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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Win "Standing Up" DVD - Low Entries

I really want to get the word out about a giveaway with an important message.
Julie @ Mamawj's Moment Away want's to give this movie to one lucky winner but there's a problem....
No one seems to want to enter but me!
Thanks y'all for wanting to make me the winner but that's not really fair is it?  This giveaway ends in 2 days.  I really want to share the chance for you to win too because I feel passionate about the subject.

Based on one of the most beloved Young Adult novels of all time: Two kids are stripped naked and left together on an island in a lake - victims of a vicious summer camp prank; But rather than have to return to camp and face the humiliation, they decide to take off, on the run together. What follows is a three day odyssey of discovery and self-discovery.

By the way this is an signed copy!!
This movie is so much more than just entertaining.  It's a message that we need to communicate clearly to our children. Standing Up is about Anti-Bullying! We've seen way too much of this going on in our schools.  But it's not happening in just our schools, it's happening everywhere and not just to children.  People from young to old have experienced bullying in some form at one time or another.  

How do you stop a senior citizen from being bullied? You start with a child.  You get the message out there to them clearly, when their little minds are forming their personality traits, that it's in no way acceptable to bully someone.  Then as this generation grows, the bullying disipates.  Bullying is nothing new but it seems to be growing.  Let's stop that ugly trend and stop it now beginning with our children and grandchildren.  Beginning with ourselves.

Don't miss your chance to win this giveaway. With such low entries (and for the life of me I don't know why) you have a great chance of winning!  Just click HERE to enter.

While you're there be sure to check out all the other great giveaways Julie's hosting.  Wow she's a busy girl.  And how many times do I have to tell y'all she's the sweetest thing too!!!

Best of luck Y'all...

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