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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More Giveaways for St. Patty's Day!!!!

Top of the Morning to you and Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Since today is such a lucky day I thought I would post some giveaways I've found and we can all take a chance.  That is if you can wade through my ramblings. LOL.

But....before I give you the giveaway 411, I want to tell all of you about my Lucky Irish Blessing.  I WON!!!!   Yep, you heard me right.  I won Marie's giveaway at Spun By Me!!!!  I'm twirling and jumping over the moon and making way too much noise.  I have been so blessed lately.  I'm as giddy as can be.  Want to know what I won?  Martha Stewart's Essential Colors Glitter Set.  Yep ~ 24 glorious colors of shiny glitter!  YIPPEE!!!  I will post a picture as soon as I get it but if you can't wait just click here or on Marie's name or blog name to check it out.  

I've really been wanting this for so long and honestly just couldn't afford to purchase it now.  I know your probably getting tired of me saying how much the Lord blessed me with these giveaways, because if the Lords giving out winnings then you would all have your mail boxes overflowing because your all so special and I know he loves you as much as me.  I truly believe this is the Lords way of answering so many of your prayers for me.  I had felt so alone, and uncared for and you all pulled me through, as silly as it may sound I believe the Lord has been with me and is replenishing me in a way, giving me good to over-ride all the painful things that I've been having to hear lately.  You know how I told you I didn't receive a birthday, anniversary, Christmas or any other gift in well over a year.  I feel like ya'll have more than made up for that.  I don't know what I would do without him and all of you.  Sincerely ~ thank you all from the bottom of my heart! 

Giveaway # 1

Dee Dee at Dee Dee's Craft Spot is celebrating her 100th follower.  And I'm one of the new ones.  To celebrate she's having a craft lovers giveaway, which makes sense, since she is a craft lover herself.   Dee Dee will choose a winner on March 23rd, so hurry over and visit and throw your name in the hat too.    

Giveaway #2

The talented Donna at  Brynwood Needleworks is celebrating her 1st birthday celebration.  And when Donna celebrates she really celebrates.  She's not just choosing one winner she's choosing 14, yes FOURTEEN winners!!!!  What a sweetie she is.  Can you imagine this sweet and talented gal has written a total of 326 post.  Be sure to go by for a visit by clicking on her name, her blog name or here and wish her a happy blog birthday.   Her drawing will close on March 31st at 9 pm ET.  and she will announce the winners on April 1st.  Thanks Donna!

Giveaway #3

The Brocantess is having a giveaway to celebrate her 100th Post.  Be sure and stop by Brocantess and enter her giveaway.  She always shares her love of French Vintage and has the most wonderful vintage finds to share with us.  It's just a beautiful blog.  She Well her giveaway is no different If you would like to win some of her vintagey goodies you can click here or on her blog name to go directly there.

Giveaway #4  
I just found a new blog I'd like to share with you.  2713 Mornings is having a a fan sponsored giveaway.  Stefany received a wonderful gift from a reader and is passing it along as the reader asked.  I took the following straight off of Stefany's blog.  This really says a lot about Stefany and her blogging.

"You two have helped me to see beauty in every day things. You have been like a morning hug waiting at my computer. You have been a dose of love, friendship and inspiration. ..... My relationship with my husband was really not going so well but as I have started to take note of the many blessings I have surrounding me - I am not so miserable........ Thank you for your blog posts. Please keep them coming."

The sender requested to remain anonymous.

The sender also sent along a gift certificate and requested that we use it as a BLOG GIVEAWAY.
So... we have a 50 gift certificate for breakfast at any Cracker Barrel Restaurant. YES, fifty dollars. 50 DOLLARS could buy a whole families breakfast!

Thank you Stefany and thank you anonymous!!  How generous of both of them.  If I'm lucky enough to win this one you know where I will be celebrating my 50th birthday and Neil's birthday too since it's only 11 days after mine.  Hee-hee.  If you would like to enter Stefany's giveaway just click here or on her name or blog name.  I know you will feel as blessed as I do by just visiting her blog.  She has lots of beautiful photos. Stefany gives us such an appreciation for the everyday beauty of life.

Well I hope you enjoy the giveaways.  Keep those toes and fingers crossed because I am.


  1. Congrats on your wins Tracy!
    Lucky gal!
    Thanks for the 411 on the giveaways.
    Hope you have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day!
    XO Mary

  2. Hi Tracy...thanks for sharing all the giveaway info. Lots of goodies out there!

    Speaking of giveaways ~ I'm so happy that you're so happy about winning the glitter giveaway!! I hope to have it in the mail to you this Saturday (as long as life doesn't interfere. I will send you an email when I actually put it in the mail.

    I know you'll love it. M.L. at The House of Whimsy tells me you're the glitter queen!