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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween and We Have a Winner

It was a quiet halloween on our street tonight.  Only one family with 4 kids.   Sadly all the kids have gotten to old to trick-or-treat.  Maybe, I'll just grow a pumpkin patch next year and wait for the Great Pumpkin to arrive.

I didn't get a treat for Halloween but I did get tricked.  I baked a chocolate Gluten Free cake.  I followed the instructions to a tea but it looks more like I made chocolate pancakes.  Oh' well, chocolate pancakes with German chocolate frosting it is.  Has anyone else baked with a gluten free mix?  They are suppose to be a little bigger, right?  My trick!
And now we have a winner of the UPrinting giveaway. 

Random.org chose comment #13.  Congratulations to Deal Bunny!  You have 48 to contact me to claim your prize of 100 Postcards!!!  I'll be sending you an email.

Thanks for entering everyone.  I ran out of time today but check back tomorrow for the MyMemories giveaway.


  1. Almost anything with German Chocolate frosting is delicious, so your cake will be tasty, though thin :) Will be interesting to see what you hear from those who bake gluten-free.
    Happy Halloween!

  2. Hi Tracy:
    Congrats to your drawing winner. I agree with Jane...forget how it looks. Forge ahead with German Chocolate frosting! I haven't tried gluten-free, but I am experimenting with vegetable dishes that can mimic breads and chips. So far, so good!
    Happy Halloween!

  3. I only got 5 trick or treaters.. but thats ok. my torry pie came over and that made my night!
    I missed charlie brown this year! I think the first time ever!
    have a great day!

  4. I was feeling all sorry for you that you only got four trick-or-treater's, then I remembered, we didn't get any!!! Not a single one. But I was able to get out and enjoy the night with my kiddo at least. Bummer about only four for you.

    Hope you enjoyed that chocolate cake, lately nothing I have been making has turned out correctly either, so I am not at all the one to ask! Have a good night!

  5. We didn't get any trick or treaters either. Same reason. We've been here 26 years and all the little ones have grown up and moved on. Maybe someday they will bring their little ones back to their "Haunting Grounds".
    Don't know about the cake but I will be baking a German Chocolate cake this weekend for my youngest daughter's birthday.
    Congrats to the luck winner.
    Hugs, Ginger