowing an inch in both directions for 1/2" seams.  Sew all 4 sides and leave room for turning.  Turn and stitch opening closed.  
  • Lay the pillow centered at one end of the blanket.  Stitch the pillow with 1/2" seam at the bottom of the blanket and the 2 sides, leaving one end open to slide blanket into.
  • For a personalize touch add some flowers or make a ribbon initial like I did.  I just cut straight pieces of coordinating ribbon, laid out a K and hand stitched it on.

It's just that easy.  These would be perfect to make for Christmas.  You can buy the fleece blanket kit at Walmart for around $12.95 or you might buy the fabric even cheaper at one of the craft stores with a coupon.
You can see the 1st step of how to fold the blanket into the pillow here.  Fold both sides to the middle.
 Next start folding the opposite end of the pillow cover.
Keep folding until you are even with the pillow case.  Then just turn the pillow case inside out over the blanket. 

And there you go.
And here's the back side.
I think it's so cute and really warm and soft.    I know Ki'a's going to like the colors.  Can you believe the kids are all into the peace signs again?  I was about her same age in the 60's last time this was popular.

It's true. Fashion does always circle back around.

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Have a great day, ya'll!  Hugs...Tracy :)


  1. Cute, cute, cute! Oh yeah, cotton pickin cute!!!

    Have a great day!!


  2. Hi Tracey:
    I'm sure Ki'a is going to love her new pillow/blanket. There like the "quillows" that quilters make...and yours is very clever to use the precut fleece fabrics! Nice and cozy, for sure.
    Happy Thursday!

  3. Tracy, You should market those ~ a pillow pet for the next generation (9-12 year olds) ~ my 9 year old would LOVE that ~ especially with your fabric choice! Ha! I'm so glad you came by and said hi and that now we're friends!!! I, too am following you!!!

    Aimee @ ItsOverflowing

  4. Hi Tracy, awww, Kia is a beautiful young lady! I love the pillow and blanket combo, they're darling.

    Thanks for stopping by my place. I did enter your name for the giveaway. I will be drawing a name this evening so you made it just in time.

    BTW, I love your blog!


  5. Oh this is COTTON PICKIN' CUTE indeed!!!! Oh how I miss sewing, but these days, I am managing to draw and glitter and even start selling my work, as a BUSY TEACHER TO BOOT!

    Tracy dearest, thank you for coming by to visit me with such kind words. HAVE A BLAST OF A WEEKEND! Anita

  6. Tracy,

    Kia is going to be thrilled with her gift! It's as your other comments have stated: COTTON PICKIN' CUTE! The gift always means so much more when it is hand made. My mother was a talented seamstress. I wish I paid more attention when she was teaching me. I agree, trends are recycled.
    Have a great weekend!

    Your Friend,

  7. That is so cute! And aren't you sweet for making that for her :)

  8. Hello. Thanks for taking the time to comment at my site. That is a really cute idea with the pillow. I may try that.

  9. and Ki'a absolutely loves her blanket!