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Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Part In The Valentine Swap

Well by now I'm sure everyone knows I am number challenged.  Not just any numbers, numbers as in dates and times.  

Yes, I admit it.  My name is Tracy and I'm a lateaholic.  I'm notoriously late.  I don't want to be, I hate to be.  What a curse it is.  What an embarrassment.  It's really pathetic, it's not like being a horrible singer, which by the way I am.  It is something that could be controlled, changed if you will.  But just like any other holic I can't.  I'm just like my Daddy.  It must be a curse or something.  It's kind of funny Daddy was late for everything but never, ever work.  In all my years I only remember him being home sick one time.  Other than that he worked 34 for the Jacksonville Shipyard and the only other times he would take off was for an occassion funeral and even then it was usually only a half a day.  We take that sort of thing very serious here in the South.  You must show respect and make sure you turn that radio down before passing the funeral home when someone lays inside.  

Back to singing what makes being off key even worse is the fact that close family (Neil & Ty).  Have to hear it because I LOVE to sing!  Oh' the nightmares they must have.  That reminds me of  a story when my son was about two.  

Everybody:  Oh' no, not another story.  Is she really going to tell it?
Me:   Yes, yes I am.

When Ty was about two I had a little blue convertible Fiat.  I had to say blue because Ty's eyes were blue and he was so cute in that car.  Now remember, Ty was born when I was 19.  He was only 10 months old when I decide to divorce his Dad and we moved home to Moma and Daddys.  This is where I promptly got to enjoy my age and be a kid again yet I was also the Mommy I had always wanted to be.  Ty and I used to go everywhere together.  We always had the top down and usually listening to something like Prince, Michael Jackson, Duran Duran or Boy George, obvious 80's.  There we were riding (flying) I'm so glad he lived through those years with the young me, and I'm singing and Ty's saying "Don't sing Mom".  I'm laughing and singing even louder.  Then and there he burst into tears, crying "No Mama, don't sing, don't sing".  ROFLOL!!!!  I was not the Mother who could sing her child to sleep.  

I've been asked to join the church choir at different times and my answer is always the same.  No Way!  It would be just like the Andy Griffith show where Barney joined the choir and they couldn't get rid of him and had to turn off his mic.  I wouldn't put them or myself through that humiliation.  Just because you're smiling and singing in the pews doesn't mean you're doin' it loud enough to get kicked out of church.  Hee-hee.

My family teases me (or maybe they're not) about my long winded, don't leave out a minuet detail stories.  So back to the reason for this story.  

I'm just now posting the Valentine boxes I made for the Petite Inspiration Swap ~ Valentine Edition that Heather hosted at Speckled Egg.   Wasn't that about the longest way around to the end you've ever heard of?  Anyway here are a few pictures of the boxes I made for my three swap partners.  I also filled pink vintage style glass bottles with lavander, which I forgot to get a picture of.  I also found this cute little bird house that I thought would be fun for them to spruce up as well as bundles of 3 little heart print fabrics and the cutest heart suckers.

So while ya'll are all out there sharing your lovely Easter/Spring goodies here I am sharing Valentines.  Better late then never as they say.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures.  I sure had fun with Heathers Swap.

Have a blessed Sunday and be sure to join me for Miracle Mondays again.  I'd love to hear about your own blessings.  Hugs...Tracy :)


  1. I loved your post today! Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog, my son in the photo is turning 17 this month and he really towers over me now :)

  2. Yep, you truly are "cotton pickin' cute", sugar! Hah....
    Connie ;-)

  3. Great stories! The story about your son reminds me of my friend Starla's 3-year-old. We always are laughing when we are together. I got in her car the other day and said good morning to Garrett. The first thing he says is. "No laughing today. You and mom cannot laugh today." So what did we do? We burst out laughing at his little command.

    Your boxes are divine. What lucky girls they were to receive those.

  4. lovely boxes! I've joined Heather's latest swap - it's gonna be so much fun!

  5. your boxes are so cute...never too late to show cute...

  6. Tracy!
    Those are beautiful! BEAUTIFUL! I am sure your swap partners loved them! And I adore those sweet tags on them! Too cute.

    And very funny about the story and your singing. My kids tell me to stop singing also. I have no clue why, they just roll their sweet little eyes at me and sigh as they leave the room. Silly kids...

    And your son is very good looking! Must take after his momma!

  7. I loved my box and am so lucky to have all of the goodies and treasures you included! I am taking the bird house with me on Spring Break to have a portable project with me! Thanks again, Kris