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Monday, August 5, 2013

Purex Fabric Softener Sheets Giveaways Plus Sweepstakes

Don't send me to do laundry if there aren't any dryer sheets in there! You've heard me say it time and again, I'm very sensual.  Oh' no not like that.  Like Scentual.  I love to have things nicely scented, not over powering, just enough to want to take one more sniff.

Can you guess from the picture above which new scented product I'm reviewing now?  If you guessed that it's hidden in the big Purex box you'd be right.  We'll get to that in a moment.  First I want to remind you about the most awesome sweepstakes ever!

Hopefully by now you've heard about the Purex 31 Days of Fun Sweepstakes and have been entering every day.  This is the most exciting giveaway ever.  With $10,000 worth of prizes being given away, you know each one is awesome!! You can enter every day of August for a chance to win a different prize. Just click HERE for your chance to win.  If you would like to learn more about the sweepstakes you can my post HERE.
Back to today's review and giveaway.  Lets take a closer look at what's in the box.  Here's a giveaway hint.
Now you see it, don't you.  It's the NEW Purex Fabric Softener Sheets!  With 3x's the fragrance.
I even keep some of the Purex Fabric Softener Crystals in a bowl just to keep my laundry room smelling extra nice.
The new Fabric Sheets come in two pleasing scents. Mountain Breeze and Sweet Lavender.

The scent isn't the only reason to use fabric sheets.  Besides adding freshness to my laundry load they:

  • Add softness
  • Reduce static cling
  • Repel pet hair and lint 
I also have my own list of uses for them.  I add a couple of bent paper clips and....

hang them on the filter beneath the air handle of our central air conditioning system.  Then when the air condition come on it pulls the filter up and the scent travels through the vents to each room.  It's not a strong scent but I think it adds a bit of freshness.
I also stick one between each of the sets of sheets in my linen closet.  Oh' and some with the towels too.
And don't forget the bathroom.  Here's a  simple way to spread the scent.  Add a sheet to the inside of your toilet paper roll.  Out of site out of mind and everyone will wonder why your bathroom smells so good.

And the value can't be beat, a box of 40 sheets cost less than
4 1/2 cents each!!  How's that for getting your monies worth.
Purex Fabric Softener Sheets in Bathroom photo PurexFabricSoftenerSheetinBathroom_zpsd29a6fde.jpg
I use them in a ton of other places like:
  • Trash can
  • Stationary Box - My letters smell so good!
  • Dresser drawers
  • Plastic Storage Containers under the bed (and everywhere else)
  • Wipe the electronies with dryer sheets to clean and to reduce static cling.
  • Inside tennis shoes (while in the closet)
  • In the gym back
  • Under the seats in my SUV.
There's so many  places to use them.  What about you do? Do you use them for things other than their intended purposes?

Now lets get down to business right here.  Two "2" Cotton Pickin Cute readers will win their own FREE coupon for Purex Fabric Softener Sheets.  All you need to do is enter with the easy Rafflecopter giveaway form below. 
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Good Luck Y'all...

Disclosure:  Purex provided me with a sample of Purex Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets in exchange for a product review.  However, all the opinions expressed here are my own.


  1. in my car to keep it smelling good

  2. I put them in my lingerie drawer

  3. I follow mamawj on gfc Misha Estrada

  4. I use them in my pillowcase, under car seats, in boxes when I mail packages to family so it smells great and they help remove the lint terrific from dryer once they are already used.

  5. I follow Julie- Sandy VanHoey and have entered her contest

  6. I use dryer sheets in my car and closet to make them smell fresh and good

  7. No we just use the fabric softener sheets in the dryer only.
    Chavonne H

  8. I followed Mamawj's blog on GFC (Savingwith SaveOne).
    Chavonne H

  9. I use them behind each of the shutters around the house, it keeps bees and bugs from nesting behind them!

  10. I put them in a spray bottle with water. It makes a scented spray great for fabrics

  11. I use my used dryer sheets to wipe along my base boards to get up dust bunnies.

  12. No, I do not. Sorry, I always forget about the other uses because I have other smelly things to put places. (That didn't sound too good, did it?)

  13. I put dryer sheets in suitcases of clothes to make them smell fresh.