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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Project Baby Bird

Project Baby Bird Focus Japan
I have a blog friend who is one of those people who is always there with a cheery word.  A sweet soul who has her own set of challenges like most of us do.  Lots of days are spent in pain.  She suffers with dystonia, which gives her too many bad days of aching pain.  But dystonia can't even stop her when it comes to caring for others.  
Her  name is Keke from Cherry Kingdom.  I love her blog.  Well now she's started a new project with a new blog to go with it, called Project Baby Bird.  Project Baby Bird is as Keke describes it "Comfort for children in crisis".  Below is a little exert from her blog.....

Welcome to Project Baby Bird....
Our goal is to fill tote bags with stuffies, blankets, hats, socks, scarves, a note of hope or encouragement, food, etc...anything that will bring comfort to a child in crisis.  Our goal is to reach out to children from zero to eighteen that have been affected by devastating circumstances.
Aren't these cute?  Isn't Keke special!  I sure think so!
Just click here and stop by Keke's new blog @ Project Baby Bird and read more about what she's doing to help others who have lost so much.

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