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Sunday, March 7, 2010

The World Is Full of Miracles

Hi ya'll.  It's good to be back with Miracle Mondays after missing a couple of weeks.  The photo above is one my son took in Nebraska a couple of years ago.  Isn't it beautiful.

Thanks to all of you who stuck it out with me, loved, comforted and prayed for me.  I love you all so!

I have a challenge for you.  Each and everyone of you.  If you choose to accept this challenge you will be given a task that will change your Monday.  It will bless you and fill you up with goodness.

The challenge is to look at your Monday with as if you are a tourist in your town, new to your job, maybe a stranger passing through.  You're challenge is to see the beauty in your town that you normally take for granted.  To appreciate it as only a stranger would. 

What about your job is there something positive you can find there.  We get so used to complaining about our lives and jobs.  Okay, so maybe it's just me but it still wouldn't hurt to look at things a little differently.

Is there someone that you don't really know or maybe someone that just clashes with your personality.  Try speaking them today or find something you can like about them and let them know.  

Maybe the snow is melting and the sun is shining in you corner of the world.  Maybe the flowers are even peeking through.  I know you will find an amazing miracle somewhere.  Planet earth abounds with the blessings of the Lord.  Please share with us by describing what you saw and felt today.

This is the last time I saw my only child Ty was Nov. 1, 2008.  Boy would I  like to see him and the rest of the family.  They live in NY.  He's only slightly taller than me. hee-hee. 
Now he is truly my MIRACLE!!!!

Have a blessed Monday Dear Friends and remember love abounds.  Hugs...Tracy :)

P.S.  My photos are not showing up on the blog dashboard anymore and I can't figure out what to do to fix it.  Can anyone help me?  Thanks...


  1. Miracles are all around us. My BIL is cured of cancer. My Aunt wanting to go home to Jesus and not suffering in the process. My daughters family healthy again. Sunshine, furry friends, The Lost who are found. Friends who care. So many miracles. I am full of gratitude.

  2. Love the pic of you and Ty. Thanks for challenging me to look at my surroundingsin a new way. I already think I know what I want to show you all. Sorry I can't help you with the Dashbard thingy.

  3. traci, started following your blog yesterday:)

    i have so many blessings i wouldn't know where to start. and there is so much beauty around me - we live on a ranch and it's simply wonderful; the goats bleeting, the cows mooing.
    i have surgery tomorrow (on my blog: IT SUCKS TO BE ME) and i know i'm in my Lord's hand, gently resting on his palm.

    beauty abounds.

  4. Hi Tracy,

    First of all that you so much for the lovely lovely words you left on my blog and I am so glad you like my little dollhouse. Secondly that photo of you and Ty reminds me so much of me and my elder son. He TOWERS over me yet it seems like only yesterday he was a tiny baby needing to be held and cuddled all day long.

    I love your blog and I love your faith. Big hug, Carol x

  5. I am gone for a weekend, and look at all the lovely posts I missed! Good thing I can catch up now! And I loved the picture with your son, and he is only slightly taller than you!!! HEHEHE... My oldest son is now the same height as I am, and it is so weird. I can't get used to it. My oldest daughter is a shorty at 5'7" so it is new for me to have a kid my height. I always try to look at my world as if I were a tourist, we always take our kids on "vacations" to our neighboring towns, it's a wonderful way to look at the world. This morning I spent painting the inside of one of my dads rental apartments, so not one thing exciting there. I will have to think at my normal world for you.

    Take care, have a good day, it is a grey day here, but above 32 degrees, so the snow is starting to melt! So exciting!!!

  6. I was just singing the Star Spangled Banner and my kids all came in unison to tell me to be quiet. I would think that I would have patriotic children having had a dad in the Army... Now I can't get it out of my head. (not my singing, apparently when I sing I automatically hear Whitney Houston's voice coming out of my mouth... I wonder what my children hear???) And I am five feet eleven and a half inches, so my sweet Mackenzie is a shortie to me!!!

  7. Thank you so much for your encouraging words. Knowing you remember me in your prayers means so much to me. Please continue to pray for me and my church as we enter into a time of spiritual renewal and revival the week leading up to Resurrection Sunday. Hope you have a joyous week dear.

  8. That's a wonderful challenge! A sort of spiritual throwdown, so to speak. :-)

    Especially during Lent, it's a good reminder to try and see the world through grateful eyes. Thank you for the gentle and loving reminder.

    Have a great Wednesday!

  9. When I read this post I started thinking about this one time in my life, back in seventh grade, when I had loads and i mean loads of anxiety, and doubt, and I had at least 3 or 4 panic attacks. And that was only when i was in seventh grade...
    I didn't really KNOW Christ then..I knew who he was, and I believed he was real and died for me..but I had never had a Real encounter with him. But I started "loosing" myself. I just forgot what God wanted me for, and who he was. I was loosing the part of me that trusted God. I got really sick and dropped 15-25 pounds in only a short while. I looked REALLY unhealthy! And I started worrying about if I was going to die because I was so thin. I was on medication for about 3-4 months and I cried about every day. At home, when i went to bed, when i woke up, at church..many times. I just kept on asking God, "WHY? WHY are you making this happen God? Give me something that will help me believe in YOU again. Just show me you're here and you'll take care of me" I attended a great church service the same day I prayed that prayer to him that talked about how God speaks to us in different ways, and how no matter what we go through He's Always there for us no matter what we're going through.
    I really thought about that service a lot that day. When I fell asleep that night I had my first REAL encounter with God. Sometimes God speaks to us through dreams, right? Well I had this dream of myself, and I was in a plain white room and I was looking at myself just standing there. And I heard a voice saying to me "Do you trust me? Believe in me and obey my commandments" And it kept repeating itself over and over again. HE kept repeating those words to me over and over again. When i woke up in the morning, I woke up saying those exact same words God had spoken to me in my dream.
    It was truly amazing!! It's one of my favorite memories because God alone knew I needed to know that he WAS there for me, and he reminded me through that dream that I needed to believe in him again and truly obey him. Because at that time I wasn't trying to do everything i could to give myself all to him and obey him. Before that dream I didn't care.
    It really changed my life and I became a TRUE Christian after that encounter and about a month later I was healthy again, My sickness was gone, I gained back the lost weight, I was journaling my experience that year, I stopped worrying and doubting myself, and I truly believed in Jesus, and Myself.
    And what i've realized through ANYTHING I go through, is that those times when we feel the world is crashing down on us and theres no way out, those are our most rewarding and some of the sweetest times in our life because it changes who we are, and helps us become a better person. A stronger person, and sometimes those struggles are what lead us to salvation and a new beginning in our lives. If we don't face challenges in our life, we could never seek God for help, and we could never become a stronger individual. We could never test ourselves to find out who we really are and how much we have to give. When you're climbing a mountain in you're life, the climb might be tough. But when you reach the top the view is great. :)