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Sunday, February 12, 2012

On A Wing and A Prayer - Take 2 and the Picture's Still Missing - Ugghh

What can prayer do?  Have you ever questioned, does my prayer really matter?  What difference will one little prayer do? One prayer can bring about a miracle.  One prayer linked to another creates a prayer chain.

Where do you see God?  Where do you find a reminder of him?  Do you see the reminders in the everyday things?  Do see the beauty in the ordinary?  Do you hear the love of God in the voice of a stranger?

A friend of mine took this picture on the boardwalk outside where she works.  Most days Jeannie finds something beautiful to take a picture of during her break and she shares them on facebook.  The one above took my breath away.  The simple image of a lowly feather, as pure white as fallen snow.  The juxtaposition of it against the weather and worn wood of the boardwalk is pure art.  Art that's created by our Lord, just waiting for someone to see it.  Perhaps this was the only proof of the angel who left it behind after intervening in someones moment of prayer.

Neil turned to me the other night in bed and told me he feels a little guilty.  He said that he felt guilty that he was doing so much better after his mothers death than after the death of his brother 5 years ago.  He explained how he misses her but felt bad because it felt so different.

I wasn't surprised, not now.  There are a couple of reasons, I explained.  First, I told him, your mother was 91 years old, your brother was 54.  Your brothers death was such a shock, so unexpected.  Your mother lived such a long life and it was such a full life.  She did more than most people ever did.  She was healthy and active until her mid 80's.  You'd watched her struggle at the end.  You were more prepared than you thought when she died.

Secondly, prayer.  Chains of prayer.  Prayers of love.  People in the neighborhood, learned of Neil's sensitive heart by watching how he cared for his mother the last 10 years, especially the last 3.  Friends I've made here learned of his caring heart by listening to me pour mine out and share the struggles he's had. 

Prayers were requested here and answered beyond my wildest dreams.  As much as I believe in  prayer, as much I wanted to be the true believer, I'm ashamed that I still dreaded the aftermath.  I feared what would come because I had first hand knowledge of the aftermath of Williams death.  First hand knowledge of the aftermath of losing my own parents years ago.  But once again, those deaths came without warning, so close together and I was so young.  The aftermath was indescribable.

Now my heart screams out with gratitude to God.  Gratitude for a savior who is so merciful that he comforts us when our hearts break.  A savior who we can call Father and know that he will never leave us or forsake us.  A savior who listens, whether it's the cry of one or many.

Friends you don't know how many prayers of gratitude I've said for each one of you.  I love you each of you and if I could share any truth I know to be true, it's that God is here, he never left.  He hears everything you ask of him and he loves each of you.  He doesn't chase you down.  He patiently waits for you to call his name.

And on a totally unrelated subject.  This is a sneak peek of one of the projects I worked on today.  I share more later this week.
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Have a blessed week Ya'll! ♥ Tracy


  1. Where would any of us be without the prayers of others?
    Such a lovely post. Thank you for sharing!
    Love (& prayers) :)) to you!

  2. Tracy~
    I love your post today. Our precious twin grand~daughters were stillborn last Saturday, the 4th. Through all the overwhelming grief, God has been with us. Prayers have been sent up on our behalf. My son & daughter~in~love are mourning so deeply, but know that they will see their daughters in heaven. They were 26 wks along and God's masterpieces, fully developed down to their tiny fingernails. We held them and savored the time with them in what I would call sacred. God only knows why we couldn't keep them here on earth with us & we will miss them until we see them again. They are our 1st grand~children and only our faith is keeping us together. God gave me strength I didn't have on my own. Prayer is our communication with God and He has listened to me all my life. Without prayer, we would be so lost. I am glad that Neil is doing better than expected. I certainly prayed many times for him & you, as well as Nadine. Thank you again for your special post.

  3. Muito bom belo blog, boa postagem.
    Que o Senhor nosso Deus venha te abençoar ainda mais.

  4. Such a wonderful post!Prayer is everything! Our lifeline! Hugs and blessings, Cindy