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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Kindergarten to College They All Have Graduations Now

When I was in school, you know during those ancient pedal your boulder car times,  graduations were for two groups and two groups only.   High school and college.  That's definitely not the case anymore.  It was just a few years ago I had a grandchild graduating from preschool.   Graduation and party celebrations at 4 and 5 ~ WOW!  
I remember my own graduation (we had real cars by then).  School was never my favorite thing.  From the time I was in first grade, possibly even kindergarten I was counting the years to how long before I would be done with school.  As a little girl all I can remember wanting for sure was to get married and be a mommy.  I was celebrating graduation as the time my life would begin.  I was graduating on Tuesday and being married on Saturday.  Yeah, my mom was thrilled with that plan.  We were sending out graduation invitations and thank notes,  and shower and wedding invitations and more thank you notes.  There wasn't much time for reflecting, it was full speed ahead to the future and dreams coming true.

My son was not a whole lot different than me.  Though he didn't get married he was already planning his military enlistment.  By the end of the summer my son was serving his Country.  I admit, I was not happy about this but I was full of pride and glad that he was choosing his wife yet.

Times have changed but the pride of both the graduate, whether you're 4 or 18 and the parents hasn't. But new times bring new changes such as putting you own imprint on your correspondents. 
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Disclosure:  This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Tiny Prints. All opinions are 100% mine.

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  1. Hey Tracy,
    And don't forget 8th grade graduations!!! Hope all is well with you and the cats and Nadine and everyone down there. We finally have sun today!!!