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Friday, April 15, 2011

Good Morning Friday - Yanni Concert Review!

Well I'm officially a year older and so far it doesn't hurt a bit.
Actually last night was a lot of fun.  The One2One Network, who is sponsoring my Yanni Truth of Touch giveaway asked me if I would like to see him in concert.  Uh, well yeah!!!  The timing couldn't have been any better because he was coming here on my birthday.  Yep, I spent my 51st birthday with Yanni and his orchestra full of fabulous artists.  It was amazing.  For two hours it was all about forgetting the everyday things and experiencing something totally different.
The Moran Theater where he played here is a smaller venue than most of his concerts.  I love this theater, the acoustics are fantastic.  Not to mention our seats.  We were only 8 rows back and the view was so good.  Neil and I both were lost in the music.  With the more intimate theater Yanni bantered back and forth with the audience.  By the end of the night the crowd was totally engaged with the music.  The musicians in the orchestra were unbelievably talented and Yanni gave each of them generous time in the spot light.  I would go to another of his shows in a heartbeat.  Neil really enjoyed the night too.  You could tell he was swept up in it and as relaxed as I was.
Charlie Adams drum solo was over the top in only the best way.  Neil being a drummer loved it and I was equally impressed.  There was lots of humor with Yanni and Charlie, who have been friends and playing at different times together for 30 years.  Charlie even donned one of our beloved Jaguar Football Jerseys before the solo.

We planned on going to dinner after the show but it was going on 10pm, which is late for a week night by Jacksonville standards.  When we walked out we could still hear music coming from the Landing and went over there and had another hour of fun outside listening to the band there and they were really good!  The crowd had died down but the band was still going strong.  The weather was great and there were even 3 kids playing in the fountain. (Yeah, it was too cold to be wet at night but they were having a blast).  The weather was perfect if you weren't wet.

The Jacksonville Landing is located next door to the Times Union Moran Theater, which are both on the St. Johns River.  It's such a beautiful view anytime but especially at night when the bridges are lit.  There are 2 main bridges, one on either side of the Landing so we got a picture of them for you to see.  Don't you just love the blue colors?

Geez, y'all just don't know how much I hate having my picture taken or worse looking at it.  I think I not ready for that close up Mr. Demille.  Makeup!!  Wardrobe on the double!!
So I  would say my birthday was a huge success.  I got away from the everyday both in mind and body and my spirit was better for it.  Thank you One2One Network for making this one so special by providing us with a beautiful night filled with music.

Oops, I almost forgot.  Neil snapped a photo of the drummer Charlie Adams and me.  We were leaving the Landing and he was boarding the bus and headed for their next venue.
So don't forget to head over to my giveaway here.  The entries are really low and I've extended the deadline to enter until April 20th, since I had technical blog troubles this week.

Y'all have a super weekend.  OOXX's...Tracy :)


  1. Oh, this just makes me so happy! I love how it worked out that you got to attend the concert on your birthday. Thanks for you wonderful review!

    I got to attend the Yanni Voices concert in Nashville two years ago and Charlie played in that tour as well. He is quite amazing!

  2. Tracy,

    Happy belated birthday! What a wonderful way to spend it -- doing something you love with someone you love!

    I've never been to a Yanni concert but it looks and sounds like an experience to remember.