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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Please Excuse My Mess

I'm really in a weird sort of place these days.  Almost each day comes in 2 stages.  One stage is feel good, get 'er done, the lights are shining in my world again.  Then there's the 2nd stage, the don't look at me, how can you live with me when I barely can, and I want even tell you the rest.  They come in no particular order.  Each day has it's own agenda and it's seems that I'm the last to know what that might be.  So if I seem a little off kilter, a little all over the place just chalk it up to, um, well um, oh' heck, how the flip should I know, I'm the one who's all over the place.

Anyway I started trying to create a menu bar for the top of my blog .  I was so proud that I got as far as I did with it but life interrupted and I haven't gotten back to it yet.  I'll fix the colors and hopefully make it easier to navigate.  There's a few things I have in mind but we'll see.  Now if I could only learn how to make a blog button.  After two years of blogging I think I need one, don't you?

Have a blessed day y'all.   Hugs...Tracy :)


  1. girl, we love you no matter what state you are in!

  2. I love your honesty, Tracy, and your sweet heart. Life is just messy and off-kilter sometimes... no need to sugar coat it! Love the progress with your blog. :) Hang in there, sweetie, and I hope today is a sunshiney one for you!