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Saturday, May 7, 2011

I Love My New Hapari Swimsuit ~ Giveaway Announcement

Summertime is here.  Oh' here in Florida, it's actually been summer for about a month now.  We had the official opening of the beaches, the annual Fernandina Beach Shrimp Festival has come and gone.  It's beach weather for sure.  We've had a beautiful 2 days with temps only going up into the low 80's.  But next week we're back in the 90's and unless you're at the beach it can get pretty miserable.  April and May means new swimsuit time here.  From as young as I can remember the season was officially marked by the new catalogs arriving and mom with my sister and me ooohing and ahhhing over the new fashions for summer.  Cute shorts and tops and the all important bathing suits and even new nightgowns for those hot summer nights.   We celebrated a lot of Mother days at the beach.  Those were the best memories.

Stick with me....I have news about a new giveaway coming up!
Well this week was like old times with a bit of a twist. I still love shopping catalogs but they're just online now.  I went to Hapari Swimwear and was in awe of all the cute swimsuits. And not just those I'm 20 swimsuits.  There were swimsuits that even this girl could wear in the beginning of the second half of her life.
So what do you think, not such a bad figure for a girl in the second half of her life, right?
Yeah, I wish!  Do you really think I would put my white butt online for the world to see right now?  I don't think so.  It's funny, I felt skinny all these years ago but I never thought that I had a particularly good figure.  Oh' to be young again.  Tracy, I would appreciate you so much more.  Yes, these are me.........31 years ago!  OMG - for real?  Could I really be old enough to have pictures of me grown 31 years ago?  Say it ain't so.  This picture was in August of 1980 in Daytona Beach.  I was the Mom of a 1 year old.  Everything was so fun and I have such wonderful memories of that time of my life.  LOVED THE 80's!!!

So do you wanna see my new Hapari swimsuit?  Okay, I think you're gonna like it.  I love it!
I wish I could tell you that I love my still awesome body with the model perfect hair.  But no, this is the dream me.  The model that Hapari likes to use to advise their swimsuits.  I can't blame them.  It had a much better chance of being purchased then if I'd seen the ad with my body. ha-ha.  Here's a picture of mine.  So cute!
It's called Flower Candy Twist Tankini Swimwear with Red Polka Dot Bottoms.  What I love about Hapari Swimwear is that I can mix and match any way I choose.  How many times have we all gone to the store to buy a swimsuit and the bottom fits and the top is ridiculous or vice-versa.  What designer thought that our bodies all fit into one perfect mold?  It had to be a man.  
Take a twist on the traditional with this sweet new look from Hapari's line of tankini swimwear! The Flower Candy Twist Tankini is a lush blend of deep Hawaiian red with crisp white background. The bodice features the new “twist” accent that creates a flattering neckline with gentle gathering for a perfect fit. Celebrate your natural beauty! The bottoms are sold separately so that I could get a great fitting top and bottom.  I love the little Hapari emblem on the back too. This is my very first red swimsuit and my very first tankini.  I'm really impressed with the quality.  The twist under the breast really makes for a flattering fit. With Hapari's new line of tankini swimwear they've  improved upon the things women have traditionally disliked about modest swimsuits. Using our special style tabs, most tankini's can be worn 3 different ways; halter, tank and criss cross. 

The quality is the best with a thicker, quality material that can help shape your body, instead of some of the cheaper swimsuits that only offer a thin layer between your skin and the world.  I could really feel it pulling everything in and tightening (at least what was covered) for a more shapely figure.  And it's really comfortable too.

My readers don't have to take my opinion, one of you can win one for yourself.  Hapari has been generous enough to share a $96.00 gift certificate with one of my readers.  So be sure to come back tomorrow, May 8th and enter my swimsuit giveaway.  Let's get this party started!
Oh' yeah and maybe when I get a tan going and lose that 20 lbs I've been promising to do, I'll show you a picture of me in my bright new red swimsuit.
Happy Mothers Day.

Disclosure:  Hapari Swimwear provided me with a gift card so that I could review the swimsuit of my choice.  As alway I share only my personal and honest opinion with my readers. 


  1. You are HYSTERICAL! I did a post yesterday about swimware...I'm soooo deflated. At least PARTS of me are anyway!

    I'd be nicer to myself, too! I'd say "Rebecca...love your non-stretch-marked body while you can because ONE DAY it will look like a road-map to FRANCE!" BAH!


    See you tomorrow!


  2. I LOVE that swimsuit of yours! Swimsuits have always been achallenge for me. They never fit up top as apparently, if you have alerge chest, the entire world needs to see it (or so the designers think). The sea here is far too cold and polluted to get into and I don't sunbathe, but if I won, I could give the gift to my daughter...she would love it!

  3. OMG!! LOVE your bathing suit.. how stinking cute that is. ANd man do I ever need a new one.. so how do I sign up to win?
    Happy mothers day girlfriend!

  4. I love the one you chose, and no, I wouldn't be putting my ghostly self up on the blog either. But your old photos are beautiful!

  5. You really picked out a cute suit!! and you def. have more kahonas than me putting a picture of yourself up on your blog in a swimsuit! I would INSTANTLY lose all my blog friends.. FOR SURE!! haha!

    Hope you enjoyed your Mothers Day and weekend!!
    Big hugs back atcha.. Sherri

  6. how in the world did I miss this review post and the giveaway...I need to get with the program lol..oh well, I love the suit and love that beach tote too! have a great summer tracy :)