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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fun Is a Relative Term + Giveaway Reminder

Boy did I have a great weekend.  It was beautiful weather here, and I was outside both days.  You would have thought I was just a few weeks away from delivering a baby.  It was like I was in major nesting mode.  Plus we got some really fantastic news that I'm a little cautious about, sorry I can't share, but lets just say things are looking up, and that feels good.
On Friday I headed outdoors to trim up some bushes.  I didn't even make a dent, but hey I was out there for a couple of hours and it was a start.
I got up on Saturday and made an Easter wreath for the front door, which I'll be sharing later today, so come back for that. Then we went out to eat, did a lot of walking and a little shopping, mostly window shopping, but still a little of both.
*Update:  You can see my Easter wreath tutorial here.

I couldn't help but take a few photos in Pier 1 Imports. It was like an explosion of my favorite colors.  Loving it!!  Neil practically had to pull me out of there. FYI - this isn't a sponsored post, I'm just sharing things that make me happy.
They have so many gorgeous pillows to choose from.  Here are two that I just want to wallow in.
How pretty is this shell wreath?  My biggest problem with it, would be deciding on which room to hang it in.
My store didn't have as big an art selection as I would have expected, but I can totally see this hanging in my dining room or above my sofa.
Wouldn't these glass platters make a dramatic statement?
Who wouldn't want to set their Easter table using this dinnerware.  When I look at them I can just see using them for Easter and then using all summer long because of that beautiful beachy blue.
But oh' how much do I want this bolder looking set?  Anyone in the mood to dine alfresco?  And they're red tagged too! Ekkk!!
While we're dreaming of those summer alfresco nights, let's not forget mood lighting.  Don't you love these colorful lanterns?
So with window shopping done and a good nights sleep I was full of energy on Sunday.  I started by blowing all the leaves off the porch.  Remember, spring here is like fall everywhere else, except we have warmer temperatures.  Lots of falling leaves everywhere here.  They aren't the beautifully colored, fluffy fall leaves most of you have during your fall.  These are the tiny little oak leaves that burrow down and make you fight to get them raked up.
Next I put away the piles of junk that seem to accumulate over the winter months.  Just doing that little bit made everything look better. After that I continued on with my frenzy and started raking the yard.  I spent HOURS doing that, and only got probably less than a quarter raked and still have to bag all those leaves tomorrow.  Whew, is this yard big and man do we have a pile of leaves.
At this point you should probably be picturing me looking something like this except in shorts.  Ahh...It was such a relaxing experience.  Not!
I came in and cleaned ALL my hardwood floors (entryway, living room and the kitchen) on my hands and knees using my new Scott's Liquid Gold Wood Wash Concentrate. I don't always clean my floors on my hands and knees but they really needed a good scrubbing, and I got in every single crevice and corner.  I'm giving away a 4 pack of Scott's Liquid Gold products to one lucky Cotton Pickin Cute winner too.  I've extended the giveaway entry time until April 5th at midnight. You can enter here.

But I didn't stop there, I ate a quick bite of supper, fyi...dinner is lunch here in the South, and then I scrubbed the tile dining room floors, again on my hands and knees.  I kid you not, I had a big 'ole raw spot on my knee where I rubbed the skin off.  My house is smelling clean and that makes me feel so good. Emoji  What's up with me?
Still not finished.  My cats like to lay around on my dining and game table chairs, so they were in need of some TLC.  I vacuumed all 8 of them and then scrubbed them with a little dawn and water mixture.  Done.  Pumpkin is our infamous giant cat.  He's also the chair hog and usually stretches out on 2-3 chairs. Now it was time to vacuum the carpets.  Done. On to dusting the living room and dining room furniture.  Done.

Now I'm heading to the back of the house. Clean 2 cat pans, sweep the hall and the laundry room, aka cat room. Done I might as well throw a load of rugs and cleaning rags in the wash.  It's way later than I thought by now.
Finally a little me time.  Twenty minutes of my daily exercises and a thoroughly appreciated shower, followed by my nightly slathering of my facial creams and body butters.  I use the Racinne Youth Power Skin Care Regime and I seriously love it.  This is by far the best facial skin care products I've ever used!  You can see my post about them here.  Time to throw the rugs and towels in the dryer.  Done.

Ahhh...hitting the bed feels good and I say a prayer of gratitude to my heavenly father for a wonderful weekend.

So how was your weekend?  What did you do?  I hope you enjoyed yours as much as I enjoyed mine.

Hugs Y'all...

Humility and fear of the Lord bring wealth and honor and life.
~ Proverb 22:4

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  1. Love the beautiful beachy blue dinnerware.
    Love the platters and pillows.
    Love your cat. Mine leave hair everywhere too. I have 5 cats and 2 dogs. Spring time shedding. Yuck