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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail via 521 Lake Street

Have you ever seen so much wonderful luscious color?
Easter came early at my house yesterday.  Well at least it did for me.  Sandy at 521 Lake Street is having an Easter Swap and I was the luckiest girl.  Sandy is my swap partner.  YIPPEE!!!!
  I'm telling you the truth, Could I get any LUCKIER?  Everything was packaged so cute.  This Easter basket Sandy made from a jello mold is just too stinkin' cute!!
Sandy is an eggcellent packer.  My beautiful rainbow Egg sucker didn't even have a chip in it. 
 She always makes the sweets tags and cards.  I'm so proud to now have this one for my collect.
  She knows me so well.  I'm crazy about the vintage candy nut cups and cake toppers and she made sure to include these for me too.
She made this adorable tin and put these darlin' charms and buttons in it along with this Easter diecuts.
 As you can imagine, I was totally blown away by all the time and effort making me such cute things.  All package as pretty as can be.  That just made it that much more special!  Way more than I ever expected, Sandy.   Thank you so very much for making me feel like a happy, silly little girl again.


  1. Wonderful, Tracy! You really scored for Easter.

  2. I love swaps! You scored BIG, girl...love all the Easter goodies. Have a blessed Easter season! Tiff

  3. You are sooo lucky! I wanted in on this swap...but boy I knew better..being I was going to still be here at my daughters.Next year maybe!!Isn't she generous...and so darn crafty.Love her.We are never to old to act young and silly!!

    Hugs..and I am on the road tomorrow...would appreciate prayer..8 hr drive and with my chicks also..lol

    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  4. Tracy,
    Thank you for your sweet comments, when you are making things for someone as nice as you it isn't hard at all.....Love ya kiddo! Sandy

    PS...Amazed the sucker made it in one piece! :):)

  5. What an absolutely wonderful bit of Easter fun!

  6. Oh!! Sandy does know how to spoil a girl! what a wonderful package!

  7. Everyone I've seen so far has received such wonderful swap packages. This was such a fun time. Enjoy your goodies and have a Happy Easter!

  8. Oh you are a lucky girl. These are darling....smiles...Renee

  9. Fun stuff! I can hardly wait until Easter morn to open mine! ♥