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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

DIY Pantry Sign ~ I.E. This Little Piggy Went To The Market

This past fall we started making some changes.  Not that we had ever completed anything to begin with.  But that's the way with any house, right.  We repainted the living room a lighter brighter color. 

We didn't forget the kitchen and dining room either.  I wanted to bring in some sort of blue shade without changing all the trim molding color, because believe me when I say there is a ton.  So, we kept adjusting the blue towards more green/blue just to make it work.  I've always loved the color of the trim but if someone else was doing the work, I really would go to a white now.  Always a work in progress.
That brings me to my new sign.  Or should I say my new old sign. Right over the pantry as it should be for a reminder when my old age gets the better of me and I can't remember what I was doing.    No too shabby for a first time project. 

I used an 1x2 we had laying around and cut it to the lenght I wanted.  Then I printed the lettering I wanted in word and found the pointing hand at The Graphics Fairy.  She has such a great blog and is so generous with all her free images.

I traced the image and word on the board and painted it first.  Then I went over it with white paint. Next, I used a palm sander to give it an old look, repainted the letters one more time and sanded one more time.
I drilled two simple holes in the back without coming all the way through to the front and hung it.  Easy Peasy.  That's just how I like to do things.  If you're thinking the signs just a little to low, well you're right and you're wrong.  We still have a little trim molding to finish up like here over the pantry.  So once that's up, it'll be just right.

There's still lots of things to do and it won't be a hurry up and get it done project.  Oh' well, I'm not going anywhere.  And yep, the front entrance near the door is the catch all for the tools that need to go back to the shed, the returns hanging on the door to go back to the store, and whatever other project needs to be put away.  Hey, it's real life here, baby.

Come back later this week to see the pantry makeover I did in November but never got a chance to show you.

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  1. Love your sign. You did a great job with it!


  2. I love the sign! I am so happy you came and commented on my boxer shorts so I could come visit. I can't wait to see and read more. XO Bev
    PS - your first posts, the pics showed up in my google reader

  3. The Graphics Fairy is the best! Love how your signed turned out using one of her graphics. It looks authentically old!

    Take care,
    Erin @ Carolina Country Living
    (visiting from Primp Your Stuff - link #66)

  4. Love your sign! It looks great in your kitchen. Following you back!

  5. Tracy you home is looking so beautiful. Love the sign and your front entry looks so inviting and sunny. I love that you created something so sweet out of odds and ends that you had on hand. My kind of project!

  6. Love your sign you did a great job and I too find great graphics at Graphics Fairy. I'm visiting from Southern Institute and I am a new follower via LF won't you please return the favor.