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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

DIY Ice Cream Cone Garland

I scream, you scream....
Well you know how it goes.  It's so hot the ice cream melts before you can get it from the carton to your mouth.  So I made a tiny garland that's not going anywhere.

This was a $0 cost project (my favorite kind) since I had everything I needed on hand.  The picture's pretty self explanatory.

  • Tiny Styrofoam balls - use any size you like.
  • Different shades of yarn - you could also use embroidery thread or ribbon  
  • Scrapbook paper  
  • Ribbon 
  • Hot glue
  • Start by putting a small drop of hot glue anywhere on the ball and stick the end of the ribbon in it.       **be careful - it's HOT!! Continue in-circling that dot and wrapping the ball, adding a dot of hot        glue as you go.
  • After all your Styrofoam balls are wrapped. Now cut out a square of paper and roll into a cone         shape.  Just work with it until you find the right size and shape, then use that as a template to cut as    many as you need.
  • Glue your cone shape together.  I tried using glue dot tape for this but it didn't seem to hold, so I          went back with the glue gun and a very small nozzle and added a few dots. Worked great!
  • Add a little hot glue to the inside rim of the cone and still you ice cream um, yarn covered ball in.        Don't worry this ice cream won't melt. hee-hee.
  • Choose a coordinating ribbon and eyeball your placement for the cones.  Just a dab of glue on the      ribbon and then smush you ball to it.  And you're all done!!
I hope you enjoyed these easy peasy project.  This is an easy one to do with the kids.  If you have little ones you might be able to use some other type of quick attaching qlue. If you make one please come back and tell me about it.  I'd love to share it. 

* You know I think this would make cute Christmas ornments for the tree.  You might try glue and glitter instead of yarn.

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Hugs Y'all...

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