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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Depression Clothing, Music, The Civil Wars and Taylor Swift

Did you watch the Grammy's last week?  I don't normally but I'm glad I did.  I mostly watched it because I've loved Adele since I first heard her a few years ago.  I've noticed in the press they've been saying that the outfit that Taylor Swift wore for the performance of her song  "Mean" was terrible but I honestly liked it.  It worked well with the depression era song, which I think reflects the times we're facing.  I know it was a hollar out to her critics too. 

I actually am a fan of the retro shirt waist dresses and loved the lacey slip farm house look.  Very cool I think.  Isn't the hat cute on her back up singer?

My favorite part of the Grammy was seeing "The Civil Wars" introduce her.  Cute and funny.  But I LOVE this duo!  Their voices are amazing together. I just love John Paul White's voice.  And no they're not a couple but sure would think they are.  Joy Williams is so cute and has the most beautiful, lyrical voice.

And by the way, does John Paul White remind you of someone else?
He could be a stand in for Mr. Johnny Depp!  Although no one could really replace J.D.
Just sayin.........

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