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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Repurposing Items

When you need something garden, do you just go to the garden department?  When you need something to hold the pens on your desk, do you just go to the office supply store?  You could do that, but doesn't that kind of limit you?  

When I set up my kitchen after getting new cabinets several years back, I knew I wanted my cooking utensils to be very handy.  I also knew I never liked digging in a drawer for them.  I wanted something a little Tuscany and I didn't want a little jar or an old crock for the look I was after.  It had to be a little more unique.  When I saw this flower pot in Lowe's garden department, I immediately said that's it.  That's the one.  It's a heavy ceramic or resin pot with an old world finish.  It holds lots of utensils and best of all I don't have to fight to get them out.  I hate to be in the middle of cooking and reach for a spoon and 4 other utensils fall out with it.
Repurposing = Problem Solved
 Since I'm in the kitchen with the camera I thought I'd share what I cooked for dinner last night.  First, I had to head to the grocery store.  We both agreed steak sounded good.  Looking at the prices, I decided steak didn't look so good.  And seeing how I've really been out of sorts lately with unjustified anxiety (don't know why but it's there) I didn't think I was up to putting together a dinner from scratch.  I headed to the frozen food aisle and thought I would try Stouffer's (who I love by the way) Braised Beef and Portobello Tortelloni.  I thought it might satisfy our steak craving.  Oh' I was wrong.
I don't know if it's our simple Southern roots?   I mean really you don't hear a whole lot about tortelloni here.  Don't get me wrong we don't all eat opossum here either.  As a matter of fact, red-neck as the South may be, I don't know the first person that eats opossum (pronounced possum). hee-hee.  

Back to the real subject....We just didn't care for this at all.  And it wasn't on sale, either.  I hesitated when I picked it up.  So little for so much.  On the other hand I didn't have to feel bad about throwing the left over away.  It was a big Thumbs down.  Sorry Stouffer's but you missed the mark on this one for me.  And Stouffer's is my all time favorite in frozen meals.

So do you re-purpose items?  Do you have any special tips and tricks for decorating your house?  What about dinner tonight, what are you planning?  I sure could use some easy and yummy quick dinner tips until I'm back on solid ground again.

Have a beautiful day, ya'll!  Hugs....Tracy :)


  1. I repurpose everything. I use an old slated Bassinet (just the basket part, not the stand) to hold rolled up towels in my big bathroom and a plate rack to hold magazines (vintage Victoria, thank you!)...and on and on and on...

    Food sure looks good! I'm still on WW so last night we had a fabulous soup with salad. LOVE FOOD and I sure do miss NOODLES of any kind... I eat them only ONCE IN A LITTLE WHILE!


  2. Very innovative. I'm passing on to you the Versatile Blogger Award.

  3. Always a nice touch to use items, especially for storage, in ways that are unexpected. I tend to gravitate towards "gardeny" things like the container you found. Newest follower :)

    Stop by- I'm having a pet portrait give away!

  4. We always try to repurpose items, before recycling or throwing away. Following you back from the hop!