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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pillsbury Orange Sweet Rolls - Sunday Morning Moments Giveaway

Hi Ya'll. There are two things that I do everyday.
  1. I blog.  Whether it's actually adding a post on my blog or searching blogland to see what you're all up to.
  2. I eat something sweet.  I could not, would not go 24 hours without something sweet.
Most of you know that about me already.  So when Pillsbury and My Blog Spark offered me the opportunity to enjoy Pillsbury Orange Sweet Rolls and share my opinion with you, well Yippee-Yi-Yeah,  I was happier than a pink poodle with a cupcake or a sweet roll as the case may be!  LOL.

Pillsbury and My Blog Spark provided a gift pack that included not only the Pillsbury Orange Sweet Rolls VIP coupon but also a black leather photo album.  What a great idea, Sunday mornings, sweet rolls and family.  Those do add up to photograph worthy memories.

I have never tried the Orange Sweet Rolls before but you can believe me when I tell you they were so melt in your mouth good!  I love these rolls.  They're so warm and fresh out of the oven - oh' so delicious.  Best of all you have the taste of home made in less than 20 minutes.  They're so quick and easy and good that I bet they become a regular on your grocery list just like they are on mine.

When I was little I remember Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls were always such a special treat for us.  I can still remember eating them with the family and I'm almost 50.  Well now they have all kinds to choose from.  They can be found in your refrigerator grocery section.

What smart people the Pillsbury company is.  The combination of sweet rolls and orange juice for breakfast is a classic and they've combined all that good taste in one roll.  YUM!  I'll let you in on a little secret.  There are lots of nights when we bake Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls up around 9 pm for a snack before bed.


Pillsbury and MyBlogSpark are giving one winner a Pillsbury Orange Sweet Rolls gift pack that includes a VIP coupon for Pillsbury Orange Sweet Rolls as well as a photo album to help keep your family's sweet Sunday morning memories close at hand.

How To Enter:  Share how you enjoy Sunday mornings with your family, or share a favorite childhood Sunday morning breakfast memory.

And For An Extra Entries:
  1. Follow my blog publicly.
  2. Blog about this giveaway.
If you wold like to try them for yourself, you'll find coupons for special savings at Pillsbury's website.

* I was provided with the product written about in this article by Pillsbury.  The opinions expressed are my own.


  1. hi Tracy! pilsbury orange rolls are one of my families favorite treats! well, with the exception of my husband, but whose counting him anyways! we love them. And, I'm with you. I need to have at least one sweet treat everyday!
    even if ist only a couple jellybeans!
    have a great day

  2. oh.. was I supposed to share a favorite childhood sunday morning? thats easy, usually I cant remember anything about being a kid, but this I do, because it happened often. My father would get up really early and go to dunkin donuts and bring home my favorites, choc covered longjohns. Then he would wake me up and say, "good morning glory, time to rise and shine, I've brought you something to sweeten your disposition!" great way to start my sundays off I think. only problem is over the years I did alot of sweetening my disposition and gained a lot of weight!!! lol!

  3. I enjoy Sunday mornings with my family because we usualy go to my parents house for a big breakfast and then just have a lazy day and not do much of anything just spend time with them family

  4. I blogged:

  5. Hi Tracy,
    So much excitement over here! Unfortunately, our Sunday mornings are rather crazy! Usually every Saturday night, some of my kids sleep over at Nanna and Boppa's house. Nanna lives really close to our church, so the kids love to sleep over there. Boppa also buys the kids Toaster Strudles, so that is a big favorite with the kids. (I won't buy them, makes them more special on Sunday mornings.) I am sure they would love a new favorite of the Pillsbury Orange Sweet Rolls though...
    Me? I am running around my house, trying to find clothes for church, feed the chickens, and whatever animals we have at the time, then am running to get whatever we need for the day as we usually spend it with family. You should see me during the wintertime. Everything we need for broomball and hockey. That is a lot of work let me tell you! A change of clothes for all of us, broomball shoes, skates, hats, mittens, sweatshirts, pads, helmets, sticks, socks, snowpants, boots, pucks and usually a couple more things... When I finally get to church, I am exhausted!

    Hope you are having a better week, looks great from here with all those sweet rolls going on!


  6. My favorite childhood memories of Sunday morning breakfasts is dad cooking for the whole family -- pancakes or waffles, bacon or sausage, fried or scrambled eggs, and hashbrowns :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

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  8. Actually Pillsbury Orange Sweet Rolls are one of our Sunday morning traditions! My mom made them along with the regular cinnamon rolls nearly every Sunday morning growing up and now the orange are my fave and my family now enjoys them often (always on Sundays). We like them because they're so good and fast and easy to fix, since we're always on our way to church:)

  9. We really dont do anything special every Sunday, but we do like a nice homemade breakfast from time to time :). We spent this Sunday morning picking out new flowers at Home Depot!

  10. My sweet husband of 32 years gets up early every Sunday morning and cooks breakfast! He is most famous for his "Super Duper Pancakes". Then after a wonderful breakfast we off to church where we have the pleasure of being able to worship every Sunday morning with our family. Our church family but most of all our "family". Our children and grandchildren and extended family. Then after church on Sundays my family is headed back to our house for Sunday dinner. Dinner is followed by a relaxing afternoon unless....the grandbabies keep us extra busy and then we just enjoy that cup of coffee after they all go home! Be blessed. Cindy

  11. I love the orange rolls. When I lived at home every Sunday we would have either the Pillbury cinnamon, orange or the caramel buns for breakfast. Such a fun memory.

  12. Now a follower. Love your blog.

  13. We have always enjoyed our Sunday mornings with our children, at church. We would go to the praise and worship service and then all would go to Sunday School. I have such wonderful memories of that.
    And, there were always donuts at church....one of the main reasons the boys didn't complain about going, I'm sure. LOL LOL

    I already follow you:)


  14. Sunday mornings were always wild at my house growning up! We would usually eat whatever we could find in order for us all to get to church on time! I sure do wish we had those orange rolls then!!! So I'd love to win so I could make up for it with my family!!! And I am a follower of your blog!

  15. At our house, Sunday is traditionally pajama day! If we don't have anywhere to be, we stay in our PJs and make waffles or pancakes, watch tv (usually CBS Sunday Morning and some nature shows) and lounge. :)