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Friday, August 30, 2013

Enjoy Flowers WITHOUT Breaking The Bank

Are you ready for a little DIY tutorial?  Okay, let's think fall today. I've got the air condition going full blast and I'm choosing to ignore the 94 degree temperatures outside.  With fall in mind I headed to the grocery store and picked out the most autumn colored flowers I could find.
Neil's mothers birthday was this past week and I thought the roses in her honor, looked beautiful with her 1937 graduation portrait.

This is an easy arrangement.  As easy as 1, 2, 3.  Hey I did it - just sayin'.  Let's look at the easy steps:

Step #1 - Soak a brick of oasis in water.  It only takes a few minutes to soak up the water.  Put the wet oasis in your container.  I chose an old ceramic butter crock.  Cut to desired height with a knife.

*Tip - Next time I would estimate the height of the oasis before soaking so I didn't waste so much.  Also instead of cutting the oasis the same height as the container I would leave it a little taller.
Winn Dixie had their roses on sale for $6.99 a dozen.  Great price right?  Well I did even better.  They had two roses for $1.00 each, so I gather up six packages.  That's right, one dozen roses for $6.00!  Everything else I had at home.
I start by holding my rose up next to the container to get a measurement.  Strip all leaves and thorns with a knife or scissors and cut to length.
*Tips - Cut your stem at diagonal, then cut a vertical notch apprx 1" up the stem.

Step #2 - Remove the outer petals that might look a little shabby.  Don't worry about being too gentle.  You can make your roses look much fuller by just opening them up with your fingers, pulling the petals outward for a more open look.

Step #3 - Starting in the center insert your first rose and simply circle around it with your others. To fill in any empty spots, I used some pittosporum (shrub) cuttings and some red berries from the yard.
So there you go.  Pretty much idiot proof, when you use only one type of flower.  This is my first arrangement and you can see how simple it was.  So for $6.00 and the cost of some oasis, you can have a designer floral arrangement worthy of Martha Stewart.

I want to tell you how this all came about.  Unexpected kindness is the nicest kind of blessing and just last week I was the recipient.  I really don't know if the givers knows just how special she made me feel and how much that gift meant.

My friend Wanda was the giver.  Out of the blue she just told me that she had a Winn-Dixie gift card she had won but couldn't use, since there wasn't a WD in her town, and she wanted me to have it.  We've never met in person, but I found out a long time ago that blog friends can be the closest of friends. Always wanting to be there for each other and my readers are the best.

Wanda's one act of kindness gave me joy in so many ways.

  1. I can't describe how much it touched my heart to know she though of me to be her recipient.
  2. I was able to treat myself with something special.
  3. It provided even more joy resulting from the satisfaction of creating an arrangement even I could be proud of.

Thank you again Wanda.  Maybe I'll just save the rest of the gift card and do the same thing for a few more weeks. Aaaahhhh.
 Hugs Y'all...


  1. You know I love DIY Tutorials, yours is great! The rose arrangement is just as beautiful as the birthday lady, what a great tribute.
    Have a great weekend, Tracy!

    1. Thanks Cristina. I love flowers but have a moment of panic between seeing them laying there and actually arranging them. Nadine was a wonderful person.

      Enjoy your long weekend too!

  2. I simply love this idea. How sweet, when you can't make it to the actual gravesite to pay tribute & leave flowers for our loved ones who have departed. This must of really made your hubby's day special & feel close to his mom. And it really brightens up the room, adds cheer & brightness as well. You did a great job Tracy. And it is just so sweet when another person like Wanda, pays it forward with kindness like that. People like Wanda will be truly blessed in heaven, as we are blessed to know them here on this earth. I saw where our local Ingles grocery stores had there fall mums for $3.49 each & I thought I might take those to my moms grave & sit them to enjoy & then bring them back to plant here in her honor & memory. Sadly, people steal things from grave sites, so one more reason that I love the #DIY idea :))