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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Glitter, Glitz and Gratitude plus Broken Ribs

Hi Ya'll!   I  have been dying to share this with you and waited until  it came to post about it.  Then my house became topsy turvy so it had to go on  hold.   Don't give up, you'll see what I won before the end of this post.  Marie, I'm sorry it's taken me so long to post my fabulous win but here's why.

Long story short, my MIL got mad with us during the middle of the day went to bed without eating her lunch.  When Neil tried to talk to her she just kept saying she didn't feel good, rib hurt, back hurt, things like that.  Well what worried us the most was she looked like she had taken sleeping pills or something (which she hadn't, we handle all her meds).  Anyway she was mad so she wouldn't talk to us and was acting incoherent, really weird.  So rather than take a chance we took her to the emergency room where she smiled, laughed and forgot about being mad and had a good old time.  Unfortunately we were there for a good 6 hours before we could go home.  They did xrays, blood work, urinalysis and so on only to tell everyone that asked where she had pain (including the Drs and nurses), that she didn't have any and hadn't in a long, long time.  When the Dr.  whom she had never met came in she got so excited (he was so sweet and friendly) she just giggled and told him that she hadn't seem him in so long and it's so wonderful to see him again.  He told her she was his best patient of the day and even gave her a kiss on the cheek.  He told us everything was just fine xrays looked great and we could go.

Well here's where it started going down hill.  We tried to help her up and she said you're killing my ribs but she got up and walked to the wheel chair and seemed fine.  But by the next morning we knew she wasn't.  Apparently we broke a rib.  She's been in pain ever since.  We finally were able to get her to eat and get up today.  Poor thing, she just got over 5 broken ribs.  Earlier this year it was 1 broken rib that took forever to heal and was very painful, then 5 more were broken and seemed to heal better.  Even the Dr at the hospital said all was good.  Bless her heart she doesn't fall or anything.  The Dr. said her bones are just so brittle coughing could do it.  So basically she was being stubborn and difficult and we all ended up in the emergency room only to be comforted by knowing there was nothing wrong and leaving with a problem we didn't have when we got there.  Neil's stress level is off the charts which affects mine and so the whole house is completely on edge and out of balance.

Back to my GOOD news.........

I was the lucky little leprechaun to win Marie's giveaway at Spun By Me.  Yippee, Yippee, Yippee!  In case you didn't know Marie had a giveaway to celebrate 500 posts.  I'm just now coming up on 100 myself, and yes it is time for a giveaway. I really do hope ya'll take a moment and stop by Spun By Me to meet Marie if you don't know her already.  She is such a lovely, sweet person and has not 1 but 2 terrific blogs.  Marie's other blog is called 52 Looks.  Just click here and you can check it out too.  She's a wonderful photographer and crafter.  Don't get jealous now but here's the pictures of the goodies I won....
 A huge 24 pack of Martha's Glitter!!!!  It's so pretty, I'm afraid to waste it.  I really have been wanting this for a long time and just haven't been able to get it.  And look at the two special cards.  One the wonderful sweet vintage that I love so much and the other a vintage replica in the full glittery layered design that I am crazy about. So there sucky depressed days,  take that!  Bam!!!

Thank you so much Marie.  I'm thrilled and I love it.  Karma works, God is good, and blogland cares and fixes all the wrongs.

My goodness I feel so lucky.  I have been so blessed this past month.  First all my friends came to my rescue when I had such a difficult time and then it seems like the wins have just been coming in one after the other.  It just warms my heart and has made this such a fun month. 

Keep watching for a new post friends, I've been busy sewing and crafting before all this and in-between migraines and want to post some of them to show you.

Hugs to all of you....Tracy :)


  1. Hey luv!! I am so sorry to hear about you MIL. Thats so sad dont ya wish we all just stayed young and able till we die and didnt have to go through the things that come with getting old. I hope your home becomes full of love and smiles soon! YEH! to you winning the giveaway! I still gotta make you that button for the blog email me again what you want I WILL make it today! I promise. just email me when you read this. Hugs


  2. Hi sweetie!!! I'm so sorry about your mother in law's broken rib!!! I do hope that she heals quickly....and I'm so very happy that you won Marie's giveaway! Now you can glitter EVERYTHING up!!! Have a wonderful rest of the week Tracy ~ hugs and love, Dawn

  3. Mygoodness, what an awful things to have gone through, but it's turnning out okay, I suppose, sugar. Darling tags!!!

  4. Praying for your MIL but mainly for you and Neil. I've always said it's the Caregivers that really need the prayer. The person being CARED for will be just that...Cared for! Congratulations on your wonderful win! Be blessed. Cindy

  5. so sorry to hear of all you've been going through, I shall be praying for your dear mother-in-law and of course fro you and sweet hubby as being caregivers is never easy! so happy to hear that you have won such lovely things, you deserve it!

  6. Poor MIL, I hope she feels better soon! I'm trying not to get jealous of your goodies but it's too hard ;) congratulations on winning!

  7. Hi Tracy dear, I'm so sorry that you all are having to go thru this, your MIL especially. I know it's so hard. We had to take my hubbs dad to the Alzheimer's unit a few weeks ago and his mom is going thru separation anxiety. It's hard on everyone. Tracy you know you are in my prayers, I miss you when you're not around. Have a blessed Easter, sweetie,
    love Debra

  8. Thanks for everything. Romans 8:28

  9. Hi Tracy,
    I am finally back. Oh my, it looks like you have been through it with your MIL. Hopefully now she is on the mend and all is better. And I am hoping you had a wonderful time for Easter. We had great weather when we were in Florida, couldn't have asked for better. It was fun to get away. Love your new book and the giveaway from Marie. What are you going to do with all that lovely glitter? I so love glitter...

    And your sweet Easter wreath is adorable!